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Get out how’s God godless I am here with. none other than Nisha’s number one. representative I have two minutes this. is you Samuel. my lollipop friend that doesn’t make. sense doesn’t it why don’t you have a. lot of huh. you didn’t offer me one it’s true yeah. okay you little rascal. did you get one today we will be. watching a video that you guys have like. me suggesting to me called 80s video. dating montage what’d you think was. different about dating in the eighties. than now well there wasn’t tinder so. there was no swiping. you really have to sell yourself because. you probably have to put yourself on VHS. you actually had to like meet people in. public before you judge them by the way. these are the words what I don’t know. where you got these from these are. horrible and like the best like orange. juice frozen we never heard of like.

Magnums orange juice frozen that’s the. cheapest I’ve ever heard just. frozen some more cheese on a stick like. what the will kill to this moment. okay early to bed early to rise makes a. woman healthy wealthy and wise that’s. why you’re wiser than me what what if. you said that nowadays what was his name. Maurice I want to say Keon why was he. saying. Lisa beds early to rise makes a woman. wise what if she like goes to bed late. Danny just stupid the next day he was. like that’s why you’re wiser than me. he’s like does he know sleep as he got. is he trying to say that he’s got a. sleeper Zola it’s Stephen hi I’m Maurice. I’m an executive by day and a wild man. by night client’s a wild man well man I. bet he is well hi I’m Maurice another. man executive by day and quiet wild by. night hi my name is Monroe you’ve.

Probably already noticed that I have. incredibly blue eyes they were Brown he. would not blue at all probably notice. you’ve probably noticed that I’ve got. incredibly blue eyes that was how easy. date wasn’t yes it’s like I had blue. eyes my name is Monroe but the thing is. he can lie nowadays we have HD and face. filters that’s how we like yeah back. then you just had to pretend you hi my. name is Phil most my friends call me big. Phil he’s like small wait go back. to Phil no I’m sorry that he’s nailing. this well wasn’t that the typical. stereotype of an 80s PDF oh yeah. just saying he probably arrives his. interview with a transit whose dad is. that so we’ll come get you but he’s tom. bring the pass take bleeding good you. look ridiculous. okay I like to talk to people deep into. the night. when they’re not looking.

He was he blind he didn’t know where the. camp is like when I when I go on a date. I like to talk to people deep into the. night Matthew McConaughey I’m gonna take. my shirt off deep into the night. dimensions deeper clients on the ferris. wheel I like to talk to people. deep into the night I play guitar. the seal is who he’s saving captain my. captain here Tony. I just want to thank you all I work so. hard I like to serve this I started. noise coming from him what was it just. watching some stuff on YouTube you proud. of me I need to go through this shitty. ice on it your dick hi I’m Fred hi my. name is Mike and if you’re sitting there. watching this tape smoking your. cigarette well hit the fastforward. button because I don’t smoke and I don’t. like people who do smoke well you know. what we don’t look like a carpet.

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Salesman hi I’m Fred. I feel Fred and I get off well hit the. fastforward button cuz I don’t smoke. and I don’t like people who do smoke. definitely as how are you Barney’s. jacket let’s be honest afraid you get. stand on my tuxedo if you’re not afraid. to let the wind mess your hair up a. little bit when I take the top down sand. on your taxes what are they dating in. the desert wait there are the suits in a. top down car in a suit it’s windy got it. that is not a good situation Tony can. you drive on the beach you shouldn’t be. that perhaps even a a nice bath with. some champagne and candles and a. restraining order. hi mom what kind of girl here their date. say that hi mom I thought it was weird. now I would like fairies and like. horseplay and all these people that. dress up and this is it’s it just proves. that we’ve always been messed up as a.

Species alright do fashion photography. and I do consider myself a refined. Valley dude finally dude refine vanities. okay I’m looking for a trendy girl with. a simple smile who’s that. for is some big overgrown monster that’s. always thinking about food and me give. him my number. dough binds to himself a joy does it’s. winded life destroy oh he’s dead hasn’t. he. he’s quite old his taking life was dead. her so he’s given lead with it. Jesus what did he say whoso binds to. himself a joy does its wing add life. destroy take me on a date I’m gonna pay. this was in the 80s so 39 years was. either probably about 70 16 oh he’s dead. he’s dead. yeah poor guy I wanna have you got with. someone that that we need life to. destroy a sponge ball and was pulling. him out of a little girls ear well I. took a sponge ball I was pulling him out.

Of a little girls ear out of context I. have no idea what the I’m about. maybe that was just it he just sat down. and said that all the woman I liked him. looking for the goddess are you the. goddess who was the goddess the goddess. is the woman is a woman as any woman is. all women he’s like my favorite the. gloves the robes like a rock star yeah. all women you you me oh my god wow I. want to be with him let’s go with him. I’m interesting so much denim that is. sexy swim tight excellent legs. he’s like realize he’s written something. like nice bumb hallways like I shouldn’t. say that one maybe meat that out or he. actually read it to his shopping list. and it’s like checking it mmhmm having. chickens ever chicken this sounds great. my favorite food is pizza. no it’s most people cereal straightup. abuse life is a playground and I want.

Somebody to play with. Oh life is a playground. me and my nan oh I thought you said my. wife was in a playground so before we go. we thought we’d give it a go of our own. dating videos to see if you girls would. like you know be interested us in our. 80s versions of ourselves. hello my name is Hansel and if I was to. say anything about me it is that I own. the most successful motorcycle helmet. design shop we’ll see visually impaired. in the whole of Berlin basically I am. passionate about the safety of the head. because all of the knowledge is. contained in my head you want to walk. around inside my mind call me what I. look for in the woman is that she does. not have a penis. I also sake I like walking in the. park and running in the park. I like skipping in the park plus 40. grams if we’re not holding hands you.

Must not skip I have a particular I am. allergic to cats but I request that you. are on a catch because I like the ways. the allergy makes me itch so if you want. to follow Jeremy or you are looking for. a motorcycle hair which most visually. interesting please call me Saturday. through to Sunday I have a very busy big. wall howdy howdy partners you looking. for a man who could wreck your home well. howdy there my name is Gavin what’s the. name in Texas right well howdy there I. am Austin I am a man despite my. beautiful long hair and of course Star. Wars I believe in the force but not. forcing you. to anything everything is consensual I. love kids. I love kids so you’ve got kids we should. talk. I love kids I mean I love playing with. kids. life’s a lot like a playground and all. right let’s go things in there also no.

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