Dating Ugandan Women

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Dating Ugandan Women the next comment is some

Hi guys. welcome to kanelander my name is joanita. amaya and on today’s. episode we are going to be doing. something. different now if you saw my other video. the five types of meant avoid dating in. kampala then. what are you waiting for because this. video is a response to that video so how. about you go back. and watch that video then come back and. listen to what i have to say. now that video received a lot of hate. i mean ugandan men were not happy. that i was telling girls out there the. types of men avoid you say men. men don’t like women enjoying themselves. you know they’ll not. they are just bothered they are not okay. so i went through some of their comments. and also. reply to them and also give them a shout. out because if you give hate. on your keyboard then we’re going to. bring out your name so that people know.

You that you’re out there just hating on. people. like who does that let’s start with the. first comment. first comment is shaking my head at this. video and that comment is by my boss. because he couldn’t expect i would come. up with such a concept i mean. who tells people five types of men avoid. dating but. just on him pavilion did well so shaking. my head. at him now the next comment is you’ve. got this funny rant. by james okelo he says you’ve got this. funny rant about stingy men. why is it only men expected to give how. about women giving us something. i mean obviously when you’re out there. dating your woman should be able to also. buy you gifts. i mean i’m sorry you you know death. women who don’t give you gifts maybe you. should up your game. and start dating women who give to you. something because it’s so bad if you’re.

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Giving. you know your woman should also give. now kanye’s jay ronald doha also. mentioned that this girl. looks looks like a stingy woman too lol. and he laughed i mean. do i look stingy look at me. no i’m not stingy at all i mean in all. my relationships i used to give tamina’s. dating so. not a stingy one here now moving on to. the next comment. jeff blackmail says there is only one. woman who is entitled to share a man’s. earnings and that is his wife why should. a man help support an. adult whom he is not married to and why. does she deserve it again. now je blackmail when you’re dating. you’re dating for marriage right you’re. preparing her for marriage during. courtships that you know. eventually you lead to marriage so what. it doesn’t hurt anyone if you spend some. money on the way to the altar. i mean that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Because let’s let’s be. let’s be serious you know manual already. soft in a woman’s heart so. pick your struggle do you want a ranting. nagging girlfriend or you want someone. who’s just cute. and nice pick a struggle. the next comment is some aj says why. does a man have to give you money. how about you adding to his life. financially yeah you can actually add a. man’s. life financially maybe you put both your. names on trying to get a house. or a loan and whatnot that’s adding to. your life financially. you know she can give you an idea or. even hook you up with her rich dad and. be like you know what help him out. which is also fine a woman can help you. out financially. you know with all these comments it kind. of seems that you know the men. in our kanga family you did you’re not. dating up you’re dating down.

You don’t think women are not giving you. gifts and who are spending all your. money. so you need to pause and ask yourself. why do you only attract women. who ask money from you maybe they’re not. even dating you they just want your. money so you have to also. be careful now um. john wright says avoid kampala ladies. who complain too much. true avoid anyone who complains too much. a friend a family member. just avoid complaining too much i agree. with him. now the next one says. uh nothing as unattractive as a woman. who always has. their hand out asking or expecting money. you should be able to carry your own. weight in a relationship which is so. true. i kept telling the ladies out there you. should have your own money. you know a man’s money is on your money. but at the same time. you as a man should be giving you woman.

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Money because. why do you want to make life hard in the. bible times a man was a provider even in. these times your parents. your father is a provider you know to. his woman to his wife. even when your fathers are trying to get. the women they have now they were giving. out money they’re actually giving out. calls but men these days. it’s another story then the other person. said. i swear no hard feelings but men from. western uganda. love dating single bibs yet they’re. married for years. men from western uganda you can answer. that but you know that has like. percentage of truth out of five that’s. like a three percent anyway. and then the other person says. hold on. the other person says haha girlfriend. sits behind in the car until we are. married. actually not this person and he’s. telling lies. he’s telling nice because i know his.

Girlfriend and it sits in front so. hunnington why are you lying the next. person says. avoid o’shea if you weave and sunder it. up he said it. avoid o’shea if you weave and send it up. just avoid him. and then the other person said. soon only when you kiss horses hair. rockets then. your comment stays up hmm we don’t get. that english from this side of the. country. i don’t understand that so that’s the. new then other person says. jasmine fat says why do you give them. why’d you give them to give you money. indirect prostitution. just to be straight just be straight up. and say we or i want money to be with. you and there’s no stingy man. unless he doesn’t like you or love you. and that’s a fact. any man who likes you or loves you will. just be generous with you from the. getgo a man doesn’t release money. means that he’s giving it to someone.

Else behind so if it’s not you. there’s someone else receiving that. money because men are just generous it’s. in that nature to provide. if it’s not providing for you it’s. providing for someone else and it’s not. in direct prostitution this has been. happening for all times. from the genesis of everything this has. been happening so. you know who are you to say anything. it’s not generic or something. the other person said you get oh this. this one actually caught my attention. kanye’s geronaut doha said ugandan men. are too ambitious to men’s pockets not. love. there’s a reason why some men are stingy. one reason most of our women are the. twothirds with multiple sponsors the. name of lovers that they just. tell in relationships for financial. targets so men avoid such ladies. go with patient caring ladies and give.

Them your money. after confirming their true colors which. is so true unfortunately. you know how much i say men are these. men are that are also evil evil. women out there and these women also. detroit and you know want to steal money. and whatnot. so also i’m saying ask yourself why do. you only attract. two thousand maybe you’re lose with your. money which is not a bad thing but maybe. you give it. away like a weird way and maybe. you know you’re known as the community. whole sorry and all the girls know oh. with this guy. you can just get money from him so ask. yourself you know look within if it’s. only the truth as you attract them. you’re the one with the issue because. you you know you can be attracted to. just one type of girl like there’s so. many types of girls out there. look for your church girl leave jesus.

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