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But you know what somebody told me that. Uganda is the land of big butts. is it true hold on let me check. I want to know let me see you said. definitely I want to confirm if it’s. true can I confirm just one minute oh my. god okay can I have a hug just from. Ghana to Uganda so that’s that’s for. Ghana to Uganda not everyone definitely. has the cows but most most likely let me. say let me say 15 percent which is a. good number of God Wow. yeah have their ship in let me not call. them calls but they are shippi very sure. what is good about it so if you want CP. girls my brother Uganda is the place my. brother Uganda is the place I’m not. living this country I need to get why. Chevy come on let me welcome to the pile. of Africa the land built in seven years. this is where the now Scottsville. what makes it gonna woman so unique they.

Have everything and we do like what skin. color I said what do you bring. everything hi my name is Maya what’s her. name. I’m patience patience whoa. my sisters call patience really can you. say hi to my sister for me I’ll come. back embarrassing so patients tell me. yeah you got a new man what makes you. kinda woman so unique you can’t and. women so unique in the way that you do. that I think so differently so you. they hide working okay it’s all my in. Wesker says it’s a woman who toils for. the family takes care of their kids does. everything for the family and so on. secondly as in get see they’re so. beautiful you know what I had you got no. women doing sheets is it true. yeah they don’t ask me personal you. don’t cheat no are you single no that’s. a no and I usually don’t cheat I have a. cheating machine here if you cheat if.

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You have achieved a machine you’re gonna. swap you I don’t guess all of you are. from Uganda most definitely we are not. Uganda babies for you know what that was. the favorite dish in Uganda we have it’s. basically according to different tribe. yeah so that’s that’s what they call. favorite according to different tribes. for example if it was a dish you these. are the people from the east but I mean. they say they they prefer how do they. call it male 1 it is according to a. given tribe that’s what is that food. that a new Ghana lost everyone forget. about tribes forgetting about tribes I. can’t speak for everyone but most people. love my talk people love ok. okay okay so so that’s what she said. Matt okay so I guess in in my culture in. my country Ghana women a cocaine angel. of oh so because our best dish in Ghana.

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So definitely sell of yeah I wanna know. what mexicana ladies so unique. everything really just unique. that is what that’s that’s my. perspective though okay maybe everyone. is unique in different different angles. you might look at this human being and. be like yeah she is good in such and. such a thing then the other person is. good in this but you get what I think. about you can tell me man is that we are. too ambitious like we always shoot for. the goal that is you can’t unwin us and. we are strategic must I see Cocoa’s gold. diggers we love money do you love money. I love money everyone loves money no. money I love women yeah it really can. get you love yes cuz most from your case. yeah but no money can get you love you. know ever because you are it’s so hard. for a broke guy to show you love do you. know that why do you say so.

I mean because most times you know that. for you to show love you need to be. materialist and truth be told like. sometimes you need to impress a girl but. you can’t just impress a girl by talking. and saying this and that sometimes you. need to act and when you’re acting you. need to have money it’s all about the. money. we have ambitions. most places currently most institutions. in your area most of them actually run. by women most low funds practically I. would love to thank the government of. Uganda because they are trying to to to. how should I say it. they are trying to empower the women. currently in Uganda which is a good. thing and it’s bringing out the real. women in us wow we are so strong already. I love the Syrian Parliament and not. Parliament just watch me on TV miss. Fiona Fiona can you tell me what makes.

Ugandan women so unique actually what. what makes us very very unique he’s fast. we are brought up in a very very special. way for example before oh man gets. married. we usually have the singers the singers. like a Sangha is an aunt yeah. whereby a Sangha gets you and talks to. you tells you special things of what. you’re supposed to do maybe when you. reach in marriage how to still be. attractive haven’t you seen something. about the Muscovy know that I mean it’s. changing oh yeah I heard it I heard. about that that’s what I that’s what I. had like Uganda women have it’s all. unfortunately a oh my god we just have. to she said she doesn’t have too much. but anyway we just want to confirm what. I don’t have too much honey can I hold. your hand. is it okay no just come on come on oh my. god. no Uganda I salutes you can you come.

Again please can you come again please. you know just just just give us like hi. my name is Maya what’s your name I say. my back’s what I see my back’s assembly. okay and anyway anyway you’re from. Uganda we want to know what makes. Ugandan women so unique character. personality I think my jelly that as in. though people say Ugandan body shape oh. really yes some say that but you don’t. think it’s true it’s true uhhuh it’s. true okay hold on hold on come on can. you go back a bit I really want to know. what this is really true can you turn. around for us a bit please come on. oh come on Connie oh I think the bad. people help me with the bar that’s what. people say that you can do women I like. that but I want us to confirm whether. it’s true or not. Connie please Connie please turn on for. us oh come on Lee get that oh no you.

Know Mike Roman is a bad guy. what’s your name anyway from Uganda. I want to know what is so unique about. Ugandan women Wow. and a beautiful hi I’m Doreen Doreen Wow. Doreen we want to know what makes a. diner woman so unique I would say. Ugandan women are really beautiful okay. talented strongwilled strong-minded. when they put their mind to something. they like really make sure they go. through her smile is even killing me. what’s her name Chloe Chloe is a cleric. Larry no glory. Cleopatra what makes you got a woman so. unique um they’re confident Wow. yeah they’re confident they know what. they want and they go for it you know. what they want and they go for it yeah. wow it’s really beautiful okay you know. what the thing is back when I was coming. to Uganda they told me that Uganda is. the land of watts big but is it true.

Yeah it is how true is it you can see. for yourself. how can I say how can i is it true is it. true that Uganda is the London. yeah like Ugandan ladies are not. naturally so slim ladies. you can see like very like the slim lead. is like those developed countries have. this look that are so slim so you get in. you get in women a bit like they have. this the plaster shape it’s like you. look at me I’m not so slim okay you know. why she’s telling me that you got no. women are not slim you know I don’t know. if it’s true can you prove they have to. believe because they whatever you say. they’re not gonna believe let me let me. go that just give me one minute just one. second cameraman I ready because she’s. telling me I have to believe it and the. audience to have to believe what I’m. saying. can it give me something oh so true.

Uganda whatever thing is that we don’t. slim we have the body most of the women. with the size okay and my like they’re a. bit cut you’re not so slim Wow. yes so that that was what that is what. Mexican women we want to know do you got. no women date out of Uganda of course. they do. have you ever tried it before no now the. Kenyan boyfriend Cunha Matata Hakuna. Matata. I guess the killin guys are happy right. dr. Kimia garden girls away yes we do. Mustangs she tried it before. I’ve never because but I would love to I. mean I have a band around come on no we. kind of powerful though yeah we are more. powerful you think so oh come on. when I came to the gun down though when. I come to the gun down and I was lazy. gunned a woman and just one night it was. like no way you’re gonna stay in Uganda. you’re not living place in Uganda and.

There is a lot of like tribesmen from. another tribe also I’m learning from. other countries and so on. she said lots of intermarriages in the. end oh yeah we surely do personally if I. got a man who is who is mixed yeah I. mean who is not from your gonna be so. glad like you yes undo what about you me. I could you kinda but not marry out of. Uganda you could get out of Uganda you. can have fun out of Uganda oh okay. alright but I had Uganda women don’t. cheats is it true yeah a liar come on. have you cheated before. yeah are you single now I reach it. together know somebody out there a lot. of people out there who wanna marry. Ugandan ladies why do you think somebody. are americana lady they are really. really intelligent women okay and having. an intelligent woman is very important. okay. and they are confident okay I like your.

Confidence very beautiful but you know. what somebody told me that Uganda is the. land of big butts. you said definitely I want to confirm if. is true can I confirm just one minute. oh my god okay can I have a hug just. from Ghana to Uganda so that’s that’s. for Ghana to Uganda oh he didn’t women. are so loving we know how to handle a. man very very caring I wish you could. talk to a white man who was married. again the Newman hotel you all we are. very unique we know how to handle. matters and yeah we’re just so loving. so beautiful okay that’s okay I love and. responsibilities and yeah but to take of. the family but I hope I hope you don’t. you don’t you don’t like money because I. don’t have money. really yeah I hope so if someone wants a. perfect woman perfect wife they should. come to Uganda. it’s where perfection is Wow before I.

Let you girls go why should somebody out. there because I have a lot of guys who. are saying that I want to go to the. pearl of Africa because I wanted Mario. from Uganda why should somebody out. there Mario Ugandan lady. last question before I leave you girls I. think basically you’ve heard of the the. current tourism industry that has been. promoting car washes shippi go I think. that is what has sold us currently in. the tourism sector and I think that is. what guys out there I want about you can. and go wow the most not everyone. definitely has the car but most most. likely let me say let me say 15% which. is a good number of God you have their. ship in let me not call them calls but. they are shipping very sure what is good. about it so if you want CP girls my. brother. Uganda is the place my brother Uganda is.

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