Dating The Crucifixion

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Dating The Crucifixion slapped him across the

Hi I’m Steven M Miller I write books. about the Bible I think most folks know. that the Romans crucified people they. crucified people they thought threatened. the Roman Way of life and they did it to. send a message don’t mess with world the. crucifixion wasn’t just a slow and. painful way to die it was shameful. reserved for the worst offenders the. Bible talks a bit about what it was like. to go through a crucifixion soldiers. took Jesus into their headquarters they. stripped him spit on him grabbed a stick. and strumpet Pilate had Jesus flogged. with a lead tipped look the soldiers. wove a crown of thorns and put it on his. head and they put a purple robe on him. hail king of the Jews because they. slapped him across the face carrying the. cross by himself he went to the place. called place of the skull Golgotha.

There they nailed him to the cross Bible. writers weren’t the only ones talking. about crucifixion so did the Romans in. gritty detail I don’t think many people. know what the Romans had to say about. crucifixions they saw with their own. eyes in the days when Jesus was alive he. was whipped until his bones showed each. criminal who goes to execution must. carry his own cross on his back sixteen. men were raided out chained together by. the foot and neck each carrying his own. cross the executioner’s added this grim. public spectacle to the punishment as an. extra deterrent to anyone thinking about. committing the same crime some hang. their victims upside down some impale. them through the private parts others. stretch out their hands onto forked. poles is there such a thing as person. and would actually prefer wasting away.

And pain on a cross dying a limb by limb. one drop of blood. rather than dying quickly what any human. being willingly choose to be fastened to. that cursive tree especially after the. beating that left him definitely weak to. form swelling with vicious welts on. shoulders and chest and struggling to. draw every last agonizing breath anyone. facing such a death would plead to die. rather than mount the cross reliable. witnesses saw the man being dragged to. the cross while crying out that he was a. Roman citizen and you Very’s confirmed. that he did cry out that he was a Roman. citizen yet you sent him to a most cruel. and shameful death in e/m everyday Roman. soldiers caught 500 Jews or more the. soldier is driven by their hatred of the. Jews nailed them to crosses they nailed. them in many different positions to.

Entertain themselves and to horrify the. Jews watching this spectacle from inside. the walled city of Jerusalem in time the. soldiers ran out of wood for crosses and. room for crosses even if they had found. more wood Romans didn’t just write about. crucifixion they reported the. crucifixion of Jesus Jesus actually. shows up in Roman history books and. letters written during his own century. there was a wise man called Jesus a good. person who could work wonders he. attracted many followers Jews and. nonjews. Pilate at the request of our leaders. sentenced him to death by crucifixion. Nero blame the fire that destroyed much. of Rome upon a group of people he found. so disgusting that he ordered them. tortured in horrifying ways they were. Christians they got their name from. Christos a man who suffered the ultimate.

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