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There’s a particular problem people are. having in dating today it’s been going. on for quite some time and it’s the. problem. of things never really going anywhere. you start talking to someone on a dating. app. you start texting them but you either. get no momentum with them. or it plateaus at a certain point and. doesn’t go anywhere after that. all the momentum completely dies. now i know you guys like it when i bring. you something practical something you. can use. today so i’m going to give you six. specific. text messages that you can use or you. can just take the principle behind them. and craft something of your own that. utilizes. that principle because what this is all. about is getting. momentum number one. add a human detail to your text messages. it’s one thing for someone to say how’s. your day going. and you say it’s going well thanks how’s.

Yours it’s another thing to say. it’s going well i’m about to go on a run. that gives someone a detail. something they can craft a conversation. out of or you could go one step further. and say. it’s going well thanks i’m about to go. on a run i’m dragging my little brother. with me. that now gives them a human detail on. top of it something. that paints a more threedimensional. picture of you. in a world that is 2d we have to make. ourselves. three dimensional. number two i’m calling this principle. shorten the time frame. if you’re talking to someone on a monday. and they happen to be leaving the. conversation to go into a meeting. don’t finish that little chapter of the. conversation by saying. have a great week say have a great. meeting. have a great meeting as an interesting. phrase or if you say have a great. workout or have a great whatever they’re.

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Doing right now. because it’s something you send to. someone you actually know. you may have only met this person. yesterday but when you say have a great. meeting there’s something familiar about. that there’s something personal about. that. there’s something that recognizes what. they’re doing right now. and it also makes it easier to pick up. the conversation. by them telling you how the meeting went. or by you asking how did the meeting go. have a great week says i’ll talk to you. next week have a great meeting says. we’ll talk later today. number three create a shared reference. together. if someone tells you something like. their favorite tv show is ted lasso. in a matter of minutes your relationship. dilemma will be in the past. then the next time you have a moment of. banter fun conversation. find a gif that fits what you’re talking.

About from ted lasso. that’s a joke i love it that then. creates this moment of. i i know you a little bit b i was. listening and c. we have we now have a shared reference. together something that builds our story. side note when you send a gif or gif. harry it’s a form of pattern break in a. conversation. so it’s been text text text text text. and then this gif comes through. and it’s just like this little moment of. animation it doesn’t have to be a gif. you could be a voice note it could be. a picture but when you do something like. that it’s a. pattern break that grabs someone’s. attention. the intrigue complement give someone a. compliment that’s specific. but begin it with this phrase do you. know what i like about you. first you’re signaling that something. interesting is coming. how do i know it’s interesting because.

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It’s about them and that’s the most. interesting subject in the world to that. person. right so do you do you know what i like. about you. pause right you can even not put it in. that message just put one message you. could do this in conversation too and. just take a beat. but in text you say do you know what i. like about you and then you can wait for. them to respond. or just take a few seconds or a minute. and then send the next part. that creates this moment of suspense. intrigue curiosity. and it then allows you to give a. specific compliment that. shows not only a generous nature but it. also shows confidence. because you’re confident enough to. actually embrace. and speak out loud about something. specific you like about another person. number six the accelerator text the idea. behind this message is just to.

Keep things moving we have to have an. unwillingness to stand still an. unwillingness to be in a situation. where there is no momentum and that. means if you keep getting texts from. someone that don’t go anywhere. someone keeps sending you superficial. details of their day or what they’re up. to asking how you are. but it never culminates in a date you. have to have. a low tolerance for things that don’t go. anywhere. so i mean we had this example stephen. who’s in the back hey steve. we had this example a week ago where. someone said this guy he’ll literally. text me and he’ll tell me he’s making. soup. but he never asks me on a date but he’s. the one who proactively texts me. so here’s what you do you ask him what. soup he’s making he says chicken soup. you then say you know what’s even more. fun than chicken soup.

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Online Dating Texting Before Meeting

Chicken soup on a date and you see what. he says to that. that’s you calling him out for the fact. that he hasn’t asked you on a date his. give is firmly putting the ball in his. court. and saying your turn that may be playful. it’s not aggressive but it shows an. unwillingness to ignore the fact that. right now this isn’t progressing now. before you go. do you feel like you’ve in some way lost. momentum with someone. or do you feel like the momentum has. taken a turn. in a direction you don’t want it to go. i have a free training for you that is. taken. from a members webinar that i did for my. love life members so this is normally. reserved for my paid members. but there was a woman on there who asked. me a question exactly to that effect. it was going well and now the momentum. went in a different direction. how do i get it back again i walk her.

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