Dating Someone With A Child

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Dating Someone With A Child going to do in your

What’s up everyone hello and welcome. back to the channel welcome back it’s. the first episode of wife talks for the. year you know how people are like. Wieland’s wife talks coming when’s the. next one but you know with everything’s. pretty late so this episode I’m with my. love my beloved friend if you know me. you should know Kathy and maybe can. introduce yourself hi everybody my name. is Donna this is my first time is my son. yes I’m gonna video first time on a. video but I think you have featured. before on the vlog we need to sense it. oh yeah yeah thank you girls I’m very. excited to be here myself and we have. been friends for very long I think it’s. over and she’s finally here I’m excited. so we’re gonna be talking about a very. interesting topic but before we get into. it I’m gonna ask you to please subscribe.

Join the family and obviously as we. communicate you know what to do give the. video a thumbs up and comment below. because I think this topic is gonna be a. really really. lovely topic so maybe you want to tell. everyone made for kids ago a story about. yourself about so I’ve been married for. five years. a proper villian of April and I’ve got. three beautiful children and eight year. old lives is actually nine he turned. nine under 14 of them and after four. year old returns for in April 20 now. April 12 and then I’ve got a a little. new boy that’s a boy and two girls and I. love it ok we did mention her yes ok so. how did you end up eating meat I believe. his name is Colin we can call him I. would to connect everyone yeah because. how did you guys meet and when did you. first realize after meeting him and ok.

He has a son mmhmm. went from mini mate and from mineral I. said son take take us through that. journey okay so we met 2013 December I. was actually it was my first week of. working just for the frosty started. working and I didn’t want a relationship. because I had just come out of a. threeyear relationship which losing. your body and you know I just wanted a. break and I was like I don’t want to. lose anyone. I mean you enjoy being by myself and. then this one day I’m coming from work. minding my own business actually my mom. was picking me up from McDonald’s layin. so if you see Jimmy Jimmy don’t you when. I talk to anyone right now yeah so. obviously sits hi and I’m like I’m not. gonna say hi back and he says hi again. I’m like hi and I just walked past a hey. it comes off to me like listen just slow. down I’m high I just don’t talk to me.

Because I just don’t want to they. eventually ask for my number and I gave. it in really quickly once and I thought. he didn’t catch it my second he did yeah. so I’ve got five minutes for my sister. Carla established from mechanical meet. who and then he called me we stick on. the phone the whole night and let they. said to me listen you’re gonna be like. I’m gonna marry you crazy you just make. me is that what you taught you girl you. meet he’s like no I’m serious you’re my. wife I’m gonna marry I’ve been framed. for you day one three four months later. the letter arrived to Cape Lola. yeah but then between the time from when. you first met when did you realize that. okay he’s gonna son he told me first. night that long conversation that we had. obviously we talked about each other or. were you found and told me everything.

I’ve got a son this is what happened in. my previous relationship. not that he was talking like this. dayto-day life in the foundation yeah. and he was like he’s the biggest part of. my life I love him with anything that I. am and I think my son was three at the. time. and he said you know sometime I hope. that you’ll be you’ll meet him if this. relationship is actually what God. desires for both of us and it’s just. been an incredible journey so from day. one I knew the other side so obviously. like obviously Willie would sit around. and chat we never expected to be like. you don’t plan to meet someone who has a. child but were you not like taken aback. of it when you mentioned okay I have a. son and you’re like I was excited about. him because he had every one into me I. decide in a man he was gone flaring he’s.

Very smart you know goodlooking guys. know they can be goodlooking but. sometimes they don’t fall in the head. yeah he had been type is smart he would. reason while he was still down and I. thought wow so when he told me hit a fun. I took it so well you know obviously I. love children but everyone tells himself. I will never marry a man the child yeah. even I like an onion of us do not go see. people but I think because of who he was. I just embraced it actually my mom. reminded me too bad. didn’t you say you don’t get a very. simple photo but you know yeah I knew we. are and it’s just been a great. experience it’s not easy but you know. along the way you is Charlie Mira you. pick up what’s wrong what’s good you. keep the good going you know but I think. the condition of your heart is really. what matters at the end okay so how long.

Did you after then you guys make how. long did it take for you to meet your. son I think I think off the three weeks. okay he picked me off from work one day. and he actually didn’t tell me what’s. gonna bring him that day okay and I got. him to cut it up but you couldn’t say. this is he actually said this is mom. talk he named not they I indeed I was. never Andy and remember he was three. yeah so he’s still a baby at you yes. yeah I’m still a baby actually his. birthday when we feel singing a speech. I’m gonna spend the song and he said I. think your mommy fell having me all. these years. it’s like I remember when I meet you and. to me that’s a great thing because it. means I’ve been in his lives although he. knows that I’m not his biological mother. and she could remember yeah he can’t say. when I met you on this date he just.

Remembers me being he’s like it is great. I’m crying so that’s why you can say. it’s great. so from dating things were not as. intense you didn’t have to make. necessarily any decisions about his life. yeah how did you actually get into that. thing did you wait until the fact that. okay maybe now that I’m married I can. make certain decisions or when you were. dating did you feel like your input was. needed how did you how did you navigate. that space knowing that okay I’m getting. into something way he has his mom you. know his biological mom obviously is. dead is they these people have been. making certain decisions in his life up. until now when did you feel like your. input or your opinion was needed or. necessary okay so I’m a very opinionated. person by Nature yeah so obviously I had. to be very careful that’s wait I.

Fully exert myself when I give all my. opinions but because my hands are so. wonderfully so orderly and I think from. the day we made you say it you know what. this is my son I live my life with him. you’ll find your balance. obviously he didn’t know when we. eventually got married to say I do have. a life partner right now she’s gonna. spend hard time with your son I hope. that’s okay with you. you know so he did that with her I came. into you know putting my ideas which is. a good thing. yeah so he became the mediator. absolutely between the two of you guys. so that there’s no friction or anything. like that and I was privileged enough. that when we there was a time of my. summer sick Richard Oberman came back I. think he probably joined a lot of that. sea water you get back with the stomach. bag and that was a first time actually.

Met the mom because now we have. hospitalized we’re not gonna not tell. her that listen the boys think so once. you came back from German called. adenosine and the boys really made at. this time who are you at this time so I. think we can respect together I think. she’s also very much a very decent woman. I mean you know she’s got her heart in. the right place and her mind in the. right place so we had a conversation I. was like you know what this is just. about raising the boy I wasn’t there. when the two of you the boy was not. there. can we just work all together as a team. to increase him the best way you can and. there are her she was like you know an. idea that would be the greatest lesson. so the only eight gauge was one another. when it’s about a child is never about. anything for coffee no no I said some.

Real bad video if you want to keep it as. clean as possible as respectful as. possible it is a person the next person. doesn’t give you that respect. mmm offer it to them you know give them. that respect give them that you know I’m. here with the right independent and. they’ll take a long along so now that. you’re officially married a case you’re. married and all this stuff because you. guys also got married really yeah just. such it was so much about like one. minute you’re like okay I’m kidding me. oh my gosh that’s great let’s meet this. year like what. so everything’s moving really really. fast you guys are married. literally your son. Dina has two different households yes. what are the challenges that you guys. faced and also how did you overcome them. because I know if you’re in one house. and I think you spoken to us about it.

Before you like things in a particular. way he goes to that house he’s like. depending on where I’m at and survive. you know and so how did you what were. the challenges that you guys had mmhmm. with that and also how did you guys work. on it okay so the challenge is firstly. okay so after five months of marriage. she actually moved into the state with. us I’m doing full time which was a. blessing on my behalf because it meant. that I got to teach him like how I want. my children to be raised on how both me. and my husband want our children to. raise and I think the biggest challenge. we faced I think in terms of rules we’re. not talking about like sleeping at 8 o. clock in my house my Casey but it is. well I’m a routine girl because I know. there’s something I should do during the. day we come back from way so I prefer my.

Kids asleep at age you know stop her I. said when you back with little baby who. have very strict on homework and stuff. today so when he’s with his mom I think. they have it they have different sectors. you know single cop that can be done but. time. she’s like this but manipulated using. ever lets me do good so you just have to. teach him to say in this half days of. the rule and this is what you’re going. to follow okay so obviously every time. he goes and he comes back he has to. unlearn and relearn unlearn from the. habits of the other house and read like. new ones so what we had to do was. suggested together which also happen. when first I called we went to see a. child psychologist so here we went to. see a child psychologist within the. school had actually asked us to do that. because he changed schools so the first.

School that he went to had three terms. whereas they would do interactive. learning they understood how the child. is that their child according to ability. and the new school is just normal like I. gave you all know we were already kind. of struggling so we had to see a. psychologist to help us how do you think. it in my mind right so part of leg they. have to do big background research on. the child so all three parents who all. went and told them about some of the. challenges you know him being raised in. two different households and what she. suggested is to you know make our rules. as consistent as possible if he sleeps. at a chair they can sleep at eight there. so that’s what we kind of did we had to. kind of align you know and there’s some. channels I’m a bit extreme some channels. you can watch so he knows now okay in.

Mommy’s house and then the house is a. lot too I try to know what a mature. business be able to so I think going to. the psychologist hug that we got to you. know make our rules as consistent as. possible but there’s always trial and. error. you know and it’s just being patient on. the child because he’s a child more than. an old music situation so I’ll never get. mad at him is the owner you know you. know it’s just about reminding him and. then when you hear you do APCD don’t. forget you know by day three he’s. exactly the routine but did you not feel. any like restrictions in a sense of you. know I’m trying to raise you know your. son in this particular way and then now. this resistance did you not ever feel. like emotionally like I can’t I can’t do. that was it always as if it lists like. okay I’m trying to have put an order in.

My house that’s how I wanna raise this. did you ever feel emotional emotionally. like I can’t do this or it’s a bit tough. absolutely yeah. well it’s not easy I’m not gonna sit and. say every day uncle walking I’ve had. it’s not easy you need a lot of support. from both of you whether is it because. of him as a child English to with him or. just the dynamic of now having three. parents I think the three parent thing. is a lot I was altitude because me and. my husband is like one because yeah yeah. and then having somebody else who’s. rifle is a you raise a child you must. all just respect that and be aware of. that you know even if it get emotionally. draining sometimes I think my husband’s. getting supportive you know you’ve never. really forced me to do anything or put. some restrictions don’t talk to my son.

Like that never to him and his mom mmm. and it’s never changed you know so I. think as a partner whether is the woman. coming in of the child all of the men. coming with the child you have to be the. one who’s more supportive and cover the. partner that doesn’t remember when we. had ran I didn’t have a child although I. genuinely loved children didn’t have a. child and I was only learning with a. threeyear-old that he take him from. diapers that when I took him from. already speaking so he had to support me. and not you know I understand and I’m. like I don’t know how to use this is. tough you know in their days and I’m. like oh my god I’m overwhelmed. we’ve just been made for five months and. I have to raise you know it was really. difficult but I think his family was. also supportive and getting him out to. say that he’s never done this before and.

They’re not expected to do this I know. one incident that you know used to fight. about it talk about it now yes okay he’d. wake up in the morning and bath the. child that he wanted to do everything. and then I don’t feel the pain and to me. it was like oh are you saying I’m not. woman enough that I can’t bath your. child but I was just trying to okay and. say yeah so that it doesn’t feel like. yeah this is not like I don’t you didn’t. sign up for this I mean in a way I think. you kind of did I don’t know if that me. you do yes you do because you made a. decision to say am I really gonna take. this person with a child that means I’m. invested financially emotionally in. every type of you know whatever you are. invested you know your family is also. interested because I know that my. husband travels a lot and the time when.

I was pregnant with my daughter my son. school was really far. my sister had to my sister would. actually come and take him to school my. mom would stay with him sometimes these. people running my house and so. everyone’s actually involved it’s not. just you you know I mean so what about. moms who or wives who find themselves in. a situation like this or people who may. be engaging in married and they are in. this situation but they can see that the. child is resisting like who are you. you’re not my mom yeah and I know it’s. not something that you you had to. encounter its business on that because. he was young and I think the the support. from my husband I think your husband. would have pulled up to this I’d be like. boy yeah listen yeah do things right now. but maybe I think from wisdom and and. also your experience how do you think.

Someone who has that resistance from the. child I think Oh or even from the other. party whether it’s the child’s mother or. the child’s father okay how do you think. they’ll be able to need to do with. things like that I think the first thing. to keep in mind is that. you’re not get your place anymore I’m. not there to replace his mom I’m just. here to be a part of raising the boy. you’re not there to a place for Dad. so even if the child has grown up and. understood let him spend time with the. biological parents as much as you can. because you’re not there to create but. that’s fine no it’s the daughter if they. old enough let them know that this is. who I am in your life and this is what. I’m going to do in your life you know. and put your whole heart into it if it’s. not received well then you know your. heart is in the right place and when.

Your heart is in the right place it will. always radiate so even if it’s three. four years later talking like Wow. actually this this woman didn’t move. even mad you know so and I think also. the one thing that damages that is when. parents speak actually about it through. the child that’s what brings that. attitude and I feel like that’s wrong as. parents you do that because the child. has nothing to do that especially at my. age way they’re 13 15 16 where they have. a brain and they can actually process I. was here what’s going on yeah you know. so I think it’s your responsibility as. the parents you know all three of you. all four of you in this Cole parenting. relationship to understand that the. child has nothing to do with it that. Matthew chop inside the top even. grandparents are you know concerned. you’re messing up the child’s psyche so.

I think that it’s our responsibility as. parents firstly to represent ourselves. well to our children because they grow. and they’ll see whose heart is in the. right place so you don’t want you to. talk to gravity at least like they’re. saying to you and I’m very flexible as a. parent so I think that you know if the. child resists continue check yourself in. it’s not hot at the right place so. obviously when you’re dating and when. you marry it’s two different things it’s. hot and cold it’s like it’s it’s a. different world and even for myself and. my husband when we’re teaching we can. definitely feel like this it’s just. different and I say this from the. beginning you’re entering a new world so. not to say that it’s a bad space but now. you’re discovering more of yourselves. more each other or one another. and not to have a child and then as we.

Also need to discover the child and grow. together all together so already with. two people it’s like I you’re starting. to like step on my toes and alright and. now with the child I think it’s a bit. you know I think it could be a bit more. because there’s emotions is this you. have to overcompensate sometimes you. might feel overwhelmed at times you know. so I feel like I was thinking to myself. like maybe premarital counseling should. be done with the child and also to to. help them to understand because you. don’t want them you know when they. because you did I don’t know if you said. that’s the one time with the whole. family tree thing where the family trees. yeah yeah and then now they’re like we. did only wise yeah they’re the only ones. although it’s a great thing sometimes. because it’s not what other people have.

It might feel a little bit overwhelmed. yeah so I think maybe the one step we. should take if you are thinking of of. you know what I wanna settle and the. person that I’m with is or does have a. child maybe consider you know ice cream. for premarital counseling or even a. mentor yeah a better word especially. when the child is old enough to have. conversations about that kind of stuff I. think that’s very cool and maybe even. teaching them in the young you know. because the more you drill something in. a child’s head right there’s things that. I remember from preschool vividly. because it was drilled in my head and. like just simple things like about Jesus. about the Word of God I remember even. the store folks on for the story about. Moses and the plays and all that stuff I. remembered because it was stuff that we.

Learned in preschool so I don’t think we. should look down on the fact that. children actually have the ability to. learn in fact they’re like sponges right. now they soak up and the more they soak. up things they’re they’re more pliable. then when they’re all that they have. they analyze the image and. and now that they’re older I think. especially if you have like a team and. how you getting married to someone. probably might happen teen in their life. but why try night like my mom yeah. whereas if someone is young that they’re. able to be obedient even if a dad or the. mom you see and then learn from that and. give the child second chance I just. think I think counseling would be great. and okay and outside of your. relationship with your child. do you ever have moments of let’s strive. but like maybe strife between you and.

You know the child’s mom no matter you. know like do you guys ever have moments. of like I think you’re kind of stepping. on my toes you know and how do you. minimize strife from because I mean you. running your own family but at the same. time there’s also someone who’s bringing. an input into you know how your. household is run because of her child as. well how do you minimize that strength. because I think at some stage of the. game. sometimes people step on each other’s. too little that’s why I say I try to. keep it a part of the child’s group as. much as possible. you know and the rules that we have in. our home if she can implement or we. might implement we don’t stop there I’m. doing that you know like recently he. just got a cell phone for he present. like Samuel conversation in 3s yeah boy. yeah before not my tear may be fine.

Advocate on yeah but I was like nothing. we’d ever know yeah if you can’t stop. them living near my husband it was not. in the book spots especially for the you. know maybe until he was done with. primary school but here mommy. his mom decided you know she wanted to. give him a fallen. okay yeah like we just have to. understand he has to know how he uses it. in our phone in our house I’m not gonna. pick up the phone and say oh why did you. get the child the phone oh you know and. I try not to you know step on her toes. you know I keep it as clean as possible. even if I don’t like something I swallow. it if I can’t have a company I promise. you there are certain things where I. feel like okay maybe if I’m not I’m like. when I would eat late at night so. sometimes maybe she’ll bring the child. late I’m gonna make a fuss about it in.

My mouth and leg like hey Judah I will. make a fuss about it because I’m just. like is it changing my world no it’s. just like one day when you came back. late so I feel like it’s just a part of. voiding drama I think that drama happens. when you there’s too much conversation. happening or you want to be too much. involved in you know I think we all. respect each other she say I’m here you. know we’re all trying to raise the voice. you know in a good way if something. that’s lifechanging heard Emma doesn’t. have a conversation about it but having. a phone is not a lifechanging situation. it’s like how do we manage it to. famiglia. yeah you just manage it in essence the. child coming home late one or two nights. how do I manage it no cousin I don’t. want it to be none you got him laid. against economic eighty you know you.

Just need a way the situation and I. think that will really minimize any type. of and uh something like you say when. you came into the relationship you knew. what you were signing yourself up for so. you need to tell yourself to say okay. I’m in this thing it’s not gonna be some. soon it’s gonna be real there are some. kids who are gonna come and tell you. you’re not my man. it’s a lot how do you respond but you. can take that do you think that there’s. certain people they can take it because. like I know sometimes you know we don’t. obviously like we said we never plan the. stuff in it but you think those people. who sometimes just sign up for something. they can. hmm it’s hard bet it means hot like you. need it like you do you know what you. signed up for and it’s not personal. kids are like that I wrote with my dad.

My mom and my brother biological my. brother gave my mom a hard time you know. it’s not if a child gives you a hard. time it’s not because or you’re my. stepmom we might get out and show you. know kids are kids but it’s about you as. a parent to say see him as a child. men don’t see him as a competitor she. will see him as an outsider that’s when. you get it wrong he seen it as a part of. her home like in my house if I buy. clothes for the kids whether my son is. here or not I buy for him whatever we. plan for the year with this holiday. whatever rupal you’re always in our plan. if I need a helper my health and needs. to be here Chris my son because my. daughter but the minute you see him as. an outsider then you might have problems. men well there’s a stepson I guess next. time Huff in and I’m Xavier oh you must.

Sign up to be free you know so even I. remember the one time he was like to me. I don’t know because he saw a picture. thing from these mom’s house my mom was. pregnant so you can turn oh let me so I. was like mommy tell me anyway so they. know what time you say oh you don’t want. my real mom I’ll hold up yeah so you. saying you’re not my real Simon seasonal. I am your real sadness of suck so don’t. call me I got mommy and Mom or you know. yeah me who carried me in my tummy but. it doesn’t she’s not really than what I. am I’m gonna really like that girl she. is you know yes I think. the wording and how you you know I’m. very big on where do something to be. that’s how you make people a real part. of your life it’s very real and not real. yeah I don’t mean with it out of it but. then it was it’s a long time ago yeah.

You know my real mum and I maybe then to. have him understand this different. family dynamic on the getgo yeah is. easy because I think sometimes as black. people we don’t communicate today so we. throw kids in there and we kind of. expect them to like it’s like sink or. swim like so they’re trying to like keep. up with what’s going on you guys are. adults yeah you guys know what’s going. on you guys already know that okay we’re. trying to do this you’re trying to. figure it out amongst yourself but you. leave the child out of it and I think. that’s also where it then begins to mess. up with how they process things you know. and to just be real with them and say. this is what happened this is the. conversation that happened look me and. young me and your biological mom me I. don’t work out much is still very. present so very much in your life.

Because I mean it would have it would be. a different story maybe if the other. partner was like I’m out whatever then. you can build your life just you know as. the two of you or the one of you in your. husband and wife yeah but when you are. when you have another parent in the. picture I think it’s what I’m picking up. is that it’s really important yeah not. to leave the child out because I think. that’s really the problems come from if. your child is unhappy then ultimately. your marriage is going to be unhappy and. in the relationships because if there’s. strife between the parents and the child. and the child messed up and then. ultimately everything else is going to. be a mess it’s going to go into. practicality and like how do we navigate. the space but I think as you were. talking it was being practical energy.

And said don’t leave the child out you. know focus on you guys as parents and I. think also the parents are also. beginning we’ll also need structure. because yeah you can’t have I think. parents also need to communicate. yeah you might not necessarily obviously. you know we go through things as humans. if the person along with the person you. might have your own feelings emotions or. whatever but I think it’s good to get a. healthy relationship and you don’t have. to be happy like you’re actually best. friends but we need to be able to. communicate in a healthy way and I think. that’s one of the things that you would. talk about that you guys created a good. structure yeah if you can share whatever. you can share how you guys created that. structure of communication yeah with. your son’s mom yeah so the nice thing is.

With her I think she was also very. receptive of me but I think my husband. state baby you know but also you know. the boys in my care time nothing dads. are not present they are but like you. know moms are normally don’t wanna pick. up on the child’s sake or whatever and. you want to be able to call upon me okay. you know this is this is kind of me you. know like right now all in one medical. aid so she’ll have to keep it clawed for. when he say something’s happening you. know and he does have a skin problem so. a lot of times he has to be good with. dermatologists or use really like crazy. amounts for medication so sometimes. you’ll call they say well guys you know. can i you know it’s because she doesn’t. know how much is enough and so any money. Peschel call hi guys can I do this. because you know it’s good which is good.

But I think also like I said my husband. said that they need to say she’s as. equal as a parent I. so please call my wife you know so he. opened that door for her to do that and. when she does call me beside checks by. people you could just like if you also. don’t want it to be all over the show. and then you forget what the purpose of. the whole thing is but you know I keep. the conversation both yeah on the phone. most of the time okay. I’m hungry do what that person we hunt. he ever wants it we call text you know. you know this in designing for the child. but in terms of like a school uniform I. try have my own she’ll have phone are a. twoyear my son has his only job clothes. everything in my house is silver so when. he comes to more nervous you’re picking. they’re not bad everything holy Chapel. say no we don’t do that here so everyone.

Has their own sets of stuff you know cuz. he needs to feel like he belongs. everywhere yeah so when he’s at our. house he has a full life whereas I think. mom’s house he has a full life the only. thing he’ll go back home to school back. honestly and he’s like he’s quite. athletic so let’s cricket stuff whatever. will come back and forth with yeah but I. think the communication has been also. sad or for that and how do you maintain. it with it it’s either coal or and it’s. always on the child you know so always. invite your partner even it is like. you’re the lady coming into the. relationship of the child you know if. your husband is comfortable enough and. inviting me you can call this diversity. and I think that’s a very mature surely. it and it takes a very comfortable. person. that you know and I think also how do.

You enter into someone’s life if you. took the man level if you came in. thirdly it was good looking good cleans. yeah and there’s nothing she should be. angry at or nothing that died that other. guy should be angry at. it’s just something of this thing. there’s a child you know it’s not about. us it’s about nothing else but this. child let me hold that anybody’s. intention in the coparenting. relationship works yeah I’m not saying. good holiday together. yeah I want you don’t wanna be like. sharing an accommodation now yeah nicely. by the ones in the other room if that’s. if that’s your vibe yeah yeah very. personally if you are in a relationship. and you’ve been wondering sure this. might seem overwhelming oh maybe if you. know you you realize that okay you be. married but you’ve been doing it the. wrong way I think there’s something I.

Think there’s something to take away. actually unfortunately my friend is not. on social media she’s not the social. media gal but you can I don’t know how. you do it I know you guys usually. comment below. yeah you can comment below but you can. you also can comment if you have the. time I guess she’s got her hands full. but if you have the time I know on the. YouTube things you can also respond on. someone else’s reply so if you do have. any other questions I think we pretty. much covered it you know I love the fact. that guys the honesty is it it’s not an. easy thing yeah and I find an era if. you’re signing up for it to just be easy. then that’s your baby but the reality is. that everything needs effort and I think. also with the child. it needs more effort that mean. sensitivity and it needs love more than.

Anything like was one of the things I’ve. learned from music you love yours. like like it’s like you can’t even. compare like you can’t even come in yeah. and we have learned even as her friends. to say no that’s kind of sad it’s not. just you don’t know that the Sun yeah. every and he knows us as an yeah you. know he knows us as family yes I think. that’s the most important bring the. child fight for the child to grow up in. an environment of love absolutely. because I think if he environment at. home is not a healthy environment then. he’s going to project that onto society. and how we deal with people other then. we have problematic. you know kids or problematic society. ultimately it may not be what people. know is the norm but if it’s an. environment of love I think it’s doable. love colors if even if it’s hard even if.

You feel like you’ve been going through. it the wrong way there’s always a chance. to really start again and the first. place to start is to love the child and. everything flows from love but to me I’m. never saying I’ve got one son that I’m. coparenting other people and no that’s. going to be children and that’s how I. settled it in my heart and I think. that’s the place to start but love and. just be real with yourself and say you. know what this is a tough journey but. I’m willing my heart isn’t it and it was. open conversation and thank you so much. friend for starting this conversation we. always say every time we do wife talks. is that I always realize it’s such an. intro because many times also in the. comment section people are gonna be. talking and wondering and thinking yo. how how do you navigate this amazing and.

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