Dating Someone With A Child

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Dating Someone With A Child same debt so that

What’s up guys it’s Alex and this is. this video is something that I kind of. held off talking about because touchy. subject right dating women with children. now to be told at my age I’m 42 years. old it’s gonna be really tough to find a. woman that is single that does not have. children it’s it’s very rare and of. course the stigma is attached more to. women than men why don’t you have kids. yet as if something is wrong with you. because you don’t have kids at that age. I thought that was such a weird way of. thinking but it’s a thing so. let’s say you’re out there single guy. like me no kids and you wanna get free. time yeah I got everything I really. don’t want to be second fiddle to. anything or anyone look yeah that that. is the truth autumn and we’ll go out. there and be like all yeah everything. will be great everything will be good.

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But when you did a woman with kids you. got to understand even though even. though they say that they have time to. date you and all that stuff their number. one priority is gonna be their child and. that’s the way it should be now I have. to come to terms with that I have to. understand that’s how it’s gonna go so I. really have no say in it but because of. my age I might be able to find someone. that has kids that are not really. needing a lot of handson experience or. hands on you know parenting mean either. older so they kind of can do their own. thing in the parent has time to date but. when I’ve gone out there dating and I. women between the ages of 29 and 38 that. to me that age is so interesting to me. when it comes to being a woman so I’ve. heard women say some of the craziest. things when it comes to having children.

Almost as if them having a child. overrides logic. bear with me so I’m on a date not too. long ago met a girl down in Hollywood. Florida and getting along good very. attractive has an eightyear-old son as. a career is available I thought this is. starting a good good conversation. everything went well so then of course. the conversation goes to children and. potentially having more she says would. you ever consider having children guys. understand I’m 42 I don’t want to be a. 62 year old father to a 20 year old did. you imagine I mean a lot of you guys out. there they have a 1819 imagine if it’s a. 20 year old girl girls are way harder to. raise them guys guys are just like yeah. yeah that’d be pretty easy okay so I. said no I think I’m I think I’m good I. just wanna you know find someone that. I’m gonna be compatible with and enjoy.

My free time and you stabbed with. something and she goes ah I’d really. like to have one more child. okay I guess you can’t close the door. and everyone but I wanted to see where. her mind was that because look I fall. head over heels for someone. you know the doors open to everything. but I’m first date I’m not gonna agree. to have a child here with me so I said. well you know right now as I sit here I. know I I don’t see myself having a child. and she goes off and it’s not gonna work. out with us I said okay so the dates. over at this point so I’m like okay. which means we’re splitting it because. he’ll know I’m not covering that pain. and that that that bill because of that. so I said I’m interesting tell me what. you think about that I want to know your. thought process you know for initially I. wanted to have another child with my ex.

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But I didn’t love him anymore but I. would have considered having a child. with them I said wait a minute so you. had a kid then you wanted to have. another child even though you didn’t. love the dude just so you can have two. kids from the same father there are some. women that follow this channel I see. that subscriber list. does that make sense to you really you. don’t love to do but you you’re gonna. have another kid with the dude. just so you can have two kids from the. same debt so that then you can break up. with you and say well both kids going to. the same house when it comes to our. hesitation and you know the father pays. for both kids shall support like that. was the thought process she said you. know it makes sense to have two from one. guy even if you don’t love him because. at least they’re welcome the same guy.

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And when you split up when you split up. she says then it makes it easier for you. no handle off the kid to the same guy as. opposed to mess up the two guys I was. blown away I was absolutely blown away. at that mob process almost as if logic. goes out the window when it comes time. to having children you know let’s back. it up a little bit someone that I used. to date wanted children. and I wanted to have a conversation. during that conversation Icona said I’d. be willing to have children and then. that person didn’t believe me. Landon got pregnant very quickly found. nothing I was a piece of but I. guarantee then that person right now. would have another child from a guy they. despise just so that the child can have. a playmate and the same day. so that when you break up at least the. two kids are good playing with each.

Other but you broke up the family. because you never love them to eat you. Wow Wow Wow. but I thought that was a. a unique situation no no what you have. when you go over the girl that has a kid. their kid becomes priority so everything. that you say you do is secondary then. you have to be okay with that. I’m not okay with that like I’m so bad. okay with that. so that’s the biggest. difficulty in dating someone that has a. child. logic goes out the window. the child’s priority become number one. as they should. but then when you get to that weird my. kid is 2 years old my kid is 3 years old. I helped him to have a I’d love for him. to have a sibling. even though I wave I like to do my child. already’s come first so I would like. them to have sibling and maybe you and I. will work out I haven’t really had let. me tell me I like your genetics you’re a.

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Dating Someone With A Child and we

Good height your teeth are good and the. kid will be goodlooking and that means. but me as a person or my personality or. wine I can offer them as a partner is. the secondary to what comes out of them. in terms of a child I win. Wow so you gotta understand when you. have a child or you date a woman with a. child you automatically become number. two always in many aspects but number. two the piece of and number two the. second priority you have any couples I. know that have a child at the moment. they have a child the relationship goes. south. because their vacation Oh wherever they. wanted bought these all time is that. have a child that stops now both of. you were super hyper focused on this. child and guess what happens once the. child is selfsustaining meaning bacon. you know seven eight nine years old. woman and the man look at each other and.

Go I hate your guts. we used to be cool and nine years past. focusing on this child and then when you. come out of that fog you look at each. other and go I don’t even think I love. you anymore I didn’t even like you. forget love and that’s when the brink of. happens how do I know that because I’m. out there dating the women from those. relationships and I’m like. you know how many times I’ve said to a. woman you’re not ready to date me you’re. not ready to baby. she said what does that mean I said I. was a good dude got my head on. straight I have options and I’m not. looking to pop out another kid I’m happy. I’m fulfilled I don’t need a child to. define who I am. in the women don’t know what to do with. a guy like that they are used to. taking care of something all the time. whether it be their man because men.

Become children once you have a child. right you the woman basically goes I. have a kid and then I got a bigger kid. you know my little kid shits his pants. my big kid taking a husband or boyfriend. shits his pants. you know his underwear stain and I got a. do his love to eat become you become a. sick child I won’t and I ain’t and I can. tell that I won’t be a good match with. someone that meets something like that. no my good magic will probably someone. that has an older child 80 60 17 or 20. emptynester left the house and they. just want to find it again. or someone younger professional that. does not want to have children talk. about a real tough place to be no I. don’t get discouraged I understand that. when I need a woman who has a child I’m. gonna be the second priority but the. woman has to also understand you can’t.

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Make me feel like I’m the second. priority if you’re out there making me. feel like I’m number two all the time. I’m. gonna bounce because I’m probably for. the rest of my life as long as I stay in. somewhat decent shape I probably can get. a new girlfriend every year and just. they all stay the same age between 28. and 32 probably until the rest of my. life. so to find someone that understands not. to make you feel like number two. understands that you know I get it you. got a kid and he’s priority but I can’t. be I can’t be left behind in terms of. priority and you know I would treat that. obviously very well but they would be my. priority but I wouldn’t be theirs and. that would be a problem right that’s the. biggest issue that I have seen with. women dating women and have children. their children becomes their priority.

Their child’s future outlook and. everything becomes how they live their. life and you as the man can end up in a. bad situation if you think you’re in. love with this woman you think you’re. with her for the right reasons and she. just wants another kid out of you and. then you end up out of the picture you. know how many women I’ve dated yeah. straight forever um you know how. many women I’ve dated to have two baby. daddies how many women I’ve gone on. dates with that have two baby daddies in. almost all of two kids two different. deaths always like always and I’m like. I see it because they just wanted to. have another one so the child you can. have a kid to play with. so that you know they don’t feel their. child is lonely or whatever which is. looking it’s great they’re looking up. for their kid but now those two dudes.

Are stuck with it you know I stuck with. a child support because maybe maybe I. don’t know what happened to that. relationship but maybe they didn’t feel. like they were prioritized anymore. they weren’t getting their dick sucked. all the time they were not feeling as a. man if meant relationship they’re. basically dating mom because now she. became mom don’t you become a mom I. guess you do everything as a mom you. forget that you have a loving husband. next to you that wants to suck on your. titties and give you some sex and you’re. like by now you know I don’t shave my. legs ah. Timmy’s crying it’s very. difficult decision to be in so. I guess this video is a warning and an. advice for women fear single mom and. some guy is willing to be part of your. life and he’s got his straight. don’t make him feel secondary a lot of.

Guys are looking to have baby mama drama. daddy drama you know baby daddy drama. and if they choose to be with you having. a kid make them feel good about it don’t. make them feel like they’re secondary. and don’t con them into having the kid. what the hell is wrong with you guys if. you’re out there don’t be the second. baby if you have a child don’t become. the second baby being this lazy guy who. just does nothing he’s out there doing. the dishes cooking cleaning take care of. the kid and you’re out there sitting on. the couch and I’ll bring it on the bacon. you can bring a bacon until do the. dishes once in a while it’s a tough. position to be in a single guy in his. forties to halfway decent shape not a. piece of has a job to find someone. that’s on the same wavelength and Anna. maybe it’s the area who knows but daily.

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