Dating Someone Who Is Deaf

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Dating Someone Who Is Deaf He sees EVERYTHING haha

E: How do you like the cup I got you?. R: It’s really nice. One of my favorite cups . E: wow thats awesome. ☺️. E: Hey guys! Sign Duo here. Last week we had a giveaway. for these… R: Lip gloss, Fienty or something like that?. E: We told you that in our next video. that we would be telling you the winner!. Soo the winner is. Ava Bernhard. R: Please email us at: [email protected] please email us so we can send to you 😊👍. E: For today’s video we’ll be giving away… this mug that I just got Ryan. and he ABSOLUTELY LOVES it!. So we bought 4 of them to give away . E: One of the things that I can tell . that Ryan doesn’t like about travel mugs. is that there’s metal in the mugs.. Mugs. R: yeah for sure I don’t like metal mugs. E: It makes the coffee taste a little bit weird. so those are ceramic and they won’t affect the taste.

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What you have to do to enter to win one of those mugs? R: Just put the word "coffee" in the comments below Co-f-f-e-e and you’ll be entered automatically 🙂 R: Is that ok tho?? Coffee ☕️ co-f-f-e-e E: *Nodding head* R: keep it simple E: very fitting R: 👍 E: So we are answering one of your guys’ questions today! R: I think this question is one that I get ALOT like one of the MOST.. asked questions specifically for me E: love you 🤟 E: What’s the question for today?! R: This question is by Maura Mahon: She asks: More specifically for Ryan E: Suprisingly I get this question very often because a lot of hearing people who are interested in signing with Ryan They just don’t know how to start R: nervous E: because they might only know the abc’s so 😬"Is it ok if I just use the ABC’s?" 😬 or

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"Should I just like ?" R: I mean most.. E: "maybe not try until I know more vocabulary?" R: Well most people that I mean you have to understand I’m VERY observant and I can see everything around me and E: He sees EVERYTHING haha R: yeah and I do see people whispering "Should I try or not?" "Should I go up to him orrr?" and almost like, maybe 95% of the time the person ends up not coming up to me 🤷‍♂️ E: They just get so nervous hehe R+E: which is understandable R: I can understand that completely that people get nervous, it’s tough to initiate a conversation with a language that you’re not really sure of.

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I just want to say, my perspective. Don’t be nervous, you know. It’s ok if you go up and try. Well at least for me lol. I don’t know about other deaf, don’t know. but in my situation. I would love it if people came up and wanted to try. that’s fine with me. A perfect example that I used to answer her in the comments. was that, I said that. if, well for example. If I’m in a grocery store. in line and I’m walking up to the cashier. and I communicate however way I am, maybe gesturing or whatever. I don’t really like if. you came up to me randomly and said . "Hey! I know sign, I can help you!". But if you wait until after I am done checking out. and I’m just walking and you tap my shoulder . "Hey I know sign, I saw you. Do you mind if we sign a bit?". I love that kind of thing. I love to see people trying to chat with me.

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Because most times. I don’t really talk to anyone. because most people don’t know sign language. I looked up some statistics recently and. and roughly .01% of the United States population. knows sign language. .01%. so it’s not very common so. so when it happens, I love it . E: *Nods in agreement*. So many people ask me that because. they feel. insecure about their knowledge of signs. And I understand that really, you know. But. No reason you need to be scared with me, at least.. I don’t know about other deaf. . Some might be like. "Get away!". or some people would be like. *enjoying signing*. I don’t know but. I would say if you want to try with. other deaf people . maybe just tap them or get their attention. "I can sign, do you wanna chat?". Don’t make it so conspicuous, you know like:. *VERY OBVIOUS* "HEY! I sign!".

Dating Someone Who Is Deaf Oh are you deaf

Because you know. I don’t want people to feel like I’m being negative or anything but. I just.. My observation OK?. Just "observation" that’s it . I noticed that hearing people tend to stare. at me when I sign, so… which I can understand, it’s normal. people are curious or intrigued . It’s different than the norm, speaking. I understand that. but I would prefer. to stay low key, you know?. What makes it awkward if you want to know. what makes it awkward is when. You’re like . * Waving aggressively*. "I learn Sign". ummm. " A, B, C, D":. E: *laughing*. R: Yeah that’s great but. I’m not your teacher lol. E: *laughing even harder*. R: I’m not looking, you don’t need my approval. Sign language is a language that I use. so if you want to communicate with me . in sign language that’s fine but you don’t need to say . "I know sign".

You don’t need to Ovbiously if you sign, ovbiously I can tell your level of sign I understand that it’s exciting and it’s different, you know I’m human too so that’s my language that I use It’s not a novelty thing to me you know it’s not, to me. But I totally understand, you know, that sign isn’t as common so people treat it as a novelty but to me, it’s not It’s what I use for communication on a daily basis E: Mhm R: It’s hard for me to continue the conversation but if you say "I know a bit of sign" then ask me something or talk to me about something that’s totally fine and if you say "I’m sorry I don’t know the sign" "would you help me?" I’m totally fine with that that’s great, it’s fine to ask. I understand just you know, if it’s relevant to the conversation Just don’t start a conversation just because

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You want to show me the ABC’s.. You know?. E: But if the person, all they knew. was the ABC’s..?. R: it’s totally fine to use that. E: Is it fine to go up to you and try to communicate?. R: It’s totally fine. Good question. It’s definitely fine. Normally I would teach you the signs for the words that you spell. so be prepared for that lol. E: That’s how he taught me and how I learned. R: Hey so another way you could learn some vocabulary . and expand your ASL knowledge. is by signing up for Skillshare!. E: Yes, the sponsor of today’s video is Skillshare!. E: I’ve been learning recently. art journaling . It’s really interesting and . they have a class on there. Beginner’s ASL class. that you guys can take if you want to learn more vocabulary. if maybe if you don’t know any sign language. and you found this video and want to start learning.

Skillshare is a great place to do that! and they gave us a link down below R: for a free trial of Skillshare Premium for the first 1000 people so what are you waiting for? so go ahead and click the link in the description below and learn more today! 👍 E: So what are some ways or things people can say to approach you, to start a conversation? R: For me personally I can’t really say for other deaf people because so diverse, everyone has their own personality but for me, you know maybe "Hi how are you?" "Hi how are you?" So cute What are some other phrases? E: Well I liked your example earlier I like your example where you’re very discrete like, "you sign?" "you sign?" I think that’s a good way to start it R: Oh yeah that brings a big point that I didn’t think of.

If you start a conversation with a question. "Oh are you deaf?". That just makes it really awkward for me. E: that could be a very personal thing to somebody. R: Most times I would myself say. "Oh yeah I sign because I’m deaf". myself, I would present that you know. That’s my personal opinion though. If you see me though, say hi! Say what’s up.. Even if you don’t know sign.. Come to me, say hi. I don’t mind that. "hi how are you?". E: how are you. R: "You sign?". E: You sign?. R: "how’s your day?". E: oh that’s nice. R: How’s your day?. E: How is your day?. R: Good, Bad, Good, Bad. "I know you on Youtube!". E: *giggling*. R: youtube, youtube. E: I would say, "Today, what are you doing?". R: Today. E+R: Today, Dodo?. E: "What are you doing?". It’s Eyebrows down. What are you doing?😠. Today, what are you doing?😠. R: It’s getting dark quick.

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