Dating Someone Who Is Deaf

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Dating Someone Who Is Deaf and they told me to

Employee 1: Hello. I’m deaf. hold on one second. I have to text. *beep*. Employee 3: he’s probably just faking it. Employee 2: why didn’t you tell me. They want me to go inside. Employee 1: I did tell you. I’m like, he’s deaf. Employee 3: he’s faking it. he’s saying you’re faking being deaf. hey guys. It’s Sign Duo here. and today we’re doing another video of. Deaf Man vs. Drive Thru. today I really want a bigmac. and I want a mcfrappe. Java is with us this is our puppy. Java. she walked away. you don’t want to say hi. say hi. can you do friend?. E: friend?. E: nope. she doesn’t want to do it. one comment on our last video really caught us. by surprise. I just want to clarify. this person, Toxic Rene. wait. Rexie. Rexie. oh, that’s right. asked. is he really deaf. or does he just act for everyone to see. I want to clarify. I’m Deaf.

In real life, yes. 100%. so everything you see is real. I want to clarify that before we go through. hopefully they don’t mess up my order. like how last video happened. they messed up my order. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again. we had to wait. if you guys want to see the last time we went through the drivethru. go over here. last time I used paper and pen. that I requested from the restaurant. but this time I’m going to use my phone. see what the differences are. before we go through the drive thru. that this experience would be so much easier if. people knew basic ASL. to communicate. would be so much better if just most. people knew, you know. just like a few signs. a few. not the whole language but. enough to know how to interact. and that’s why we’re so happy that today’s. sponsor for this video is Skillshare.

E: because Skillshare has a beginner’s ASL introductory class that you can take for. E: free for two months. two months free. ASL class. Not only that, but there are. so many different class that you can take. for your curiosity, learning, development, whatever you want to do. personally, I’ve taken the coffee brewing class. so I learned so much on how to brew coffee. Skillshare is incredibly affordable with. membership less? lele less?. yeah, less. less than ten dollars a month. we’re happy to say that the. first five hundred people who sign up. with the link in the description will get. two months free. sign up for free and take the ASL. introductory class so that you can know. some basic ASL. Just if you meet a Deaf. person or if you’re working and you have. a Deaf customer you can serve them or. interact with them so you can.

Communicate with that person more. effectively and have that interaction be. more smooth. smooth right. and be more inclusive you know. let’s go through! I’m hungry!. *turn signal beeping*. *beep boop beep boop*. E: get me a mcfrappe. E: get me a mcfrappe. okay, what you want?. E: mcfrappe and a large frenchfr. oh no wait. I’m gonna do a medium french fry. I’m going to text it down first before I go. I don’t want to mess it up. there no one behind us. there’s nobody in the drive thru. perfect, I can type now. you want chocolate and whipped cream or no?. no, none. please. thank youuuu. want anything to eat or no?. no just french fries. large? small, medium, or large?. a medium?. yeah. I want a large but. salted or unsalted. salted or unsalted?. salt salt salted. empty. nobody. hello. Employee 1: Hello. I’m deaf. One second. I have to type it.

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One second. Employee 1: can you park in the yellow lines?. I can’t hear you. you can write it down. no, I want to order here. Employee 2: I’m sorry, what was the problem?. right here. Employee 1: he doesn’t speak. He can’t hear you. right here. Can you type it. Employee 2: oh, okay, two small uhh. Employee 2: Is it alright if we have you come inside to order. I can’t hear you. Can you write it down. Employee 1: He can’t hear you. Employee 2: okay, alright. write it down please. write it down please. write it down please. wow. E: why not just write it down. not educated at all. *Employee 1 laughing*. Employee 3: he’s probably just faking it. Employee 2: Why didn’t you tell me. R: they want me to go inside. Employee 1: I did tell you. I’m like, he’s deaf. Employee 3: he’s faking it. E: he say’s you’re faking being deaf.

Oh really. why can’t I just order. okay, I’ll go over there. I typed that. they won’t let me order in the drive thru. they won’t let me. let’s go around again. they said park here. I didn’t see. did they take your order?. Did they take your order?. they just ignored my order completely. see, that’s what I have to deal with sometimes. should we just go?. no. let’s see what happens. they told us to wait here. so let’s wait here and see how long it takes. okay. Employee 4: What’s up brother. Employee 4: Need to order?. Employee 4: I’m not sure. I just got in here, but that’s why I don’t know. It’s for a bad reason. Employee 4: good?. good. Empoyee 4: thanks brother. I asked why they refused my order in the drive thru. and he said I don’t know. for a bad reason. he said. he said for a bad reason?. well I didn hear the manager say, he’s faking it.

He’s not taking your deafness seriously. and not taking you seriously. that’s really hurtful. wow. that’s really hurtful. honestly, most of the time she tends to talk and interpret for me. but this is the reason why I don’t like going out in public. this is exactly the reason why. I don’t like going through drive thrus myself. this is exactly the reason why. I appreciate making this video with you. I know it’s hard, but. I make this for all of you to see. honestly, it’s hard for me to put this in public. it’s hard for me. it’s embarrassing, but. I want you to understand that this. happens still. It happens. to people all over still. that young guy was nice. yeah he seemed nice. just management seems like. he can’t do anything because of the manager. he can’t really do anything like you said. Employee 4: here you go.

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Thank you. his eyes when he looks at you. like sorry. I saw he’s like. can’t do anything. He doesn’t want to loose his job. we went through at 4:26. now it’s 4:38. ten minutes. ten minutes. many of you think. why not just go inside in the first place. honestly, there’s so many reason why. Java. I want to be able to go through. without worrying about leaving Java in the car. what about when we have kids. that. or when it rains I don’t want to get out of the car. or when it’s cold at night. I’m in my pj’s. I don’t really want to get out. you know, so. just. for you who asked before. that’s why. was that hard for you to see?. yeah. I mean you tell me stories all the time. and that hurst my heart. you’ve never actually seen. this is normally why I require for paper and pen. because I know my rights. I notice if I use my phone, they tend to back away.

And shoo me away. or whatever. but if I write then they have to provide. 4:42 now. 4:42. they have to provide reasonable accommodation. for anything. for anything that is related to communication. anything. they have to provide that. 4:45. 20 minutes since. Employee 4: hey man. Employee 4: I’m sorry about the wait. Employee 4: when I came back up. Employee 4: they told me to go down stairs. Employee 4: and they told me to come back up. Employee 4: they threw all the food away. he said they threw away my order. why would they do that. I don’t know. then he had to put it in again. what. they did that on purpose. I don’t know. but they threw away the order. that’s what he said. I don’t him I’m not mad or anything. I’m not mad. he was like *nod head*. everything good?. yeah, got everything. you traumatized a little bit?. a little.

Sad that I’m used to this.. sad that I’m used to it. yeah I mean I think that’s what gets me. the most is that you’re so calm and so. I’m hungry. sorry. you’re so calm and. I only got one. ah they only gave me one burger. I ordered two. they charged two. whatever. it’s okay. It’s not worth it. ok. it’s just we do this more. to like for you guys right. it’s not really to get hamburgers. I did want a burger!. I’ll get. you a better burger I’ll get you better burger. okay. how about that. okay. yeah okay. that was a really degrading experience. to go through. anyways, hope you enjoyed that video. even though it wasn’t that great of an experience. for me. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from it. I mean how can you be so like calm. like just next thing like nothing happens like. lik agh!. one thing I’ve learned being deaf my whole life.

Never let anything stop you. you can’t let anything put you down. really, me being sad or whatever is not going to help. but educating people. the advice I have is. know your rights, research laws. look up ADA rights. look that up. learn as much as you can. go to a local sponsorship service for the deaf. like in Orange County and Los Angeles area. we have GLAD. we have agencies out there that will help. but you know, just stay strong, I guess. fries aren’t even fresh either. and they have a remake and they’re not fresh. what?. how is that possible?. ooo. yeah. old fries. In the next video do you want to see me go through. chickfil-a. or starbucks. or inn-out?. let me know in the comments down bellow. thank you guys so much for watching and. subscribe to our channel if you want to. see our future videos and. we’ll see you guys next time.

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