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My name is AJ my name is Dina and this. is Ashley. I met a gal online and I actually went. over there to see her and within the. first I mean we were talking on online. and on the phone for several months and. when I went over there to meet her it. turned out that it wasn’t the right. thing to me and I I was stuck in a. foreign affair had me look on on the. computer for different gals to introduce. me to and to see if I was interested in. any of them and I was only interested in. one and they said well think two or. three years now so I picked five names. of different girls that I would like to. be introduced to and at the end when I. turned in my my paper so they can start. pulling these girls I scratched out all. the names but one and that was Dina and. she agreed to meet me and there we are. I’ve been here four years four years.

Okay great and tell us a little bit. about your experience I mean was it. difficult when you first came over as a. difficult leaving your friends and. family and what’s life been like yeah it. was difficult job tell my friends and. families that don’t leave Sam and go to. nowhere very far away because them is. America it’s like a different world you. know she never never saw nobody from. America. those Marisa but when she made them my. husband and Jake first time since it. believe me and he. when they came here it was hard time. different time for me those little later. but I was thinking it was doozy. you know something so simple and it. wasn’t it wasn’t when I expected. it wasn’t hard well I think it’s a it’s. a lot easier than I think some people. would think yeah I mean they’re still. saved trials and tribulations of you.

Want to think of it that way you know. there’s still complex I mean there’s a. big complex in my house with the. language issue I want to raise my child. a certain way I can’t just do it my way. yeah I have to her way too I think. that’s the biggest thing that the. biggest hurdle is it’s getting through. that together you know but as far as. getting involved with someone from. another country it’s not as hard as well. I thought it was pretty difficult in the. beginning but it wasn’t you know it. turned out to be my fears more they were. nothing I just want to say just don’t be. afraid that you don’t even don’t speak. Russian I mean English very good you. guys in love Michigan here just helped. his friends. I mean just very wanting to be loved. join men from all over the world as they. take a trip and find their future brides.

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