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Reports and sexually transmitted. diseases have been increasing across. Michigan over the past decade and while. the numbers may be startling local. health officials say the news isn’t all. bad 13 on your side lakeshore reporter. NOAA Frandsen explains there in barber. shops at party stores health buildings. all over the county a very strategic and. how we create outreach with the. community their packets of free condoms. part of the where one campaign in 40. Michigan counties and promoted strongly. in over 60 locations in Ottawa over the. last 10 years STD rates have been rising. particularly for chlamydia and gonorrhea. epidemiologist Durrell glass hour says. Ottawa isn’t alone in the rise of. sexually transmitted diseases that. increase over the last decade is. something that we’re seeing at the state. and at the national level so it’s kind.


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Of a rising tide across the whole. country staff at the Health Department. say more diagnoses are always concerning. but part of the reason for this may be a. good one are saying though is more. access and more people getting tested. for STDs so we’re getting a lot more. reported and treatment so that’s that’s. a good thing more targeted testing in. particular populations so it could be. that we’re just doing a better job of. finding what’s already out there glass. our says another possible explanation is. online dating creating better ways to. meet partners but the bigger push for. sexual health education may be the. reason both gonorrhea and chlamydia. rates have dropped over the last few. years I think there’s a lot of research. that still needs to be done a lot of. questions that still need to be answered. but they’ll continue improving their.

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