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What’s up travelers it’s elizabeth means. to travel coming to you today from. beautiful myrtle beach south carolina. one of the top vacation destinations in. the southern united states and today i’m. going to be sharing with you guys. my mustdos when you visit myrtle beach. so let’s just jump right in my first. mustdo when you visit myrtle beach. south carolina is to definitely go to. the beach and if you’re more of a pool. person go to the pool or both so there’s. about 60 miles of continuous beach all. up and down the south carolina coast in. this area called the grand strand and. myrtle beach is part of a series of 14. ocean front communities that go all. along the grand strand area so no matter. what with that 60 miles of oceanfront. and. sandy beaches you are definitely going. to be able to find yourself a little.

Spot. to enjoy. the ocean. if pools are more your thing some people. in my family definitely prefer pools to. beaches then a lot of the oceanfront. resorts and hotels all along the myrtle. beach area and the beach front have. either indoor outdoor or both types of. pools to choose from on top of that. there are tons of family friendly water. parks in the myrtle beach area too so if. you’re here in the summer months those. are places to check out as well the. second must do when you visit myrtle. beach is to go shopping so myrtle beach. is one of the top shopping destinations. in south carolina and for a good reason. there is shopping literally it feels. like everywhere there are two outlet. malls not just one but two outlet malls. here other malls as well and there’s. also really cool areas such as broadway. at the beach and barefoot landing that.

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Have boardwalks as well as shops that. you can go explore by the way if you’re. liking this video so far definitely. press the thumbs up and the red. subscribe button down below it really. helps support my channel as well as free. travel content on youtube and also. recommends this video to other myrtle. beach travelers as well the third must. do when you’re visiting myrtle beach is. to plan out some really fun. entertainment whatever that means to you. there are a lot of family friendly. amusement parks that you can go visit. all around town there’s also something. called the sky wheel which is a little. bit like the london eye in my opinion. where you can get a bunch of people. together into a glass. room almost and go around on what looks. like a large ferris wheel and i hear. that it’s even air conditioned so it.

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Might be fun if you are just needing to. escape the heat and still have a good. view along with the amusement parks and. the skywheel you also can find a free. fall right in the center of town that. i’m way too scared to do but for anyone. who’s more adventurous than me or likes. rides more than me definitely give that. one a try too there’s even two ripley’s. believe it or nots in the downtown. myrtle beach area as well as at broadway. at the beach they have a ripley’s. aquarium that is super cool now that. i’ve mentioned broadway at the beach. another thing to do that you might want. to consider for entertainment are. theaters so broadway at the beach has. kind of like a shopping district it has. that aquarium but it also has a couple. of theaters to go explore and get. tickets at as well when we are here. right now they were playing a nightly.

Rock music you know like all those. classic rock songs that everybody loves. and knows there was also a magician. playing at another theater at the. broadway at the beach so lots of things. to choose from just at that location. plus there’s theaters all over town. there’s alabama theater there’s also a. carolina opry that has musical acts. every night so so many great choices. and if maybe theaters aren’t your thing. but you do prefer dinner shows there’s a. few dinner shows to choose from too i. think the medieval times one which is. where you kind of go and you get to eat. a dinner and watch a jousting match a la. medieval europe that one i think has. been here for a very long time and also. while we’re here there’s a dinner show. called pirates i don’t know if it’s. going to be here when you guys are in. town too but make sure to check that out.

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Because usually those can be really fun. funny and family friendly the next. mustdo when you’re in myrtle beach is. definitely consider going golfing. whether that’s regular golfing or. puttputt it is when you leave myrtle. beach airport you will see a sign that. says welcome to golftown usa and that is. for a reason so myrtle beach is. considered the seaside golf capital of. the world and has over a hundred golf. courses. when it comes to puttputt which is a. little bit more my style. there’s some really incredible and. welldone putt-putt courses all around. town they even have 50 or more puttputt. courses to choose from five zero that is. so cool so you can go to puttputt. courses anything from pirate themes spy. themes. and hawaii themes and beyond so you can. choose what kind of puttputt experience. you want indoor or outdoor and you’ll.

Find what you’d like to do the next must. do when you’re at myrtle beach is to. absolutely be sure to try out the local. food so for me that mostly means getting. some really fresh seafood there’s two. things i want to talk about with that so. the first is that you might want to head. down to merle’s inlet which is a. saltwater marsh area that a lot of boats. come in from and drop off fresh catch. and there’s tons of restaurants over. there that serve up seafood and more and. that would be a really fun thing to go. drive to about 20 minutes south of. myrtle beach and eat some really great. seafood the next seafood thing i want to. talk about is calabash seafood so when. you drive around town you’re going to. see a lot of different restaurants. talking about calabash seafood and if. you’re like me and you’re not from.

Around here you might be wondering well. what does that mean so about. i don’t know 50 miles or so north of. here uh not too far is the border of. north carolina and south carolina and. basically calabash is that town just. over the border in north carolina and. that is where some more fresh seafood. comes from every single day so you can. basically get anything that you prefer. from like an east coast seafood. standpoint i feel like here um calabash. seafood meals inlet seafood or beyond. there’s really really fresh oysters i. actually really like raw oysters but. they do fried oysters too or steamed. actually as well there’s some. wonderful catches of the day that you. might want to ask for or local fish such. as like a flounder on top of that they. have incredible crab here i really like. getting crab legs but you can also find.

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Even places that serve lobster might not. be local lobster but it’s still very. very fresh so any type of seafood. whether it’s fish or shellfish you’re. going to be able to find really fresh. and really delicious if you’re more into. burgers we. have seen river city cafe all over town. there’s several different locations and. those are supposed to have the best. burgers in town so check that out too. on top of that. definitely be sure to try the sweet tea. sweet tea is so popular here in the. south and if you order a tea. at a restaurant you are going to get a. sweet tea it defaults to that not the. unsweetened so if you’re kind of like me. and sometimes i really like to have. unsweetened teas. you definitely need to be sure to. specify that unlike in other places in. the u.s because by default you’re going. to get a sweet tea here.

The last must do when you are in myrtle. beach is to be sure to get outdoors. one of the coolest places to go visit. when you’re here is brook green gardens. it has beautiful gardens that are just. well manicured and smell amazing they. even have a zoo there too and you should. make at least a half day of it and go. explore that area and learn about the. local flora and fauna really close to. brick green gardens is one of the. top visited state parks here in the. myrtle beach area that’s huntington. beach state park some people have even. seen alligators there but it definitely. has a beach to go check out a swamp area. and so much more and just north of that. as well as another state park myrtle. beach state park so those two are my top. recommendations for state parks to visit. when you are here and myrtle beach state.

Park even has a pier there’s tons of. different piers all along the coast here. so just walking along the pier if state. parks aren’t really your thing might be. a great way to explore the south. carolina shore all right i gotta wrap. this video up because i’m getting very. hot and humid outside definitely be sure. to pack very light layers if you’re. gonna be here in the summer months. because. it is humid anyway so i hope you’re. gonna enjoy your visit to myrtle beach. if you liked this video if you found it. helpful for your travel planning please. as i said before give it a thumbs up. down below and also press that red. subscribe button so that way you don’t. miss any of the future travel videos. about myrtle beach the us and beyond on. this channel to come thanks so much for. watching cheers happy travels and enjoy.

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