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Have you ever tried to save money by. staying at a cheap motel when you are. visiting the beach I know we have and. this list we’re going to show you the. top five worst cheap motels in Myrtle. Beach so that you could hopefully avoid. them next time you come out here to. Myrtle Beach. community number five on our list is the. seamist oceanfront resort see miss gets. two and a half stars on TripAdvisor. with one reviewer saying my family and I. stayed at this resort and I wouldn’t. recommend it to a dog it was infested. with roaches very dirty and disgusting. don’t stay here ever another reviewer. says we went out for the day on Saturday. and when we returned to our room all of. our belongings were gone Oh down to the. tampons in the bathroom and the diet. sodas in the fridge another guest says. the worst thing that can ever happen to.

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Anyone is to drive hours for a vacation. to end up disappointed and disgusted. happy holiday gets two stars on. TripAdvisor where a reviewer says that. this place is slum the rooms are rundown. bugs woke us up in the middle of the. night crawling on us. they offered bug spray no ice machine. they charged three dollars and fifty. cents per bag a different reviewer says. the room was so nasty that although I. worked all night and drove there without. any sleep I refused to sleep there there. was food on the floor wrinkled dirty. comforters and drug paraphernalia. between the bed and nightstand staff was. unbelievably rude none of the hundred. and sixtythree dollars I paid was. refunded but it’s better to lose the. money than to contract a disease another. reviewer calls it a dirty smelly room. stained everything no hand soap electric.

Sockets either didn’t work and/or wear. loose and missing face plates chain lock. was broken my 14 year old daughter and I. were unloading the truck when two men. pulled up and said watch out baby girl. the big boys are in town I checked in. after 11:00 p.m. and left before. midnight command number three on our. list is the coral sands motel. one of the first and most obvious things. we noticed that the coral sands motel is. you probably don’t want to go for a swim. in their pool Coral Sands gets one and a. half stars on TripAdvisor with a. reviewer saying the bathroom ceiling. caved in on my daughter while she was. brushing her teeth we woke up to a roach. on my infant’s head a rat kept playing. peeka-boo another reviewer says what’s. inside I was stunned at the filth the. floor was covered in dirt and trash. there was a spilled soda in the fridge.

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Bugs in the drawers holes in the privacy. curtains broken chain lock on the door. that connected our room to the one. beside us black mold in the bathroom and. the list goes on another unhappy guest. says there are bed bugs and roaches. everywhere and severe drug traffic all. around the rooms at all hours of the. night wouldn’t consider ever staying at. this place and surely wouldn’t recommend. it to anyone for any reason a different. reviewer says the place was just. absolutely filthy and disgusting I slept. on top of the covers because I was. afraid of bed bugs we asked for a refund. to check out the next morning and the. man at the front desk refused and. immediately became belligerent. threatened us even chased us out onto. the street do not stay here someone else. right so we had to bathe in the sinks as. the shower didn’t work the tub was so.

Disgusting that I didn’t even consider. taking a bath and finally a reviewer. sums it up by saying if you dislike your. family love mold roaches rats falling. ceilings jerk managers and drugs come. stay at Coral sand the Atlantic gets one. and a half stars on TripAdvisor. with one reviewer saying we purchased a. deluxe room at the Atlantic Hotel this. unit had standing water on the floor. there are no locks on the doors blood on. the floor in walls mold throughout the. unit dirty towels in open drug use. another former guest says we walked in. the room and it smelled like someone had. passed gas there was no lock on the. balcony door which was very easily. accessible another unsatisfied guest. says there were several. cockroaches running everywhere and then. I saw more the stove was not cleaned and. looked like it probably would catch fire.

If I turned it on. finally a reviewer calls it the worst. place ever. we didn’t even stay we went into the. room and it was nasty smelled terrible. there was a 50 year old man who tried to. pick up my 14 year old daughter two. maids were fighting heard people. fighting in the other room there was. blood in the bathtub. we are now standing outside the pool. area of our number one on the list of. worst cheap motels in all of Myrtle. Beach the summer sands motel summer. Sands gets one star on TripAdvisor. although we should point out the red. wasp apparently give it five stars and. are rewarded with free lodging a former. guest says the first night in the room I. started getting bit by something so bad. that I couldn’t sleep finally I went to. the bathroom to see what was making me. itch I was tore up I walked out of the.

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Bathroom and noticed a bug running. across my pillow I flipped the light on. and when I looked down there was a huge. bedbug talk about freaking out we pulled. the sheets off the bed and there were. hundreds of them all over mind you it’s. now 5:30 a.m. I spent the rest of the. night in a chair in the middle of the. room till about 8:00 when the office was. finally opened another unhappy customer. says I was down there with my sister and. as soon as we got into the room we. started getting bit by something we. inched all night our reviewer says I. have been to many hotels and motels in. my lifetime but this was unspeakable the. room had no luck for the room adjacent. to it the person next door could have. just waltzed in at any moment there was. urine in the toilet dirty sheets with. hair in it the location is great if.

You’re willing to risk your life staying. here an unsatisfied former guest says. nastiest place I have ever ever stayed. when we were in the bathroom the toilet. upstairs dripped on us another reviewer. says this was the worst vacation we ever. took the hotel was disgusting the pool. was green the room smelled like pee the. front door was rotted and the door. connecting rooms was. open we had no hot water for three days. the walls had huge cracks and were. filthy and finally someone says we felt. so disgusted that we decided to go to. the store to buy our own sheets towels. and cleaning supplies so the first two. hours of our stay were spent cleaning. and disinfecting the room we spent money. that was supposed to be used to have fun. to get the room to be habitable for the. amount of money we spent on making the.

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