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What is this place called. what’s up man it’s your boy checking. effect and today we are in gamara and. gamara so what i’m gonna try to do is. i’m gonna try to ask these ladies a. couple questions about foreigners. are they into foreigners or do they find. are they like do they believe in love. with foreigners from out of town. you know the typical question now we’ve. done this in colombia. but this is not colombia this is peru so. it’s a different aspect from different. culture and different people so we gonna. see what it is man it is what it is i. try to do it but you know so far we’re. gonna see let’s get it. you wanna put your ig bro hold on let’s. put y’all. oh man you know what shout out to the. homie. carrio kyo go ahead and put your ig out. there kyle let him know where you at. what we doing bro. i will let you my ig and you can put it.

And i’m gonna put it on the link i’m. gonna put i’m gonna put his ig in the. link anybody come to peru also he’s uh. he also does uh. spanish classes so if you wanna learn. wow wow. i need to ask these ladies for an. interview. i don’t care. let’s find a candy. when i first came here. i thought this was like a special event. or some type of holiday or something and. i realized this is every day bro. this is not like. a festival of carnival look at all these. people it’s not a carnival. this is everyday. yeah. right. brazil is not like this unless it’s. carnival. colombia is not like this. dr is not like this even la duarte and. dr which is the busy street that’s. similar but it’s not it’s not this many. people. everybody. and everybody’s moving fast except us. because we’re the only ones. we’re the only ones. wow. what i like about this camera after a.

While. battery safe mode. and the screen cuts off. so it looks like you’re not recording. this is a dope feature for nike. at nighttime because then you can just. have this at night and no one knows. you’re recording because the screen is. not lighting up. this video was supposed to be. a video of me. finding people in the streets. answering them questions. but this place is so crowded. i don’t know how could you even do that. it’s like everyone is so crowded. everyone is moving as soon as you touch. someone and get ready to ask someone. something. they think you’re trying to sell them. something. or they think you’re trying to rob them. you know pickpocket. so it’s really tough to do it so i’m. gonna try to see if i can get another. location. to record. if not then this will just be a good. little tour video we’ll see how it goes.

Okay. oh. rico. actually feels good like normally when i. do videos i like to be around a lot of. people because showing movie mientos. action but damn i actually feel good not. being around a lot of people right now. that’s how crowded that place is. yeah i feel better being spaced out like. this. it’s a it’s a grinding hustle it’s not. like. everybody’s selling something it’s a. grinding hustle so for you to approach. someone. it’s like so tough. if i if it was in colombia right now. probably already had like three three. interviews. i mean. i tried to tell her but she was worried. no no no i understand now if she works. and she’s working. you know you’re not gonna. do an interview and get fired. i don’t want to mess up her business. that’s what i’m saying but i think i’m. gonna get to atlanta bro. i think i’m gonna get uh i think i’m.

Gonna get me one bro florida florida. miami miami. you gotta say miami you can’t say. florida they gotta say. flores. orlando tampa. jacksonville. so you got to say miami. bro. okay this teller this interview is about. love. have she ever dated a. foreign. it was just like a short day but it’s. okay uh okay uh did she like it. see you did yes. what is she like with the foreign. he treats you like a gentleman do you. think. does did he does he treat you better. than a peruvian. peru. where was he from derondera. oh he was from england ah okay was he a. okay axel would she if she fell in love. with a foreigner. and got married if they got that would. she move to other country or she want. him to move here. if i have a business i stay here. but if i have the opportunity so i can. go over there so if it’s a better. opportunity for her she’ll go season.

If you wanted to go. home. espana. so uh tell her the guy that she was with. was white. mulatto mix black. salise. she was. alright. i never heard that before yeah it’s like. a red like red oh. but not white white colorado yeah oh. okay. all right so tell her thank you so much. and um does she have a preference does. she have a preference in a certain type. of foreign. but no what does she prefer. gracias. so this place is known for what. fabric fabric they make a lot of fabrics. here. okay there are like 100 stores more than. 100 stars in here bro. there’s like more than 100 stores here. i’m glad i got my results. hi. oh. see. i’m i’m not gonna edit this i’m gonna. show you guys we’re all uncut so when. when women. when women say uh no. then you guys know this is not no acting. because a lot of people have been saying. my my videos is an act i’m like what.

What are we doing now the only problem is i like the fact that it’s crowded but by being credit everybody’s on the move yeah oh wow look at them say hi um it’s nice that it’s crowded but the fact that it’s crowded mostly all the people are moving around and they’re not gonna like stop to be interviewed but it’s gonna be kind of tough i don’t know i might change the title i like this place better than all about k because over here looks like it’s more the younger younger girls you know what i’m saying when i say younger girls i mean like under 40 because the other spot is like all grown like older folks you say younger girls on youtube people start making up rumors and so you got to clarify when i say younger i mean under 40.

Like you see. there it is right there check just said. it. man it’s gonna be hard to interview. people we gotta go to a cut. in the middle people think you’re trying. to rob them. see that’s a. damn you can’t see her you see her right. there with the. right there walking that would have been. nice but she’s. not busy. over here it’s nice but everybody’s busy. yeah bro. hustle and bust every day. hustle and bust everyday. apology. she caught me recording so i said hey oh. to do that bro. like you can’t get better than that. thank you. oh. no i won’t be here long bro i’m just. here recording a little bit and i’m. gonna head back to uh the middle florida. what kind of ice cream is there. oh it’s like a whipped cream oh that’s. all i was gonna say how do you keep it. cold. foreign. foreign. foreign. my friend was supposed to come but it.

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