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Over 60 and looking for love online. dating gives you so many opportunities. hey welcome to online for love your. number one resource for dating by the. numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top four sites for those who are over 60. and looking to date so you may have. noticed. hopefully that i’m not 60 myself however. we here at online for love. have compiled a whole bunch of data. which tells us which are the most. successful dating sites for those who. are 60 and up before i dive into our. first. site though you should definitely go. ahead and take a free online dating app. quiz. which will pair you with your perfect. online dating app or site it’s a great. place to start when you’re trying to. find. the best online dating site for you so. you can click the link in the. description. it’ll take you right to the quiz it’s.

Free easy fun and i’m really curious to. see what your results are you should. definitely go take the quiz. and come on back to this video and. comment below what you got i’m really. wondering if what you’ve got is one of. the websites i’ll be reviewing today. also make sure to check out our deals. page we here. online for love we’re always getting all. sorts of different deals for different. websites. and dating apps and why spend more money. if you don’t have to so definitely click. the link in the description to check out. our deals page. to possibly save some dough so let’s get. started with our first site which is. older online dating let’s start with the. demographic of this site so. users have to be 50 years old to join. it’s entirely dedicated to seniors the. creators of this site claim to. understand the difficulties that come.

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About when you are senior looking to. date again so. they’ve made this site specifically with. that in mind to make it easier the. website’s available. all around the world and has attracted. over 3 million members. most of the members are from europe the. us canada and new zealand. let’s talk about the ease of use of this. site so luckily because they had. seniors in mind it is actually very. simple to use. to join the site all you have to do is. fill out a simple form with some of your. basic information like your age. your birthday etc after you’ve filled. out this form then you can start. browsing the site so again this is a. really simple site so some of the main. features just include browsing and. uploading photos of which. you’re actually allowed to upload over. 27 photos to initiate contact you have. the option to send.

Winks and if you want to actually talk. to somebody else you’ll have to upgrade. to a paid membership this site does have. some other features to touch on though. they do actually. offer blogs so on their blogs they offer. lots of tips for senior dating and how. to stay. safe online and it can be really helpful. another feature that this site offers is. views where you can actually see who has. viewed your profile there’s also an. interested in the list which can help. you to find. matches third other feature i want to. touch on that this site offers is. counseling so this site does actually. offer dating counselors and people who. will give you advice. on your online dating game if the blogs. aren’t enough or you just could use more. help before we dive into the second. best dating site for those who are 16 up. please make sure to give this video a.

Big thumbs up. and subscribe so when you give our. videos a thumbs up it really helps our. channel because it shows youtube that. people are enjoying our content. so then it pushes our content out for. more people to see so we’d really. appreciate your thumbs up and. subscriptions so number two on our list. is senior match. let’s start talking about the. demographics of this site so a lot of. the users on senior match are either. divorced or widowed and are looking to. find a new partner to spend the rest of. their life with. members on the side are definitely. interested mostly in longterm serious. relationships and chatting. this website is one of the largest out. there for seniors as it has over a. million members. about a quarter of the members come from. the usa and they have about 10. 000 weekly logins the youngest you can.

Be to join this site is 45. women are. slightly outnumbering men on this side. at a 60 40 ratio so as far as the ease. of use goes this is another site that is. very simple because it does have seniors. in mind when it was being created the. registration process is very simple you. can join via social media or entering. your email address. of course if you do choose to link your. social media account will be faster to. sign up because it’ll automatically. input the information that you’ve. already put into your social media. if you want to use your email to sign up. you will have to input everything. manually again you will also need to. wait for photo approval but once your. profile is verified by administrators. then you can start to browse. so most profiles on senior match are. actually very detailed so we recommend.

That you take the time to fill yours out. completely. free members aren’t allowed to send. messages but they can respond to the. ones that they received and. just like the other site we talked about. a really good way to get into contact. with people on this side is just to send. a wink to them. senior match does have a few exclusive. features as well i’m going to touch on. so the first of those is first date this. is a cool section that lets you get. recommendations of where to go on a. first date you can see people’s. experiences some photos from there and. it can be really helpful the second. feature that they offer is. forum so you can go ahead and join some. forum chats. you can ask a question get some answers. start talking to people. and it’s a good way to make some. connections and really interesting. feature they offer.

Is reverse matches this is really. interesting because you can make it so. only profiles who have similar interest. to yours will pop. up when you’re browsing so this can be a. really easy way to narrow down the type. of person you’re looking for. before we go into our third site i want. to remind you that we do have an amazing. deals page because we here online for. love we’re always getting. all types of different deals for. different dating apps and dating sites. and why spend more money if you don’t. have to so go ahead. click the link in the description to. check out our deals page so you never. spend more let’s move on to number three. on this list which is. silver singles so speaking of the. demographics of silver singles the. people on this side are definitely. looking for something serious. some longterm commitments as well and.

Silver singles is actually one of the. better known. over 60 dating sites out there it is one. of the more popular ones. the users are pretty active and there. are about 5 000 daily logins. most of the members come from the usa. about 100 000 of them are americans. however this is available in over 20. countries. so though this site is for 60 plus. dating there are younger people on there. as well. however people who are under 35 are. barely present and most of the people on. there are 55 plus when it comes to. gender distribution it’s just about even. on this side about 50. 50 ratio almost women having a slight. edge at 53. another interesting thing about the. demographics of this site is that the. members tend to be very well educated. about 80 of them claim to have a college. degree as far as the ease of use again.

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This is a pretty simple to understand. website. i think the people who are designing. these size really understand their. audience so they make them a bit simpler. to use the sign up process is very. simple just takes a few minutes you’ll. have to first input some basic. information about yourself your name. your age your gender and gender. preference it’ll give your email set a. password then you’ll have to do a. personality test the test consists of. questions regarding your personality. your preferences. your hobbies and your personality traits. nearly all of the questions are multiple. choice it’s not difficult. besides these multiple choice questions. there are seven written questions. they show up on your profile so write. carefully and you’ll also need to upload. a photo. so the signup process may seem quite.

Lengthy but thanks to the detailed. profiles there’s a really good success. rate on this site. when you start browsing all matches are. placed in one tab and you can see the. compatibility percentage. for each member if you aren’t pleased. with the displayed profiles you can. choose different filters that you would. like to narrow down the search for. you can choose different locations. genders age heights etc this site has. a great app as well that features all of. the same things that the website does. couple unique features that this site. has is one. smiles where you can basically send a. smile to someone as sort of a. flirtatious first. move and of course they have messaging. although this is only available to those. who are paying for a membership before. we move on to our last site please make. sure once again to like and subscribe.

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So the last of our best sites for 60. plus dating is called our time. so this site was created back in 2011. but it has recently merged with senior. people mate the result is a great. website for seniors. it’s available all over the world and. has over 8 million logins per month out. of those 8 million logins per month. 7 million come from the us so they’re. clearly leading the way in the. demographics women are just slightly. outnumbering men at a 55 to 45. ratio as far as the ease of use once. again everything on this side is quite. simple to understand. um including the login and registration. process it really only takes about five. minutes. to create a profile on this site and you. can choose to add in. your information on your profile when. you sign up or you can add it later on. you will need to upload a profile.

Picture though and interestingly enough. members are allowed to upload up to 30. photos so because our time doesn’t. request a ton of information on your. profile. the profiles you’ll see on the site are. really not detailed. also email verification and identity. check isn’t mandatory so you might. stumble upon some fake profiles. the overall design of the site is very. easy on the eyes it’s very. simple to switch between tabs to change. what you’re looking at they do also have. an. app and some of the features on the site. just so you know are only reserved for. paying members. with that being said let’s dive into. some of their unique features the first. one of which is promote me with promote. me your profile pops up at the top of. the queue so you’ll get way more views. the second feature is profile pro which.

Gives you a chance to reveal more. information about yourself by giving you. questions or prompts rather that you can. fill out um. yourself they’re not just multiple. choice questions so you can actually get. the chance to display your personality. and a bit more about you however if. you’d like to you could actually ask a. professional writer on the site to do. the job for you i do also offer. gifts as one of their features where you. can send someone a virtual gift to get. their attention and lastly they do also. have. a feature called connect me where you’ll. get a virtual phone number. so you can talk to them that way without. actually revealing your your real. information. but that wraps up our four best online. dating starts for those who are 60 plus. if you’re not satisfied with these or. you want to see what else is out there.

And make sure to go check out our quiz. our free online dating app quiz the link. to that’s popping up above me and it’s. in the description. it’s free quick simple fun and it will. match you with your perfect online. dating app. also be sure to check out our deals page. so you can possibly save some money the. link that’s also popping up above me and. in a link in the description also be. sure to check out some of our other. videos here online for love popping up. on either side of me. and i’m curious what do you think of. these sites have you used them. do you like them or are there other ones. that you prefer for over 60 dating. definitely leave your comments down. below we’d love to hear from you. but thank you so much for watching this. video i hope you liked it if you did. like it. leave a like and subscribe if you loved.

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