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Hi everyone. and happy valentine‘s day my name is. debbie and my channel. is actually about how to make money. selling online on ebay and poshmark. but today since it is valentine’s day. weekend i thought it would be a lot of. fun to share my story. how i met my husband and show you. a video clip where he surprised me uh. what. he proposed to me at the end of a race. and also. to share some things that i learned. about being on. so that you can also have a. successful story rather than. a disaster story so before we get. started i just want to tell my husband. happy valentine‘s day. happy valentine‘s day lance thank you. for being the absolute best husband. in the world and being just such a great. man. i appreciate you so much i. am so grateful for everything you do for. me. and for the amazing marriage that we.

Have it’s better than i could have ever. dreamed of. i love you happy valentine‘s day if you. would like to be able to find. a great match like i did i’m going to. share some. of the things that i think really helped. lead me down that road. so to tell you a little bit about my. background i. was married and had three kids and like. everyone else i never. in a million years imagined that i would. end up divorced. so i was a single mom raising three kids. for four and a half years and i was. dating a little bit. and not having good success and it. seemed like. i attracted the wrong man and one day my. sister. gave me the best piece of advice she. said debbie. you need to stop just going out with. anybody that. asks you you need to pick the guys that. you want to date. not let them pick you and i really. thought about that.

And it was absolutely true i realized. what i was doing. was when a guy would ask me out i was. just so excited that he asked me out and. i focused on oh i want to be the right. person for them. not necessarily is that the right person. for me so that changed my perspective. completely and i decided. i was going to choose someone that had. the same. values that i had i thought i’m going to. come up with this. criteria and i’m going to choose who i. want to date and what better platform. than i thought i can go on. there. and read what they say look at their. pictures. and really figure out what the person is. like before i go out on a date with them. so i had a few things that i thought. were really important to me. i thought i want them to have great. values. i want them to have a good work ethic i. want someone that really values family.

And. someone that is smart yet they’re not. arrogant. and then also someone that has a really. healthy lifestyle. fitness is important to them if they are. a runner that would be great because i. would love to share. that lifestyle with someone and if they. like to run races. even better that is like just the cherry. on top. and that is exactly what i found. do not settle for something other than. what you want of course everybody’s. expectations their value system is going. to be different so. decide on what you want. just to let you know i am not sponsored. in any way. by i’m not making any money on. this i just thought it would be fun. to share my story when i decided to get. on i filled out my profile i. actually didn’t pay anything i did a. 30day trial i think my husband. paid like the max and his was like a.

Hundred dollars. so i i get on there and i’m really. selective. about what profiles i find. match with me and i kind of just went. along for a little while and then one. day. i got an email and i printed it out this. is what it says. it said hi what’s your favorite running. song motley crue kickstart my heart is. my favorite to be honest. most of my running playlist is late 80s. and 90s rock. and i was completely shocked because. just a couple weeks before. i had downloaded a lot of songs like. that from. my childhood to run to and that was on. my running playlist. and i had just ran to kickstart my heart. i had been running to it every day for. like the last couple weeks. so i was completely blown away and i. thought. this guy’s a runner and so i. looked at his profile and everything. seemed to match up one thing that he.

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Said that. he thought might make some people go. away and but it. really showed me what his core values. were he said if you’re the type of. person. that likes to complain but then you just. sit on the couch and do nothing about it. then we probably won’t be a match. something like that and to me i was like. yes that shows me that he believes that. working hard and makes a difference and. what you put into things. is what you get out of things so that. was one thing that just really stood out. to me. so we started talking and we actually. emailed back and forth for about. three weeks before we ever met in person. and i think that was a really good idea. because i really got to know him he. really got to know me. very well he gets up super early at 4 30. in the morning. i do now too which i love but he would. write. a really nice email to me every morning.

So when i woke up. i would get this thoughtful email and i. learned. so much about him throughout that time. before. i ever met up with him because i think. sometimes. people can go on a date and maybe. they’re really enjoying the date and. being out in the environment. and they get sucked in by that instead. of really thinking about the person that. they’re with so. we both had the opportunity to get to. know each other really well. and then he asked me out on a date. and it was a race i was so excited. and before we went on that race. i wrote an email i thought this is. something and. my mom and dad have been married for 52. years. absolutely wonderful parents i had the. best childhood. growing up and my dad had told this. story about. when he went on a date with my mom and. when he got home he wrote down. on a slip of paper that he was going to.

Marry her. and he still has that paper to this day. and i heard about that all my life. and so i thought this is the guy i know. it. i had gotten to know him through the. emails and before even meeting him. i knew he was the one so i started an. email and i kept this email where i. would just send it to myself throughout. our dating and i put my dad wrote on a. sheet of paper that he was going to. marry my mom. after their first date he saved that. paper and still has it today over 50. years later. i always thought that was neat i met a. guy whose name is lance i think he is. the one. i haven’t even met him in person yet but. we have been emailing texting and spoke. on the phone. i already feel like i have such a. connection with him the things he says. are the things. i believe and feel he is a runner too. and i want so much to share that.

Lifestyle with someone. and on and on and on and so i think. that’s really neat. i love that i wrote that down right. before like minutes before he picked me. up. so he picked me up and um he asked if he. could get me a little. early the race started at two o’clock in. the afternoon and he said. oh we could go get coffee or something. first and just. have some time to talk so we are on the. road. and we are almost to the race this is. like a 35 minute drive and he says. you have your driver’s license right and. i say. no i didn’t bring it was i supposed to. and he was like oh yeah we have to have. it to get the tickets. and um so i was like oh no it’s at home. and he didn’t even blink an eye he’s. like oh that’s no big deal. that will just give us more time to talk. in the car i think that’s actually. better i like that we’ll just go back.

He didn’t get upset he didn’t get mad in. any way he actually turned it into a. positive and made me feel. like i didn’t make a stupid mistake that. it was just the greatest thing and so i. learned a lot from his temperament. and that meant a lot to me. so we go get my driver’s license go to. the race have. the best time then we went to dinner. afterwards we had the longest date ever. it was like. 2 p.m until like midnight or so and we. just had a blast we had this great. connection. and we continued dating had so much fun. and then i will show you the proposal. he got together and um. he actually had my oldest daughter. morgan help him design the wedding ring. i had no idea about this and there was a. race that he asked me to do the half. marathon. the silo district marathon in. texas and so i said i would go and.

We go to the race and at the finish line. after we finish i he proposes. and then i look up and our daughters are. there and they. were not supposed to be there it was the. biggest shock it was so much excitement. and then we went and celebrated it all. together afterwards my son jason didn’t. come so. uh he was busy doing other things but it. was just. the neatest experience so here’s the. clip. great finish. and there he is. oh. so we got married we have been married. it will be. three years in july and. it is everything and more than i could. have ever thought we get along. so well i think making sure that i. chose someone that had the same values. as i did has been key in that with. everything that’s happened in the world. there are so many things that i thought. wow wouldn’t that be bad if we had exact. opposite views on some of these things.

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