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I’m all right i’m right ow no i’m not. yeah what the heck i. didn’t know if this ain’t no fair oh my. god i’m so good. oh my god. what is hell taker that’s a good. question today. we’re gonna find out together get a. little of this this game came out. this year on may 11th it has 51. 000 reviews i’ve been seeing people on. twitter talk about this i’ve seen it. kind of around. and apparently it’s an anime thing and. you know i think. i think i like anime a little bit i saw. the youtuber lost paws made videos about. it so i’m like okay what is this. am i missing out on something if a game. has that many reviews and it came out. this year. what is it well you see it’s demons i. asked you guys on twitter if i should. play you said yes. so we’re gonna play it apparently. there’s a lot of great memes about it. i’ll shut up let’s just see what this is.

About wherever there’s waifus i’ll be. you find yourself surrounded by the void. press enter or a to continue greetings. little one please don’t. mind me it is just i good old bezel bub. he looks friendly oh just like that okay. new game. story of the hell taker again. interesting i never played it once. do you by any chance to need a narrator. why please allow me. it will be a pleasure you woke up one. day with a dream oh that looks just like. me i’m just like. man you woke up one day with a dream. hair room full of demon girls. ah yes every night it was however not an. easy dream to achieve it could cost you. your life. when demon girls are involved no price. is high enough you said as you venture. down to heck. i don’t say bad words on this channel. whoa okay. i’m just trying to figure out how this. game got so popular everybody is it is.

Free. oh oh okay. kick in the crap of these people all. right oh oh i see. i must get to the waifu in time ah okay. oh this is interesting oh i don’t waste. it. that is i am not doing okay yep so we. gotta get down there. so you probably can only break some of. these ah. ah oh no i already messed up. oh you cannot keep me from my wife oops. yes all right so this is the girl i keep. seeing i think i don’t know. they all could look the same i don’t. know anything about this game panda. monika. the tiger demon i relate to this one a. lot name’s panda monica. hell’s customer service how may i serve. you uh and maybe. i can serve you instead that’s a manly. thing to say. oh success oh is it is this kind of like. a persona where you have to answer the. right questions in order to like. get the waifus essentially except it’s.

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Not always about waifus and persona. sweetie view to offer i could totally. really use some coffee i’m not myself. without it. ah i see oh it started already. i always thought like anime logic like. demons. demons is like real life you know. supposedly real life if you believe in. that. they look scary like this but in anime. they’d be looking like this in anime. it’s like take me straight to heck. what’s the incentive to do good in life. by the way i know she’s like probably. not exactly a demon but she’s got horns. you get the point oh no. chief should i go there oh oh. god do i have health oh that just takes. away some of my lives. this is kind of addicting though i see. that that way they’re gonna move it. again. and and then we’re gonna go this way. no oh i see duh go this way why have i. been doing that this entire time.

Oh but i just have a problem wait no. oh i made it yes i think i know why. people like this game you know. this is modius the lustful demon you and. me now. deal no questions asked they always say. that then they always try running away. i’ll have to break your knees just in. case. oh i gotta bet in she pulled out a. sledgehammer it was not going to be. pretty well that was some mixed signals. what does life advice do since we travel. together i might as well do my job. you’ve noticed how exploring heck takes. a lot of will and heck. if you run out of on will you die. how would you rate your overall. satisfaction with providing help on a. scale from one to ten. ten whoa i never got a tin before. all right now we gotta say no time busy. gathering girls. demon hit room you poor fool they will. rip you to shreds and i have to see this.

Yes welcome oh there’s three of now okay. oh god i gotta go. okay all right crap 32 tries i gotta get. all the way over there now all right so. this seems the most logical thing to do. is go down here. bam bam bam die. okay he’s dead yeah okay i i’ve already. decided my course of action. we go up here we should have okay oh it. worked perfectly. where there’s waifus there’s a way all. right how about i go this way first. then i go this way bam okay. yeah i probably saved some okay okay. yes oh there they go the serapis the. triple demon. so they’re all connected i guess like. isn’t that what the. cerebus thing like from hercules for. harry potter right i think that’s in. that movie are you a human a real human. please take us with you. well i guess this is getting too easy i. have questions yeah i feel like that’s.

The thing we should say. we need a human to cross the hex gate. you don’t have to be in one piece though. they jumped you like rapid dogs canine. sounds included the cuteness of it all. gave you a heart attack so they didn’t. rip me to shreds i just died of a heart. attack okay jill no questions asked. success now i know i lost pause plays. this. i heard i heard some people be making. some interesting arts of this game. yes at last it’s time to corrupt the. mortal realm oh god. 23 oh that one’s mean why soon dairy. demon confirmed you don’t look like you. need help with this one or do you did. you just want to talk hey do you smell. that orange berries and vodka. there’s no doubt that’s gotta be a. malina she acts hard to get but maybe. she’ll figure her out oh i was freaking. right. then we will all hang out and it’s gonna.

Be fun. yes okay so i just wasted a turn on. accident so molina the sour demon great. more brain dead idiots never seen your. ugly face before what are you playing at. i’d sure love to play with you. this is delicious please insult me more. fantastic just my luck to find another. masochist creep. she made a swiping motion and a fountain. of blood exploded from your devastated. throat. i gotta admit though the gameplay is. pretty addicting i only play for the. gameplay okay. that’s the only reason i play this game. i’m not lying like what video games. so we picked to play with you sure why. not as long as you’re okay with. turnbased strategies. oh she’s a gamer wow paper favorite. demon waifu. so far collected it’s like pokemon oh. what’s what does that mean. what what is the what do the holes mean. what never played rhythm based dungeon.

Crawlers have you if the rhythm of the. spikes is not to your liking just kick. some rocks around it till it does. this place sticks to smoke that draw. must be close. by oh no please no if she’s scared i’m. scared too. ah i get it so it’s not gonna stab me. ooh okay oh but this one will stab me. won’t it. oh i see. oh we have a problem don’t we oh my god. i freaking figured it out that was a. complete accident. oh this is a bad girl demon she’s the. female dog demon oh no. yo i’ve heard about your harem i’m in. wait i have a feeling i’ll regret it. it’s not really a harem anymore we just. played turnbased strategies. i picked that one yes i picked the right. one too bad i’m coming anyway go ahead. try to stop me. whoa they got angels in this game too on. twitter peter sent me this. meme uh i guess the meme of this game.

Sayori the childhood best friend sorry i. got a little too excited. success that’s so dope i that would be. cool if she was actually in the game i. i mean i asked if this is real i think. they said no i think it was a fan thing. oh i love the gameplay though it’s. pretty good. strategy see it’s all it’s all the. strategies that you see. the geometry it’s it’s all coming into. play right now. in my brain 200 steps ahead i only need. two steps for this one not 43.. ah crap i’ve already messed up it oh no. i thought it looked so easy ah we have. to get hit there’s like no way. around it you have to get hit we have to. bring the ultimate simp powers to life. that’s why. i have to go super simp three. oh i wasted a turn oh i don’t even know. i can’t remember that. freaking past it yeah all right so who’s. this. angel a zezel the curious angel.

Oh my heavens what would a living human. be doing in hell the most unusual. looking for demons i feel like that’s. the right answer looking for angels is. the two it seems misleading. demons oh you too let me guess thesis on. modern sin or is it uh demonology. we should join forces sweet i knew it. see. i have logic this girl looks cool. simping powers are coming to my head. right now this one looks tricky might. require some testing to find the perfect. order of moves. please take your time miss modius here. is sharing with me her considerably. warped view on love these can get. violent so moderation is important. people die if you love them too much. how fascinating please expand on that i. want to know all the details. well this spice wouldn’t be here if i. didn’t need to go here. right okay now i’m just mad come over.

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Here hit that then go back. nevermind please tell me this game. doesn’t get harder and harder. i’m pretty sure like pretty soon i’m. just not even going to be able to pass i. need to figure this out first. we gotta kill him like for sure we’re. gonna need to take this one. over here we’re gonna bring that up that. uh that over. bam and then over there. i’m broken i can’t i’m wasting i’m. wasting moves by. pushing that up we’re gonna i can do it. on the way back. ah okay why don’t you tell me. i i think i just figured out i think i. did okay ah. what there’s one turn away hi this is. torture this is torture how could you do. this to me. all right how do you freaking do this. crap seriously bro okay 122. 000 people wondered how to do this too. oh my god i would never would have. figured that out. so glad to be passed it justice the.

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Awesome demon. oh it’s not because of the the waifus. though yo did you just solve that puzzle. that’s awesome. yeah i totally didn’t cheat yeah i just. skipped it in the menu want to join my. harem. you can do that that totally sounds like. something i would have done sure let’s. go. the more the merrier right i didn’t know. you can do that. oh what’s this. well what is happening here oh. i have to hit this one ah. oh my god is that boss battle lucifer. the ceo of hell. we meet at last you’ve proved yourself. worthy by passing all my trials. pledge your soul to me and i’ll make you. my most treasured slave. yes my clean uh no thanks but can you. join my harem. what are you trying to accomplish you. think you can enslave demons to your. will. call me mastered as permission before. you speak. i see i have to teach you your place she.

Made a hand. she met a hand gesture and all your. blood turned into vinegar it’s hard to. explain the field why would if i say yes. my queen. eager little soul as you know she. planted a kiss on your forehead and your. life melted away. i can offer coffee turnbased strategies. and chocolate pancakes. really is that it you come here and try. to buy me over with pancakes. you’re lucky i have a thing for pancakes. that’s how you get the ladies pancakes. apparently. i think you’ve convinced me the harem of. yours may prove to be irritating after. all. just make some flapjacks that’s all it. takes guys ah what do we have here a. door. i can get through all doors i can kick. everything. i’ll kick you obviously have to hit this. one. hit that one i see yes another. challenging puzzle. oh no this is what happens when i i uh i.

Accidentally. i was i fell asleep and i fell on my. keyboard and i actually pressed skipped. i swear i didn’t wanna i didn’t choose. to do that you truly thought you could. just walk away. after all you’ve done you felt the. biting cold of chains in your skin. followed by fire burning the fleshier. bones. could you really not skip the puzzle it. felt as if you died a thousand deaths. yet the flames subsided somehow you were. still alive. i only just found you trespasser so. don’t die on me yet. we will spend a lot of time together you. and i. what judgment of the high prosecutor. it’s like he knew i was gonna skip. i’ve been sitting here for like an hour. i’m like how do i do this ignite the sin. machine suffering must be made. i had to skip i thought there was no. freaking way to beat that oh. god stop holy crap what the heck is this.

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Undertale. oh god oh god oh god or is this. punishment for me skipping. i’m not sure holy crap ow. stop that hurts. what is happening oh okay. whoa okay i didn’t expect this how do. you like the sid machine trespasser so. right or let it consume you. no wait don’t give up you need to get us. out of here and i’m still looking for. my coffee leave hope his fate is sealed. judgment dear this man may not know it. but he belongs to me could you please. not damage him. ooh the wife are fighting for me sweet. see this is why you start to hear him. guys. be silent real work is about to begin do. i have a health bar. i think i do i’m all right i’m right oh. no i’m not what the heck i didn’t know. if this ain’t no. oh i just realized my life bars down. there that’s a very weird life bar can i. just skip this one. there is no escape.

Oh oh oh holy crap holy crap. oh yes. oh my god i don’t know how i’m doing. this yes the chains that bind you are. made of things that brought you here. your ego your greed your lusts you are. your own torturer. enough high prosecutor i order you to. stand down at once. no authority stands above punishment. keep going judgment you were on the roll. yes please continue this is a plus. material so far. i’m supposed to be the gosh dang queen. of heck why is nobody ever listening to. me. okay i don’t know how i passed that that. was like actually pretty tough my god. i’m so good. oh my god uhhuh they gotta get the. rhythm you just gotta get the rhythm if. you’re constantly moving they can’t hit. you. oh wait for it wait for it bam. you’re kidding me i had it oh my god. that’s over so long. judgment the high prosecutor you truly.

Think you can break free of those. shackles. you should know hope it leads to. disappointment and just in despair. a disappointment to just oh she said it. i’ve been playing too much talking. rapper i changed the despair the most. delightful. you must be cursed to malinka you just. found a fellow nerd and he’s. already done for her knowing my luck he. played neck polish anyway. i should have kept it for myself after. all yes regret everything you’ve ever. done. i love how you did your hair lies they. won’t save you from your face. i also really like your claws is that so. in that case thank you. i guess now let’s get back to suffering. yes kindness will kill her oh god oh god. oh god. leave me alone ah there’s always that. one spot you could stand. and like never get hit just gotta find. it that’s it this is a personal.

Challenge now now i just need to beat it. for myself. oh i did it sorta oh what’s the pattern. oh god. it’s like it just it just gets worse. over time man. oh my god that took so long. any last words before the real pain. begins what if i get the questions wrong. only thing i regret is not seeking you. sooner. which are cheap flatteries you make my. job difficult but dang you got amazing. eyes though look i don’t really want to. do this but the packs have been sealed. nothing will pervade your damnation. however i could postpone your tournament. for a few years if you leave and never. disturb hell again. our fates are one i will kill you and. you’ll suffer but it does not have to be. today. so consider yourself lucky and get out. of my sight i said you’re free to go. begone. what you want to invite me to your harem.

Don’t be ridiculous. you’d share roof with an immortal avatar. of pain blood sworn to murder you. through torture. wouldn’t want it any other way oh my god. i freaking beat this game that was so. hard man. i i honestly i it ruined my day but i’m. glad i stuck through. it smash light seeing how far off proper. ritual we are already. i might as well give it a shot what this. man has done for the waifu’s is insane. thus your journey has come to an end oh. i beat the game already. you have successfully took girls from. hell and have henceforth known as the. health taker. it was however not an easy life to live. it was sure to be short and full of. suffering. she stabbed me but life is full of. suffering no matter how you live it so. you might as well have some fun while. you’re at. what the heck another batch of pancakes.

Done i see. and it’s so good thank you for the help. oh now i get the meme. don’t mention it it’s the least i can do. though i have to say i still can’t. figure out how you get them perfectly. thin. every time and the way you spin them in. the air there must be some sorcery. involved. experience yeah sure better go give. everyone their pancakes. pancakes awesome i have a question. though shoot the girls say you never. take off your shades why is that. i could ask you the same oh me it’s. because i’m blind. oh got some lore here that’s my story. care to share yours. maybe one d oh come on the girls are. already taking beds. i’m losing 10 bucks if you don’t have. laser vision pancakes. you’re reading romantic comedy never. heard of this romance stuff before it’s. the kinkiest thing i’ve ever seen. maybe i’ve been doing things all wrong.

This time what want to go on a date. i’ve always known you were perverted. degenerates so this was all about. serving waifu’s pancakes. i should have known pancakes and coffee. oh she drunk the coffee uh the tire. demon no longer. it is over extracted again it’s quite. alright actually you even filtered it. properly this time. keep it up and you might still survive. the day with no fingers broken. i’m the demon of coffee i love coffee. yeah. but do feel free to mess it up the local. hospital proved quite competent so far. next one at 5 15. double espresso yes. it’s your job to remember not mine. package. pancakes do you know how hard it is to. find new turnbased strategies we could. play. almost everything mankind produces. either half a sequel origin. ripoff i would like to play them anyway. same here unfortunately we’ll need a lot.

Of alcohol pancakes. sure but i could use some fire no. smoking in the house. or what you’ll punish me go ahead i’ve. been a very bad guru you’d enjoy that. wouldn’t you. go screw yourself that wasn’t very nice. but okay. pancakes how long have i been here a few. weeks. it feels like forever the things i’ve. seen the things i’ve done. i could write a spectacular paper on. this but nobody would believe me it’s. just too surreal. oh and my research has barely scratched. the surface want to join me in my. studies today. you study too much eat your pancakes. imagine how much pancakes this guy has. to make every day pancakes. we messed up harassing neighbors again. what did you do. why is there a police at the door. pancakes trespassers seek to invade our. domain should i dispose of them. no need i’ll take care of this sure half.

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By nashee. cedar bear pancakes police open the door. we know you’re in there open the door. now am i free to roam around. why would i why should i be roaming. around. is there like secret endings in this. game or something i’m missing out on the. true. what like the true message i’m not gonna. play this game again. it’s so hard fine i’ll open the door. pancakes oh thanks we sell questions. though. and that’s the story of hell taker. they’re rated for you by good old bezel. bub. quite a silly tell i know to be honest. downright abhorrent actually. horrible story about horrible people but. perhaps you found some joy in it. maybe a laugh or two still thank you for. keeping this old fly some company. until next the end is there anything. else you desire oh. i could choose this chapter select well. that was a cool game i wanted to rip my.

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