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All right yes i am still alive. i plan on getting my video out sooner. but all my ideas went to . i had a video talking about the last. story when i scrapped it as i had a. different idea than that. uh i thought i had a video out for the. gizmondo games but. psych i there’s no emulator for it i. wanted to review all the american jojo’s. adventure games but i don’t have a ps4. and i couldn’t get emulators running. because i have the tech ability of a 60. year old chimpanzee. i bet even thomas jefferson third. president of the united states of. america born in 1743. could get dolphin running with a game of. melee before my patrick star looking ass. so i kept trying to find ideas until i. just said hey this [ __ ] i’m jerking. off. bought five free dating sims on steam. they’re free because i don’t have that. much money to be thrown around at 2d.

Women. all right i’ll say it i’m a weeb i see. my fair share of anime. i play a lot of japanesemade games i’ve. played all the persona games. from three to five played all the. danganronpa games and have a homework. folder with more cartoons in today’s. lineup on cartoon network. but don’t worry i don’t have a body. pillow oh. this figure i keep in the jar for. protection why else would you have an. anime figure in a jar. well as a weave it’s stated by the laws. of weed them that you need to have. played a dating sim. so i decided to get five of them and. give my lovely viewers my thoughts on. each one. now because they cost literally nothing. and we’re probably made by three dudes. who are the budget of a family pack of. funyuns. don’t expect me to go full avgn style. rant because it’s not like i could do. much better.

Also this list is in no particular order. since i have a job in college and i got. too lazy to rate them so i just decided. to give my opinion on each. and with that said away we go. you wake up in a mysterious house in a. suburban neighborhood. the house looks really nice and you. don’t know how you got there until. the twist this house is inhabited by. beautiful asian women. scared you there didn’t i well honestly. this game was definitely my least. favorite of the five. the characters were really boring to. talk to i mean you have the shy one the. athletic one the tsundere. the move the hipster the hardcore girl. the pastel goth the swag asian the. kawaii girl and the microwave. wait that’s not right either way i could. only really play this game for about an. hour before i just gave up on it. tech scroll noise was just really.

Annoying to hear every time the text was. on screen. although i think the game was dull they. had an interesting system with the tarot. cards where. you could choose where the story goes. you can choose between the hermit. the hierophant and. look as a jojo fan i’m contractually. ovulated to make the joke. i appreciate the amount of different. story pads you can take through the game. the game wasn’t afraid to get emotional. all of these scenes usually just kind of. came out of nowhere. like it would just be all like oh you. live in a house with a bunch of women. you dirty dog oh and your uncle’s dead. and your house burned down you have no. idea where your family is. i mean i will say some of the lines did. kind of rub me the wrong way. i’ll be honest i played this game for. about an hour then it’s kind of logged.

Off like i said. and i’ll give the developers this. they’re still adding small updates for. the game so maybe i’ll hop back onto. steam and give it another go in 10 or so. years i don’t know. melon. have you always wanted to a. watermelon well do i have the game for. you. no you didn’t read that title wrong you. have sex with the watermelon by the end. spoilers in the future the environment’s. so up that there’s a point where. storms just kill people. so people only get a few months to. wander around outside before another. super storm comes around again due to. the human population dwindling. scientists have created a human. watermelon hybrid called. mellows and they’ve been implemented. into society. it’s at the point of where there are. more mellows than people push comes to. shove you on a date with one named mel.

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And through multitude of options go back. to his. their their house. apparently even though in this society. mellows are more the population than. people they’re still discriminated. against especially by old people. makes you wonder what hate crimes in. this universe look like this game has a. plethora of social commentary. first of all the whole environmental. message then there’s a fact that mellows. are discriminated against. there’s also the fact that cops abuse. their power for. fun i’m not touching that one. it’s so bizarre that i’d say it’s. definitely worth checking out uh. especially if you’re into wacky visual. novels. or maybe if the word tendrils turns you. on. i’ll say it again dexter 10 rules. either way you might want to space out. your play sessions or else the produce. section in your local grocery store is.

Going to start looking like a brothel oh. yeah. it’s all coming together. so when i got this game i was a little. suspicious in the title since it says. there’d be no romance with the steam tag. sets the dating sim. so i knew something was off i expected. to get this game and meme on it you know. say stuff like. ew anime am i right fellas i’m too. advanced for those peasant activities. stop looking at that jar i i use it for. protection okay. but instead this game delivered on an. interesting story that i really don’t. want to spoil for you. a couple people in the reviews didn’t. like the ending but i believe it was an. interesting and thoughtprovoking story. with an ending that really fits the tone. but if you want to run down to the story. you play as an oddly familiar looking. girl. who lives in a city with a poor family.

You’re chosen to live with the wealthiest family in the city but he has a childhood friend who he obviously has more feelings for i don’t want to go deeper than that because if you want to experience it for yourself it was only about 40 minutes of reading and i’m slow as hell so it’ll probably be shorter for you yeah this game is all reading it doesn’t really have any gameplay so if you’d rather have an interactive experience that’s fine too i mean y’all came here for games not bd lee’s book review no that will never be a thing you kidding me it took me days to figure out zootopia was an allegory for racism and i was 16.

You think i’m about to pull up the. intricacies of the themes in war and. peace. which is why i use are you a. slow idiot who drools everywhere. well go to nonsponsern. because i have 8 subscribers and go to. all right this joke sucks. do you want to a superhero i’m. looking at you mha fans. fbi open up these ones are even still in. high school. in this game he plays the only dude who. goes to this high school i mean you. don’t even have a dad so for all i know. it’s just you and pewdiepie over here. what a you know you two could be. the last dudes in the world. before you ask no you can’t date. pewdiepie but you can talk to the lofi. beats girl and work with her own. projects so. uh for all of you who are into that yay. your you goes pretty normally until a. mysterious villain hijacks your school.

Pa system and announces that he wants to. destroy the superheroes in the school. it’s your job to figure out who the. superhero is. it’s a cute premise and honestly not bad. for the genre the entire game has many. different paths you can take making this. game very replayable even for a demo. which i’ll get to that later look this. game is everything you could want goth. girl. check shy nature loving girl check girl. who carries a sword through the school. hallway even though no one bats an eye. for all your hearing to that check. and finally if you want to figure out. the girl’s powers well you. can’t yet because this game is in early. access and the full game is being worked. on as we speak. so keep your eyes peeled and play this. if it sounds interesting. i think the added mystery plot with this. game gives about the nameless villain.

Made it somewhat interesting. my guy says that the goth girl is a. pyrokinetic because of a conversation. you have with her. the shy nature girl can control nature’s. price because she literally has a nature. sprite that nobody questions. i mean seriously it’s just out of her. pocket no one says anything about it. the reddit mod has hacking powers and. maybe the sword girl has like i don’t. know. super slashing powers or something. video games ready. fried chicken not fried chicken not. fried chicken i just want those. crunchies. ah colonel sanders a man built on good. wholesome. christian values the man so american he. not only sold chicken. but also shot a man in selfdefense have. you not heard the story. colonel sanders once worked in a shell. gas station where he would sold his. fried chicken. there was someone else from a rival gas.

Station who tended to paint over the. shell sign. after sanders threatened him with. consequences the man returned to later. paint over that same shell sign. after sanders came out to scold him the. rival gas employee pulled a very. rational. and levelheaded move and started. opening fire on sanders and his friend. this resulted in the shootout where. sanders friend died an injury and the. vandal was incarcerated for murder. due to the rival gas station owner going. to prison sanders faced no more. competition for gas in the town which. allowed him to sell his chicken to more. people and expand his business. this all culminates to 89 years later. when we’re now able to date an anime. version of him what do you think sanders. thought when he saw the development of. this game through heaven. do you think he regretted being famous.

Do you think he regretted. making kentucky fried chicken well this. was almost inevitable after japan. adopted kfc as their christmas tradition. in the 80s. you give japan anything and they’ll make. into an anime let’s just be glad this is. on steam and not nataku. natsaku not taku no taku not taku. i don’t know i mean an actual fast. food company. approved and hired people to develop a. dating sim. where the goal is to date their mascot. and this is by far the best game of the. five on here. it has great art interactive segments. that are interesting one of the funniest. meta humor in a dating sim. about colonel sanders who. no homo is pretty hot okay it’s it’s not. gay okay i swear. bro that’s still gay no you’re gay. i said no homo you play as a student who. attends a cooking school with your best. friend. an idiot kid i think a robot and your.

Rival who. whoa and her friend who totally isn’t a. reference to any anime that appears a. lot in memes. nope totally original design can’t think. of any similarities to any other anime. out there. throughout the game your character. fantasizes about being with colonel. sanders until you get one of the many. endings. i hate to ruin the jokes here so i’ll. just say that you should play the game. for yourself it’s less than two hours. and some of the wackiest you’ll. ever see in a video game. all i’m wondering is when the kfc. console comes out will there be a deluxe. edition. will it be a new character hmm maybe. some new endings. can i have actually love me like please. developers i will order kfc every day. until my arteries are as clogged as a. taco bell toilet. simping aside this game is too good to. be true and if you follow men of culture.

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