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My games are only for lonely maiden. you just play dating games because you. can’t handle a real relationship. or two more games aren’t these these. dating games with naked women. um. man naked. well honestly that was kind of what i. was thinking before i started playing. otome games i think i was even generally. prejudiced against visual novels thought. they were boring and against dating. games like only lonely horny people. would play them my journey of discovery. was like this on a beautiful summer day. i felt the urge to buy the new xenoblade. chronicles 2 game. yes this is leading somewhere bear with. me because it looked. pretty i guess and totally fell in love. with the game i was obsessed with. everything the characters the music the. story and more often than not i found. myself wanting to skip the battles and.

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Just rush to the next story scene i was. hooked i didn’t sleep i needed to know. how the story continues and this is i. think where my deep dive into jrpgs. began are there actually games that. don’t stress you out with realtime. action battles you have my attention. they tell deep and meaningful stories. which not only make you cry but also. make you think about the meaning of life. and reflect on philosophical issues and. won’t let go of that controller ever. again and with the jrpg’s camp the. atelier series came the niche jrpgs came. compile heart games. game games that are half visual novel. already like the uttawader mono series. came the realization watching pretty. anime characters talk isn’t boring at. all i like anime why shouldn’t i like an. anime game so to say why didn’t i. discover that earlier around the same.

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Time i decided that i would want to. brush up my japanese something i’ve been. talking about the past 10 years and. decided to buy japanese jrpgs and. shortly after i came to the mindblowing. realization that i could even play. japanese visual novel dating games aka. automa games no stressful combat or. complicated tutorials just everyday talk. at my own pace in contrast to animes. where you have to pause and play pause. and play all the time and playing my. first atoma game i discovered that is no. cheap story that is a really sweet and. engaging love story featuring my. favorite tropes and amazing voice acting. this must be heaven where have you been. all these years why was i prejudiced. against visual novels why didn’t they. look into the basis of autumnal game. anime adaptions earlier like nila. admiral no tempin brothers conflict.

Amnesia kamigami no sobhi why why why. why because of prejudices and i doubt i. was the only one with these kind of. prejudices where do they come from. probably because the genre is still. relatively unknown in the west and even. in japan publishers chose not to. explicitly advertise dating games as. atomic games but rather adventure visual. novels with romantic elements like jack. jan or master fellows dead is a torment. a book topic now no it’s just the. framing or the advertisement to make the. game genre more inclusive what about the. loneliness prejudice though don’t people. in relationships play your tomer games. servies on reddit suggests they do. depending on the survey it’s 50 50 or a. third of whatoma players who are on. relationships and this might also be. influenced by that many players are. quite young around 20 to 30 years old.

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And that is for some people an age not. to be in a long relationship and when we. include mobile games the girls get even. younger so it’s no surprise that not all. gamers are in a relationship it’s. probably just the older you get the less. time you have to play games and the. younger the audience the less likely is. that they’re in a relationship but. enjoying romans like in movies or books. is absolutely not limited by age just. look at the channel food for dogs did. she also plays atomic games that. naturally pursues her passion i mean why. wouldn’t she but a truman games do. feature naked girls are boys don’t they. sadly not so much autumn games are in. general no erotic games that’s its own. genre so they can have mature elements. and therefore rated like 18 but. sexuality is not what they are generally. about they are more about building.

Emotional intimacy much like you see it. in your favorite romance movies and. books just in an anime art style so. perfect for japanese weebs or those who. wanna be i actually think that might be. the only true prejudice most of the. games are by japanese developers and. therefore feature japanese tropes and. stereotypes be it the godot. or just the art style in general which. looks quite different to western. animations speaking of media i also find. the representation of automa games in. media quite interesting in inari hong. kong the actual lonely goddess plays at. homer games but tries to hide the fact. from others her scenes swooning over the. characters are funny scenes can’t deny. that but i mean it’s not represented. like any other video game in the. upcoming anime based on the light novel. trapped in a dating sim they actually.

Criticized the materiaki in autumnal. games where boys are only used as toys. inside characters disregarded i know. this is meant to be exaggerated and fun. but is it any different in male dating. games so not a very nice representation. either i think the only ok. representation where the genre is not. completely mocked is in the my next life. as a villainous anime or mafuda series. of course it’s a comedy and some absurd. moments of atomic games are mocked but i. don’t feel like it’s the only thing the. series builds upon and all characters. are kind of mocked as well but to be. fair for example in the word god only. knows the protagonist and player of. geiger games is also more so i guess. that’s kind of our fate especially in. romantic comedies and that’s all right. can’t criticize that all part of the fun.

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But that also doesn’t reduce prejudices. what actually helps to reduce the pretti. deserts are the atoma games themselves. because once you enter the world of. automa games then you’ll realize this is. no stereotypical place of course the. player base is varied consisting of all. genders and orientations and likewise. there’s no atomic game like the other. for more about stereotypes in atoma. games check out my video about toxic. stereotypes and i would argue atoma. games are even more than romantic. spoonworthy love stories like every. other form of media like every other. game or even books it’s more than just. its written words of course there are. amazing stories to be discovered be it. about discrimination good and evil. freedom and responsibility the meaning. of identity just like a good novel but. on top of the sweet romans wrapped in an.

Enticing story there’s also the. apartment of art and everything that. lies behind what first meets the eye be. it that the visual designing cupid. parasite is inspired by the 50’s. japanese pop art style or that. practically every soundtrack of the bgm. is a cover of a famous 50s song be it. that you can learn about historical. events of the shinsengumi playing the. hakoki games as they depicted some. historical events actually quite. accurately be it that you can learn. about japanese shintoism in olympia. soiree and of course like for me it’s. the perfect reason to learn japanese as. the vast majority of photo games are. still in japanese only but how can an. entomo game change alive i mean learning. is all fan well but isn’t life changing. a bit exaggerated well i can only speak. for me and for some people i’ve talked.

To but i would guess there are more. people out there who would say that the. thoma games had an impact on their lives. the most obvious reason is of course. discovering a new gaming genre a new. hobby hundreds of new games stories and. worlds to discover and at least i tried. to play atomic games every day just like. other people watch netflix or youtube. don’t do either of these things anymore. or like reading a book or watching an. anime does that necessarily mean i am. weird. maybe i just have an unusual hobby but. that’s not worth unless or more than any. other hobby so it actually doesn’t make. me more or less weird just maybe a bit. of an otaku. but i also have friends and even a. relationship just for the record and all. of them actually support my ottoman. obsession and following the slogan you. are what you play so do also tumor games.

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Shape who we are and how we form our. identity more about that in my video. about fictional characters and. personality. but games are not live dolls i know wait. a minute because it doesn’t end with the. learning like learning japanese for. example you can now think about. go to or even work in japan or even work. in japanese like becoming a translator. if my japanese was good enough i would. definitely do that and if you don’t call. that life changing. like with every passion it’s closely. linked to other passions especially as i. feel that with autumnal games it’s quite. obvious that each game each scene each. line is a work of art and makes it very. easy to get back into drawing yourself. be it your take on your favorite cg or. character fan art or even your own. autumn game and as atoma games aren’t as. technically demanding as other games to.

Program it’s comparatively easy to start. your own indie project that could also. change how you spend your spare time or. even your profession like i studied law. and would have never ever thought about. becoming a translator even though i know. i always liked languages but now who. knows will i become translator for games. or for legal documents the point is not. exactly what i will do but that now i’ve. become more openminded to these ideas. and that’s all due to atomic games oh. yes and i started this channel and that. made me learn how to edit i’m practicing. writing and recording videos what makes. a good video. i don’t know. skills i would have never dreamt of ever. acquiring but i think the biggest impact. of atomic games in my life is the. tackling of prejudices like how i first. thought it’s a strange niche genre and.

Now. i’m strange myself or just realized it’s. never good to judge something or someone. before you know them. are you also convinced now then consider. to like or subscribe or share this video. so i think playing autumn games being. open to new games to new impressions. that’s the real life change allowing new. impressions into your life refraining. from judging something you don’t know. prematurely and the deep stories and. romantic fluff is really just the tip of. the iceberg and the cherry on the icing. but what i think connects us all in the. community is to be part of this group of. people who just tried something new or. stumbled into it and now we can make new. experience and learn every day in the. game world or in the real world and i. think that’s the real automo magic. want to get into atoma games now watch.

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