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Dating in your 40s doesn’t mean that. you’re just relegated to going to your. local bar there’s. lots of online options for you hey. welcome to online for love your number. one resource for dating by the numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top six dating sites for those in their. 40s so you may have hopefully noticed. that i’m not 40 yet. and myself however we here at online for. love keep. data of the best sites with the most. success for those who are. dating in their 40s so that’s what i’m. here to reveal to you today. before we get started though you should. definitely take our free online dating. app. quiz which will pair you with your. perfect online dating app it’s super fun. quick simple. and free you can get there by clicking. the link in our description and i’m. really curious to see if your results.

Actually. match one of the sites i’m going to be. talking about in this video so go ahead. and take that quiz. then come on back here and leave a. comment below what your result was. while you’re at it make sure to click. the link in the description to our deals. page because we here. online for love are always getting all. sorts of different awesome deals. for different dating sites and dating. apps and why spend more money if you. don’t have to so make sure to click. that link to the deals page as well so. let’s get started with our number one. site which is eharmony. so the demographics of eharmony include. people who. are serious about dating most of the. people on eharmony are looking for a. longterm committed serious relationship. they’re not messing around there are. about 47 of ladies to 53 percent of men.

So the male female ratio was pretty well. balanced. so to be honest with you a lot of the. people on this site fall in the 25 to 34. age range but 40s is a close. second so you’ll be sure to find lots of. options on eharmony for you so the ease. of use of eharmony is. very simple to use but it is different. than the others because it has this. insane. matchmaking algorithm so how many. matches people based on the use of their. patented matching system. which they have developed through years. of testing on married couples eharmony. takes the guessing out of matchmaking. because they provide. people to you who you will more likely. be interested. in based on the results that you gave to. their relationship questionnaire. the quiz is really the pinnacle of. harmony it’s how everything kind of. works your results to that quiz your.

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Answers to that quiz. really help set out your set up your. potential matches and because of this. eharmony is super successful again this. quiz is to set you up with a serious. partner so if you’re into casual dating. um this is really not the route to go. they do boast about 40 plus. million members so that’s a lot of. fish in that pond let’s talk about some. of their specific features though and. one of them is called what if. so this feature actually lets you see. matches outside of your usual pool that. they would um. select for you based on your answers to. the quiz so you can see maybe. um if you could find a connection with. somebody who might not be you know the. perfect fit for you but you can click. otherwise. there’s also a feature called send. questions where if you’re having trouble. starting a conversation this is a way.

That they provide. different questions that you could go. ahead and ask the person you’re trying. to message to just get the conversation. started the third feature is a video. date and in this day and age. video chatting and video dating is. becoming more and more popular so this. can be a really helpful feature before. we move on to number two. of our list of the best dating sites for. those who are dating in their 40s please. make sure to give this video a like and. subscribe. so it really helps out our channel when. you give our video a thumbs up. because it shows youtube that people are. enjoying our content so then youtube. pushes it out for more people. to see so we’d really appreciate your. thumbs up and subscriptions. but now let’s get into the number two on. our list which is ashley madison. so as far as the demographics go ashley.

Madison is known as being. a place where people go to have an. extramarital affair however. it has evolved since then and is now a. place where a lot of people go when. they’re looking to pursue a. nonmonogamous. and ethically nonmonogamous. relationship if you’re interested in. hookups casual relationships. nonmonogamy polyamory open. relationships then this is a really good. site to try out with over 17 million. users from the us. and millions more over the world this is. a very popular place to go. most of the users are male at 65 men. and most of the users are middle aged so. if you’re in your 40s looking to date. this might be a perfect age range for. you as far as the ease of use goes it’s. got a really clean layout so even if. you’re not tech savvy it’s very easy to. understand and to navigate it won’t take.

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You long to fill out your profile. because of the nature of this site you. don’t have to put in much information at. all about yourself that being said keep. a lookout for catfishes or fake profiles. because of that very fact the. registration and signing up will only. take minutes and you will have to pay. to chat to people if you are a man. however women get the features for free. some of the features that this site. offers is first one called travelingman. where you can essentially change your. location to where you will be at some. point so you can start getting matches. ready another feature is called priority. man which for a little bit of money will. actually set your profile. um over the other so you’ll get a lot. more views because it’ll be first on all. the lists. and the third feature is discrete photos.

Where you can actually blur some of your. photos or take out some parts of them. hide it with the mask etc so it really. makes sense to have that sort of feature. for this type of site now before we move. on to number three on our list just make. sure to check out our. deals page because we actually have. deals for both ashley madison and. eharmony so. seriously why spend more money if you. don’t have to so click that link in the. description. to go to our deals page and save. yourself some dough so now let’s move on. to number three on our list of the best. dating sites for those who are dating in. their 40s. and number three is levaholics as far as. the demographics are concerned. levoholix is considered sort of a tinder. for those who are 40 and up this side. encourages those who are 40 and up to. go ahead and explore their sexuality and.

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Fantasies and they believe that just. because you’re 40 doesn’t mean that you. have to. stop having fun most members are from. the usa spain and poland though it is. very popular in japan. it has over 2 million logins but just. know that over 70 percent of the users. are men. as far as the ease of use goes first off. you should know that this site does not. have an. app however you can easily access. everything on the desktop version the. website’s user friendly it’s quite easy. to navigate the signup process is very. simple as well. you’ll just need to input some of your. basic info and then you can start. actually using the site. you can choose to add more details to. your profile if you’d like to or you can. just forgo that all together. level holics has a few basic features. like winks chats and favorites but they.

Do have some unique ones as well one of. these features is called flirtcast where. they’ll actually send out a prewritten. um pickup line to a whole bunch of. people for you a second feature is. called safe mode where you’ll. automatically get messages. blocked from suspicious or fake accounts. i think that’s a great feature. so the third special feature that. levelholics offers is satisfaction. guaranteed. so lovaholics is a partner with together. network. so if you bought a membership and you’re. not satisfied or you didn’t get any. results. you can apply that same membership that. you bought from one site to another one. in that network. before we go to number four on our list. please make sure once again to like and. subscribe. but yeah number four on our list is. elite singles as far as the demographics. go. lead singles is definitely made for.

Those who are in their 40s dating or up. and it’s for. professional singles specifically the. website gets about 65 000. new members each week and right now it. counts above 1 million users. it’s available in 20 countries but the. most popular country where it is. available is the us. on this site overall there’s about an. equal amount of users however for the. age group for 40 and above. 60 of the users are female and about 41. percent of all women on the side. are over 40. elite singles is a place. for highly educated individuals to find. deep connections. as far as the ease of use because this. site was created for individuals who are. professionals and usually on the go they. have a really great. app integration so you can use that no. problem. and the signup process is very simple. however. it does take a little bit of time.

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Because you have to fill out a. questionnaire. the questions were actually created by a. team of psychologists. and they will ask about your hobbies and. your interests and different things. about yourself. of course there are some unique features. for this site one of which is. recommendations. each day i get a new recommendation. which is basically. the site offering you a member that they. think fits you. the best based on your answers to that. questionnaire the second feature is have. you met which is essentially a tinder. like swiping. feature on the site they also have wild. card matches which will display an extra. 20 matches to you on the daily and they. also have a magazine you can check out. if you’re interested. so number five on our list is zeusk so. as far as demographic makeup. zeus has over 40 million users currently.

From all around the world 30 of those. users are over 40. about 20 million of. the users come from the us and 200. 000 come from the uk members on the site. are also quite active at over 80. 000 logins per week as far as the gender. distribution go it’s just about. equal maybe a little bit more men at 55. percent men. on the site and zeus is really for. people who are looking for. longterm serious relationships as far. as the ease of use goes zeus. is very simple to use and it’s got a. really great user interface. it doesn’t take long at all to sign up. maybe about five minutes you’ll just. have to input some basic. information about yourself you can fill. out your profile a lot or a little bit. if you’d like. and yeah you can get going and start. using the app right away. let’s talk about some of the special. features that zeus offers first of which.

Is smart pick for this you’ll have to. give a detailed description of your. preferences. and your interests then the algorithm. will find people with similar passions. and a high compatibility percentage the. second special feature that zeusk offers. is. dating insight this kind of shows you. the type of people that are attracted to. you. you can actually check out your likes. your dating style and information about. that which is collected over time the. third special feature is super sand. where zeus has actually already written. a bunch of flirty messages that you can. choose to send out. before we go on to our last site on the. list please make sure once again to like. and subscribe. but the last site on our list is hinge. let’s dive into the demographic so it’s. a pretty equal. gender distribution on hinge it’s about.

45 women to 55. men on the site so do know that hinge is. not specifically made for people. in their 40s and a lot of the people on. the sides are in the 25 to 35. age range but there are a lot of people. in their 40s present on the app as well. many of the users on this site are. actually looking for a longterm serious. commitment so let’s get into the ease of. use of hinge so. since hinge is really made for people. who are looking for a longterm serious. thing the sign up process is a little. bit longer than some of the other sites. there are several steps of a. questionnaire you’ll have to fill in. including my vitals my virtues my. profile. your vitals is where you’re going to. write your basic information like your. gender gender preferences your location. your age. religion education work and even your. height your virtues is where you’re.

Going to answer some questions on topics. that might be slightly controversial. you can present your views on drinking. on smoking drugs politics. and things of that nature then your. profile is where you can go ahead and. polish off the whole thing. you can add up to six photos and you. won’t be able to complete your profile. with any less than that. you will also have to answer a few more. questions and fill those out and they. will be displayed on your profile also. note that. hinge is only an app there’s no desktop. version but that is all of the sites i. have to recommend to you today. so if you are not satisfied with those. that i’ve offered or you want to see. more options you can go check out our. free online dating app quiz. which will pair you with your perfect. dating app the link to that is popping. up above me or in the description.

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