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Dating Santo Domingo not gonna lie to

Hey what’s up guys this is dramaal and. i’m excited to bring you another video. uh today i’m gonna be talking about my. dating experiences here in dominican. republic i’ve been in central domingo. for about i was i was there. for about two weeks i’m currently in las. terrenas i’ve been here. in good two weeks. now so i’ve been here for total about a. month. and uh yeah. so i’m gonna break this down really into. three tiers i’ve really dealt with kind. of three type of women. uh so far. here in the country. uh one. type i could say i’ve dealt with kind of. the exciting pleasure slash working type. woman um you know one one night it was. around 11 o’clock i had matched. with a nice looking young woman on. tinder. and uh she said i should come over to a. club called babylon here in las terrenas. so you know i was i’m not gonna lie to.

You i’m trying to meet new people you. know i’m new here i’m trying to get to. know new people so you know. you know. i wanted to check it out so i i was. walking because this this club was only. about like five minutes away. five or six seven minutes away from. where where i live so. um so i walked over there. and while i was walking um there was a. woman that. actually from the distance i saw that. she was kind of dancing. like from the distance while i was. walking up but then as i got closer she. you know walked across the street and. she was really talking to me a lot. she was like you know just that you know. just that that that common typical a. poppy you know where you going i think. she said that in spanish actually but um. but yeah. she was you know and she was very. aggressive like she started kind of. grinding up on me.

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You know because i had stopped to you. know say to see what she was talking. about and then you know i tried to keep. on i was just saying look i’m going to. meet somebody you know. i’m good uh she kept on talking to me. you know. she started you know grabbing up on me. you know talking you know. grabbing up the you could say the family. truly. you know she was very aggressive you. know what i’m saying in that way and. just in the middle of the street like in. the middle of this on the sidewalk and. um yeah and then she started showing me. her titties. and whatnot which you know. i think. yeah i’m pretty yeah at some point she. even tried to kiss me which that was. definitely that’s a nono because. clearly. only a working girl would be this. aggressive or maybe a girl who’s very. drunk too i don’t know but only a. working kid would be this this.

Aggressive to a stranger like that so. um and and here’s the thing the reason. why i bring up that story. or that experience really and that was. just the beginning of the experience. we’ll just and we’ll just put a cap on. on the beginning. of that um but. the reason i bring that up is because. clearly you know. whether she was a working girl or not if. and i think i’ve said this before if a. woman is is that quick. that direct then. that’s that’s just excitement and. pleasure you know i mean. don’t don’t think oh i’m super special. don’t think you know oh you know i’m the. man or whatever. in most situations like that. typically she has a she has an objective. you know and that that objective is just. clearly you know trying to get paper. trying to get money and that’s something. that you know. if you come here to make in public you.

Dating Santo Domingo wanna hang out don

See a lot of i mean it’s obvious i mean. and it’s understandable but but yeah so. that that was kind of the excitement. pleasure. experience that was one of the. experiences i also have some other uh. not saying that i was initiating it but. just some things that have you know they. happen and then we get to the second. tier which i consider the second tier to. be kind of like the um. the helper ayudante dante is i think. helper i’m pretty sure in spanish the. the like assistant type tier which. to me is like really it’s not even. really like dating but like you know. maybe you you you start talking to. somebody. talking to a woman and you know you. realize like look she’s probably not. relationship material maybe. but. and she’s not relationship material and. she’s not really coming at you as. aggressive as a tier three but she’s.

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Still. coming at you like you know with like oh. you know i need you know money for my. baby uh you know i’m sick blah blah blah. coming at you like this. and so as a man. you know you have to to be like you know. you have to look at your pockets and be. like oh you know. can i can i help in some way can she. help me in some way you know and and and. these type of women it’s like you know. it’s like. i mean could you make it sensual and. sexual i mean you could but also you. know you could turn it into something. else which is why i call it the iudante. the helper uh stage which you know look. if you need some cooking done if you. need some cleaning done you know maybe. she could help you out in that way and. you know you’re able to you know you. know give her a little some some and you. know keep it moving. so uh to me that’s also kind of another.

Tier. that i have noticed i have seen i’ve. kind of slightly. very slightly experienced so so yes. that’s another tier i’ve noticed kind of. observed here and then the final tier. is the what i call the the relationship. tier. which is is probably the scariest tier. it’s probably the scariest tier out of. all of them but and the reason i say. that is because. you know when you find. somebody that you know actually just. likes you for you that’s not asking you. for money you know it’s like not asking. you to do x y and z that they like they. just want to hang out you know what i’m. saying like you made plans to do stuff. you know what i’m saying like hey let’s. do this on this weekend okay cool let’s. do that. and there’s not that extra oh but you. know i need you i need you to pay this. or i need this amount of money for my.

Time blah blah blah you know so this is. called i call kind of the the. relationship and the reason i say it’s a. little bit scary because you know it’s. difficult because you know. it’s easy. i think for for some people if they’re. not used to a lot of attention if. they’re not used to kind of you know the. the you know this type of this type of. lifestyle. to think maybe that the tier two. is a tier one is i think it’s very easy. to get caught up in that thinking but. this yeah you have to be careful you. have to keep you know keep your head on. the swivel uh if you will but. at the end of the day yeah so to me a. tier one is just the type of girl that. you know really likes you for you and. just really like likes hanging out and. you have a good time with her and also. the last thing i add about tier one is. you feel at peace.

With this person. i think that’s that’s really what’s. different about tier one compared to. especially tier three. tier two. is is uh is tricky but especially with. tier three. like. after you’ve done whatever you’ve done. you there’s. there’s no peace. there’s no you’re just you’re you’re. ready you’re ready to bounce you don’t. wanna you don’t wanna be around don’t. wanna hang out don’t wanna you know stay. stay after hours you know you’re just. ready to bounce but with tier one you. feel a lot of peace just hanging out you. can talk for hours you know just chill. and do whatever you know and sometimes. for some guys maybe they don’t speak. spanish but still they’re able just to. feel that peace so to me. i would say so far. those are the the three tiers. that. i have experienced. i mean some more than others but you.

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