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Dating Russian Men you can

In this video i will tell you what. russian men. look for in their partner trust me. you don’t want to miss this hi everyone. my name is yuri i’m originally from. vogue. russia a beautiful city in the river. volga i moved to united. states of america a while back but. many principles and many qualities. remain the same i have my russian family. here in the united states. and of course something will always stay. and be russian so i feel fairly. confident talking about. this particular subject subject of. dating so let’s get to the video. and learn more about what russian maine. looking for in their partner. it’s very important for me to trust my. partner. one experience that i had in united. states that was not good. is that people are flaky that’s the best. word to describe it. sorry for flaky you flaky. in russia i never came across someone.

Calling me. 30 minutes or 60 minutes before the date. and cancel the date. it’s just not culturally accepted it’s. deemed disrespectful. but in the united states it seems like a. common practice. someone can just call you within hour. two hours before the date and said that. they. they cannot make it i do not speak about. emergencies i speak about. because something else came up more. important or because they changed their. mind. i think it’s. it was strong yes i think it’s. um i do not like flaky people. and i don’t want to date flaky people. flakiness means that you cannot be. trusted. speaking of trust the next critical. quality i look for. in my partner is honesty. honesty is always the best policy no. matter what. honesty is the foundation of. any relationship in my opinion it. doesn’t matter good or bad. things may go badly but if you honest.

With each other. you can always recover you can always. try to find solution. if you lie to each other or if you lie. to your man. if you lied to your woman you are. creating. a horrible horrible situation for. both people so honesty. is a must quality okay next is sense of. humor. life is long and life is very hard. we got to have fun in life we got to. laugh. we got to tell jokes we got to enjoy. our time together and do things that we. enjoy to do. but sense of humor is super important i. want to have a friend. i don’t want to just have a girlfriend. just a woman i want to spend time with. you. i want to be in love with you and when. we laugh together. we have fun together we are. becoming one we are. becoming something more than just. you know lovers we becoming friends and. so to me. having someone to laugh with and having.

Someone who can approach. life in a lighthearted manner who can. bring that happiness that joy. into your life is a super. i would say to you one russian word at. lichner. at lechner means great or excellent. at lichner so sense of humor is. atletico i really really want a mature. partner a mature significant other what. that means. exactly well that means someone who. knows how to communicate. in different situations in life. how to communicate with me oneon-one. how to create good atmosphere. less emotions more intellectual. conversations. more logical conversations and look i. understand that. many women are emotional i get it. okay i get it but. men are logical so we need to meet. somewhere in the middle. we can’t be all the way here with. emotions we can be. all the way here with logic so we need. to find a common ground okay.

So little some emotion some logic. okay come together in the middle find a. solution. i want someone who understands that of. course. i will have to do my part and sometimes. just. listen and sometimes just be emotional. with her and support. her i understand okay but i also think. that. my partner my woman need to understand. that it’s not always about emotion. that she needs to also come to this side. and just think in terms of how to. approach. something logically not just from. emotional standpoint. next thing it would really help. to have someone who at least remotely. understands russian culture because. if you don’t understand russian culture. at all. it would be very difficult for you to. understand a russian man. what i mean by that is that russian. culture is conservative in nature. there are certain customs that we have.

In russia. there is certain traditions that we have. in russia you don’t have to know. all of it but you have to understand. mindset. at least remotely so when i say we are. conservative. we are not acting familiar with people. that we don’t know. we don’t speak very personally with. people we don’t know. it takes time for russian people to warm. up to other people. it’s not because we called it’s because. culturally we raised that way okay. and so it’s important for other people. to understand. that’s a cultural thing it’s not a. personal thing. or individual preference it’s a really. cultural. aspect of russian. culture all together okay so if you. understand that. you’re already ahead of the game you. already know how to approach certain. situation. and how to talk with your russian. boyfriend or your russian husband.

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