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Dating Russian Men connect with my family

In this video i will tell you. what russian men are like in a. relationship. hello everyone my name is yuri in my. first video. i shared what russian men are looking. for. in their partner in this video i will. share my personal experiences. and tell you what russian men are. actually. like in the relationship themselves. let’s start with the worst case scenario. you all heard a stereotype of russian. man. drinking a lot russian men being very. strong maybe very aggressive borderline. some people even say russian men are. abusive. if you are in the situation. with the man or men doing any of those. things. please get out of the relationship. doesn’t matter where the man from or who. he is. there are no excuse for any of those. things i truly believe that. these are outliers there are bad people. everywhere russian people are no.

Exception. but please understand that there is no. black and white. you are not going to find all people. across the board. that’s going to be good or all people. across the board it’s going to be bad. i don’t care what race or what religion. what background are they from. so remember that first so don’t assume. just because person is russian. that person is going to behave a certain. way okay. this is a very bad assumption. consumption to make. for your own sake most likely you. will come across a man that’s. in the middle i put myself in this. category okay. what i mean by man in the middle this. is not a perfect man but. this man will have values. goals ambition. and this man most importantly will want. to be with you. so let me give you more examples so it’s. easy for you to understand. on my own example what do i look in the.

Relationship. and how i would act in a relationship. first of all. i believe that mutual respect need to be. there. i respect you and i expect you to. respect me. in return which means. there are lines that we never should. cross we should never be. truly disrespectful to each other we. should. listen to each other now i’ll tell you. the truth. when i was younger i did not make my. best effort. okay sometimes i discarded what my. girlfriend would say. or maybe i didn’t pay as much attention. or did not put in that effort. and that’s ah i’m honest it happened. okay part of life part of learning but. now that i’m older. i’m learning my lessons and i start to. understand that. it’s important to treat other. individuals with that most respect. okay if you want respect treat somebody. with respect. and if you treat me with respect and i.

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Don’t. appreciate you and don’t treat you with. respect back. that’s my fault that means something is. wrong with me. or i’m working maybe through some sort. of personal. issues or whatever the case may be. but respect is very very big. next communication communication. should take place everywhere because. that’s what’s going to make. life so much easier in a relationship. oftentimes people don’t see eye to eye. but when people communicate. it becomes easier to solve problems. because problems will arise. so for me personally why communication. is so important in relationship. is because i want to solve problems. i do not want to argue all the time. in fact if we argue all the time this is. one. red flag after so many. sessions arguing sessions. i start feeling being further away from. you. that pushes people further apart from.

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Each other. and i believe that this will eventually. take the relationship apart. so from my perspective i don’t want to. keep arguing. i really don’t want to argue at all but. i understand that. we cannot avoid it maybe entirely but. that’s where communication. comes in and if we argue about something. we gotta be able to. sit down and talk it over so for me. personally i don’t wanna argue all the. time. because that’s going to make me. think and feel alienated. from you and i don’t want that. trust and loyalty are very very. crucial part of relationship if i can. trust you. and you and we are loyal to each other. then our relationship has a chance to. survive. trust is the foundation of relationship. another important aspect. that i focus on a lot is. common interests things that we enjoy. doing together. why because relationship.

Is about gaining not about losing. what do i mean by that when i in a. relationship. i want to gain from a relationship i. want to grow from. a relationship i want to be better off. from a relationship in comparison. to what i was before if i cannot grow. and gain from a relationship i don’t. think it’s worth it. for me personally. and i want my significant other to feel. the same way. i have to ask myself a question what can. i bring into relationship. to allow my significant other to grow. and i want to answer that very question. myself. if i cannot answer that question and. i feel that relationship diminished me. as an individual i don’t want to be in. this relationship. why why to be in this relationship. if this relationship is distracting. in nature if that relationship is. negative. in nature so last thing in this category.

For me personally is connection with the. family. it’s very important for me to connect. with your family and it’s important for. me. your ability to connect with my family. for many russians family is everything. so if you cannot connect with my family. it makes it so much harder. for me to continue in this relationship. now of course that’s not going to. determine hundred percent. whether or not i will stay in the. relationship. i will make my own decisions because i’m. a grown man. and i still have to make my own judgment. but it makes it so much more joyful. it makes it so much more meaningful if. the connection with the family is there. you can enjoy time together. as two families instead of just two. individuals. and this is very important i don’t think. it’s a rocket science i think most. people. can make that connection.

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If they make a little effort okay. yes there are exceptions that are. difficult mom that are difficult dads. but sometimes there are difficult. boyfriends and there are difficult. girlfriends. let’s be honest so if the difficult. boyfriends and difficult. girlfriends would just meet the parents. halfway. that problem could be solved and if. parents are being stubborn. then maybe it’s time to have a. conversation with parents. or really try to understand where they. are coming from. so connection with the family is very. important as well. so far we covered disaster. russian men when you see one. and you need to run away. and we also talked about. most common scenario. so the third category. is russian unicorn. this type of man is. on the edge of extension and it’s very. rare. in nature only few people have seen. those wild creatures in the wild.

And in real life if you. have one russian unicorn who is. beautiful. has a wonderful personality never drinks. never. causes makes great money. and you think he’s a dream man. or man of your dreams. please don’t let him go. i don’t know how to define a russian. unicorn. maybe a few examples i gave would be. sufficient. but maybe it’s a perfect russian man. that you envisioned. in your mind. and whatever that vision is. maybe it does exist but i can assure you. it’s very very rare. the reality is very different. most of the time in conclusion. i want to reiterate that. at the end of the day it is not about. where the person from. but it’s about who the person is. asking questions getting to know. the person watching the behavior. evaluating the actions are the best. things you can do to determine. what kind of person this man.

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