Dating Roommate

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Dating Roommate sucks like this

SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVAHEEE GALIII. It’s going to be a good day actually I have something really special planned. You guys know my roommate heaven he’s so he’s a dwarf or a little person. He just moved on to la like I brought him out here, and I was like why not get him a girl. So we’re gonna wake him up because I think he’s still sleeping with the classic Maverick merch cannon. With the classiest merch in the game . Good morning Evan my boy. How u doin bro . I’m doing pretty good good good. It’s your big day, bro. Why I got I got something big for you really nice. It was not nothing. it’s big bro. It’s your big day walk forward buddy. I want show you the todo list. oh. My God, you know what this situation needs one?. That’s a pretty cool break. Huh yeah same thing, okay Replay action.

Now I don’t have an assistant cuz I look quit. I have to do the adult II myself let me buy something this sucks like this fullheartedly full fresh full savage full. It’s like I’m pretty excited for this you know I’m excited to do like got evan needs a girl straight up. I do you got chlogan you got layla. I don’t have anything. I took the liberty into my own hands and worked my ass off the fun perfect girl from Evidence. I know you hey. I’m vlogging just look at. This bad this game try to ignore it. Oh she is a dwarf, but she’s like the dwarf, bro. Like she’s hot dude. Yeah. She’s like the hottest dwarf. I literally look like world top 10 hottest dwarfs and she was in the list I. Didn’t know that’s the thing let anybody tell me that right, but it is dope for sure she’s gonna come over. I figured you guys go on a date put a microphone on you put a microphone on her you totally invasive and intrusive of your.

Privacy and get a good vlog. I’m such a douchebag. I. think I think that’s on the vlog every time I’m sure I know you feel weird, it’ll be a good time, but. No, they’re not stopping yeah. very difficult oh. Here we go here we go. Why do we have to do that Cutaway rest in Peace Jake Disney contrary well he still got this is the contract. How can we get them to here watch it at the ceiling? I guess so if it hits the ceiling hard enough. I’m sure later. Yeah here. What are they even making rooms? I shot Murchison ah I haven’t. How was the last time you’ve been on a real date. Me personally I went on a date last week some kind of the master. I know what you’re thinking. Yes. I did smash. So here’s here’s what you got to know about dates, bro. There’s a simple rule, and if you follow it both ends. oh What now ten out of ten?.

Ladies and gentleman let me tell you about the three C’s I wrote him on this hand first with the marker and I realized I. Messed up because it’s extreme faderesistant and confirmed this stink coming off so that I had Brendan redoing with the pen on this end. okay, scene number one as a. Compliment bro compliment the girls, how does she look she smells like so you like her face or something? Wow I really like you sure. Thanks, Low Gangster Life. Oh. Wow. Ding. Oh, sorry I’ve got an ear infection. I’m so sorry. Got row seat number to cuddle so first you compliment her and then you cuddle her. I really like your shirt. Thanks, low game for life. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, wow now. I really like your shirt. Oh. Now you’ve done the first two z’s they got 1c to go kiss you kiss her. That’s not just the King. That’s my bed. That’s you stuff ready. You make me look dumb on my blog you got a kiss there, bro otherwise.

Silver Glass Paint

She knows you’re trying to marry her bro. So practice on me. Okay, cool. Cool. What stays after this for the actual thing that said I think she’s almost here. So my boy get ready. Yeah. Evan you got this girl you got a dog. How are you? I’m added. Lovin that’s me, too. This is oscar. She’s young after you. That’s your last name. Take this. anyways. I. Said not me anymore. Really oh my God I. So I know this pretty nice restaurant down the street. Would you like to go faster?. No. It’s show time. Wait, bro. Come on calm. Oh. I came out to the states. I like six seven years ago. How’d you meet Logan?. He actually set me up some ideas of like a you want to hang out. I was like. Okay. Hi. I’m having so much fun. Also, also, there’s no microphone here. Could you hear all that? No? Yeah?. I had this ear infection my left ear ah that’s a door thing. It isn’t doing things.

Dating Roommate they got 1c

And then. Logan yeah here decided to hit me leer this one although. I hit you I grabbed you in an attempt to kiss you like. That sounds matter. Hey, how are ya? How about? Oh, there you go?. Yeah, I’m gonna hang back you guys. Go do they met for sure right? Oh. Fer sure ha ha ha I would you guys later?. Yes, not many people know about this place. It’s nice best shot called Jake Jack. Okay, so I took the fur off to stay undercover. I just saw the lovebirds walk into shake Shack interesting choice Evan urban I like it. I’ma try to stay discreet can be tough because my long blonde shot hair. Are you good bro?. Are you gonna tag me at least if you post it at Logan fall on Instagram then there, right?. I think it’s super important that Evan doesn’t forget the three C’s remember guys number one is compliments.

Oh, I hope he’s just dishing out compliments. I really like you shirt. excellent nothing. Was really good on you. Thank you. I got to say I’ve never done this before, but this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Yeah, I’m like the annoying obnoxious. Vlogger version of Cupid let’s make it people fall in love. Let me give you a cup of water. Thank you. They are very nice. Okay, they found a seat. I know I’m probably not hiding from them Brendan. And I are posted up behind a bush right now also let me just point out. It looks like Brendan has a bomb on his back. It’s not a box just microphones. I promise okay. I think it’s time for number two the second seat go for the cut 11. Yeah. What’s up? It didn’t work? Yeah, you start eating fatburger. Yeah, he’s pretty good. What do you do for a living?.

I’m an artist my paint and I oh yeah. I like to paint paintings and them so I didn’t make a living out of that oh, oh yeah. She’s Pablo picasso girl. Yeah, what kind of painted video I play and I just like pop culture like dog. so much music. Maybe you can paint a picture of me one day amy. I’m dad. You want me to paint a picture of Evan like the titanic. I want you to draw me. I. Want have you been a dwarf. I think I woke up today, and I realized that was a source. Same thing happened to me last week exactly in the legs are don’t even realize you’re an orphan here one day. You’re like. I’m a dork. My name is food and like I need to get the plate I like. Plastic, I’m glad we can relate on a level. And I was good. So I thought this would be super awkward. Oh. It’s not there here. You know man. So are you uh not gonna eat your food? I’m not really hungry honestly.

Yeah, I’m not really either. Just going to go somewhere else and damn high. So every took her to the cute little star here were sneaking up on them. I’m not quite sure how obvious it. Is that were right behind them. This is big. Yo, this is like the final moment of the day yes a bunch of just like pretty nicely to know. Got a painted horse behind us. Got a fountain. Off another boys. Why they’re just listing things that they see ya. guys. Yeah, so it’s a pretty nice place to unique not many people know about it. We hope out of like romantic a little. What do you mean what? I’m doing?. Giving you a kiss like I thought we had a nice day today. Like we went out to eat. Yeah, we went out to eat. We connected talk about a Dorset is Amanda door problems like I thought it was perfect I. Like what I ate. I. Told Logan this wait shit. So you thought we just hanging out his friend. Yeah, this was my job like all right.

We’re grabbing up my thigh not as a date like so long and I’m a husband and like I was just gonna go hang out. We’re leaving well. I’m really sorry. I was a confusion yeah, we can go now oh. No, no, no it is. She stopped so she’s still there so that I didn’t know she did not tell me that. If she did I probably did I didn’t get that information. I know I’m sorry yeah, we get a ride back. Yeah. oh, oh, oh. Hey, cop, hi. Thanks for coming doctor. Yeah, no problem. I mean good things happen. Before you go, I got some for you. Some some Maverick woman’s March because your maverick. Hey, there you go. Sorry be right down. No. I’m sorry. No. I got I got good news. What number to toss out though. Oh. oh, oh. I hold you to a day. I will do. things like that still. Okay, locate that is the vlog I feel bad really bad that I let m.

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