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Hey guys no doubt you’ve been working. hard on your tinder bumble hinge insert. online dating profile here for quite. some time and one of the difficult. things is you often don’t know how your. profiles really ultimately supposed to. look right because no one really tells. you this is what a profile looks like. that gets results. now it’s sure you can go ahead and do a. Google search but what you often find is. examples of this is that the perfect. tinder profile or here are the five best. tinder profiles of men in the whole of. United States and so often those. profiles can feel a little bit. unobtainable so today what I’m gonna do. is I’m gonna share with you some. examples of realworld tinder profiles. that I’ve gotten from my tinder. community of guys that I know are. getting good results not perfect but. good results so you can see roughly what.

Level you need to get your tinder. profile to to start getting the results. that you want so before I get stuck into. the profiles I’ll just let you know how. I set this up I actually called out to a. few guys in my tinder Facebook group. guys that I know are getting some decent. results and I said to them hey would you. mind sharing your profiles with me so. that I can you know do a video review of. them for you for free so I’m gonna. review these as well and also so guys. can see what kind of profiles getting. what kind of results so before I share. these with you I want to let you know. none of these are perfect I don’t think. there is a perfect tinder profile. there’s always room for improvement in. all of these I’m not saying these that. the ideal I’m saying here are guys. profiles that are getting results.

They’re real profiles by guys who’ve. worked on them guys of different looks. rageous some of these guys are really. attractive some of these guys more. average yet they’re getting results on. tinder so I’m gonna share this with you. and you can see a variety of different. styles different types of profiles that. you know again matches and getting. swipes so let’s get in and let’s have a. look so the first guy I want to look at. is Ben Benjamin so if you have a look at. Benjamin’s profile here unfortunately I. don’t have isolated images for each of. his profile pictures but you can see. them well enough here so looking. straight off the bat the first photo. that Ben’s got is pretty good it’s a. profile shot it’s wealth it’s you know. well taken it looks. oh that’s really great his second photo. is his him with a dog I always loved.

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Photos with animals I wouldn’t put it. second ideally for Ben’s profile here if. you look at photo number four. it’s another or four or maybe photo. number seven they’re both really good. quality like goodlooking what I call a. money shot I would put one of them. second because I usually like to do the. onetwo punch with those money shots. going on here’s got if you look at photo. number three six and seven he’s got. three lots of social shots you know what. for me that’s too many social photos. really I’d rather cut them down and fill. that space with something else my. favorite of those is number six and I’ll. tell you oh maybe no number nine I think. is my favorite now the reason I say. number nine is the one to keep and it’s. the social shot that’s my favorite is. that all of you look pretty happy. together like you look the most happy.

And I think you all look the best. dressed so it’s the most and it’s the. highest quality all together so that’s. why all those things together if you’re. gonna be used the social shots gonna be. a shot we’re all looking happy together. he’s also got photos of him with animals. he’s got a soccer photo which is great. so he can playing a sport doing. something active and what is probably a. travel photo of you sitting next to a. monument which is fine if I were how. would I improve this photo look it’s. pretty great already how would I improve. it. I would add in possibly a couple more. what I call fancy shots so I’d like to. see a shot of you in a suit maybe you at. a nice meal looking fancy or you at like. some sort of more travel shots to show. you living a more this show a little bit. more about your lifestyle situations.

Where a woman would like to picture. herself sitting next to you the kind of. thing you’d want to add in here because. you could get rid of some of those. social shots and replace them with. something more otherwise though I’d rate. this maybe an 8 out of 10 9 out of 10. there’s you know I’m sure I mean I know. Ben’s getting some great results with. this already I’m just giving him ways. that he can continue to improve now if. you have a look at what Ben wrote in his. profile he’s written 186 centimeters. yeah. always if you’re over 6 foot 3 height in. there I’m not I’m 5 foot 8 so I don’t. say about my height I don’t say. anything I wait for a woman to ask me if. it’s important to me she can ask then. I’ll be honest I’ll tell but I’m not. going to advertise my by short a Stinson. by profile but if you have a 6 foot as.

Ben is definitely mention it as he has. here. he’s written use flags for his. nationality mentioned that he’s a. teacher he’s written great oral skills I. kind of like this because it’s a double. entendre and I would be really surprised. Ben if you’re watching this video go. ahead and mention the comments blog be. really surprised if you didn’t get some. women making double entendre jokes about. that from your post role and if you do. that’s great it means they’ve picked up. on it over 30 countries visited again. this is really high quality I like this. for proof don’t say you you rich and. make lots of money and demonstrate that. you have an interesting life that you’d. like to be a part of saved a cat from a. burning house expert cuddler play the. sports eat these foods drink coffee and. wine I can teach you a lot about wines.

My weakness is blonde angel face cool so. what would I change about this look. ideally it’s a little long but I don’t. hate it because it’s easy consume and. one thing the my weakness is down the. bottom I don’t know why and this has. just got instinct doesn’t feel great I. think it’s good to say what you’d like M. blonde angel I don’t know why this kind. of doesn’t trigger me it’s the wrong. word I don’t hate the word triggered but. it applies a red flag off in my head. that you may be inadvertently turning. women off or making them think you could. be racist or making them think I mean. these things can be red flags and when. you women are looking a lot of guys. profiles any whiff of something negative. can push them into the no category so I. would maybe be a little bit more. cautious with that I’ll rephrase that.

Slightly because I don’t think there’s. nothing wrong with saying the type of. women you want another thing to think. about is do you like brunettes if you. don’t like them at all okay but if you. don’t mind matching with some hot. brunettes maybe don’t make that a. requirement anyway just a thought there. and going on gut instinct that might be. not such a big deal but it’s flagging. for me so it’s worth paying some. attention to so yeah I look Ben does. really well against lots of matches gets. gets good amount of dates this is a. solid profile overall I’ve given some. room for improvement but you know. basically I like what he’s got going on. here so let’s go on let’s have a look at. the next one next we’re gonna have a. look at a sandrich now sandrich has. worked super hard on his profile I mean. sandrich is on tinder like a lot and has.

Been on for a lot for a long time he’s a. really highlevel contributor on my. group as well. now as you can see here in his profile. he’s got some really highquality shots. now it’s Andric changes his profiles a. lot as well like he does so much testing. he’s like one of the few people that do. not as much as I do but yeah he does a. lot of testing constantly swapping out. photos constantly trying things. constantly resetting his profile so no. surprise here that sandrich has a really. good profile overall now it doesn’t mean. that I think it’s perfect and I know. that sad Rick and I disagree on a few. things here we’re a bit at odds but I’m. gonna give my feedback on this so what’s. he got first of all it’s got the onetwo. punch of those two super highquality. modeling shots I’m you can see that his. well dressed is looking really sharp I.

Mean it’s got the whole male model thing. going on these photos yes and ryx a. goodlooking guy I also put him up. because I know so many guys say look and. YouTube online dating is useless if. you’re not white so I definitely want to. include sender Cassandra kills it. unfortunately he’s been he’s killed it. too much in his local city off and in. other words he’s just burned out his. local city but anytime he makes it any. other city he like absolutely kills it. still so you know the race is not. playing against him here he’s got a. situational shot photo number three now. with photo number three here I will say. this to me this is not adding a lot it’s. sort of it’s it’s a filler photo and I. think you could put something else there. what that something else will be I’ll. get back to in a second as I go through.

And sort of talk about the rest of the. photos photo four is fantastic it’s a. really great quality sports shot showing. and doing something interesting a great. lifestyle going to the snow something. well what I do further number five is is. one of the points of contention I think. between sandrich and myself I it can. demonstrate value because he’s on a nice. big yacht there he’s showing off his. good body I don’t know how are you you. know I’d love to do more testing with. this photo because it can also be a red. flag this guy loves himself he’s trying. to show off yadda yadda yadda but on the. other side it’s showing a cool lifestyle. so sound ryx using it and as I said is. getting good results so it’s obviously. not too big a turnoff so he’s got that. in there as a lifestyle shot as well. most women would love to be on that.

Yacht with him no surprises photo number. six is sandrich social photo I like it I. don’t I mean I like it but I don’t love. it tell you a couple of things that I’m. I’m if he about with this photo one it’s. a woman and if you’re using a social. photo of yourself in tinder of you with. a woman next to you it’s really easy for. her to come across as your ex or your. current girlfriend that you’re just kind. of sneaking that photo in there women. can often frequently cite that as a. turnoff of guys with with you know a. girl with them alone if you’re gonna use. a social shot I’d rather it was you with. a group that’s mixed some girls some. guys and everyone looks happy so you. know I’m not a hundred percent pleased. with it it doesn’t necessarily look like. his girlfriend so you know it’s it’s. okay but it doesn’t look like she’s.

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Happy and laughing and having a good. time if you’re gonna use a social photo. for social proof in your tinder try to. use one where everyone’s laughing or how. super happy together because the happy. everyone looks together with you that’s. the high level social proof right not. just here here is myself with random. strangers who are tolerating my presence. right it’s like here’s a group of people. we’re all laughing together and having a. great time I’d like to see that and I’d. like to see that a special in Sandra’s. profile because he’s coming up so super. polished as you can probably see her. like all these photos are super high. quality there’s nothing that’s like more. regular and in general and dayto-day. and that for a lot of women is gonna. make him feel fake or imageobsessed. right and and there are a lot of some of.

Them will be okay with it but a lot of. women again like I don’t want a guy. who’s highmaintenance than I am a. little weird a lot of women give that. feedback again guys when the profiles. seem to perfect is one of the things I. learned for myself as well because I got. a lot of great really high quality. photos from like running company for ten. years and you know just I’m a. photographer so I got a lot of. photographer friends and so I’ve got a. lot of great photos of myself but I. learned that to soften up my image and. bring in some photos that are far less. professionallooking can really improve. your matches and not hurt your match. rates on tinder so for guys like Sandra. could have a lot of really great photos. I find that helps a lot photo servant of. Sandra with a dog yep good photo. nice photo I’d rather the dog was.

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Jumping around laughing and playing on. him but as far as a dog shot that’s fine. always like the animal shots always. builds your points and does help to. soften up your profile which is why I’m. glad sandrich has it here and photo. number eight I mean look mate that’s a. really that’s a great photo of you I. mean all these photos really a great. photo you’ve got no shortage of photos. so that’s good I mean look overall it’s. a good profile and and you. we’ll get results I can think of ways. you can improve it that I think you can. improve it anyway I’d like to soften it. up a bit but no surprises here that. Sandra’s getting a ton of results now. those of you watching you’re probably. thinking of course he is is a really. goodlooking guy with a great body and. you know great I mean good good for you. Cedric he’s doing good results in his so.

He should so let’s go on from Sandra’s. profile and we’ll go into Denzel now. caveat Denzel is he’s one of my coaches. he works for me it works for me for many. many years now. Denzel strength is approaching cold. approaching the street out in a club I. mean Denzel is never like short of. having women on his arms I’ve been out. to events with him and we’ve had an. absolute blast together. so Denzel is an approaching coach he’s. not a tinder coach a but he uses his. tinder profile for fun right and so. what’s tinder denzel’s focus has always. been has been on quality not quantity so. he’s looking for like you know exactly. the right kind of girl that’s gonna show. up in his profile when I show you in a. minute all right there definitely things. I want to prove about his profile but I. know for a fact that Denzel gets some.

Really great not just the matches and. dates I know denzel’s getting laid. really well off of tinder. hopefully the doesn’t hurt his chances. to any women watching this in Sidney. better let’s go ahead and have a look. now so this is denzel’s first photo and. now you’ll notice that it’s got the. catch the week banner over the top it is. a patent interrupt and it’s been working. really well for him I’m actually. surprised that tynda hasn’t taken that. down christen it can be a little touchy. about using the logos anywhere but. evidently tinder hasn’t minded and and. it’s done really well for I’m having. that patent interrupt there with the. catch of the week on there and and that. main photo the only thing for me with. this main photo I will say it’s a little. low quality for my liking but it is a. good shot it’s a flattering shot Eric.

And you’ve there are more attractive. shots of you mate because I know you and. I know that you can get more attractive. shots in fact I think I’ve you’ve got. some in here that are more attractive so. I think you’d you know would be worth. trying to swap them out leave that catch. of the week if it’s working for you and. try swapping other ones out going on. denzel’s got now as his second photo. he’s got this one here of him with the. devil horns and the red eyes just a. filter is is put over the top I think. it’s a fun photo to have in here. what I would do is I wouldn’t put as. your second photo because I want to have. your second photo as something that you. know the onetwo punch is I’m a huge fan. of and this is this is more the fun. photo you know the kind of saying. something about you like I’m a bit. naughty I’m a bit bad which is fine.

I wouldn’t put as your second one though. third photo may the man in the in the. airline suit women will absolutely love. this like I know I’ve used this in my. own profile I’ve used when I go to. Halloween I always dress up as. servicemen of some sort and women just. go nuts for it so you and this airline. cost you like women are gonna absolutely. love it plus you’ve got a little bit of. the porn star to you in this photo I. would definitely suggest trying this out. as your first photo now this is a selfie. and usually selfies are a massive nono. on tinder and any online dating profile. for guys but you know this is such a. great shot it hit so many like trigger. points like net positive points like. attraction hot points for women that I. think I honestly think you should really. trial moving this up the rank up the cab.

Maybe even making your first wait I. think there’s women are just gonna. absolutely lose their minds over this. photo especially given that this is a. profile that you’re all going to. discover soon there’s a profile that’s. designed to get to get women who are. eager to go now rather than to you know. try to get relationships and like I. thing you know it’s any woman who’s. looking for now is gonna look for like. just gonna be you know love this shot so. yeah I reckon move this up in the range. even though it’s a selfie and guys I. don’t like selfies but as this. demonstrates there are exceptions to. every single rule in online dating. sometimes there’s a reason why I think. even though it’s a selfie don’t get rid. of it in fact maybe even consider making. your first photo there’s always. exceptions and so that’s where that’s.

Where there’s no absolute hard and fast. rules for online dating if you know what. you’re doing and if you don’t it is I. mean if you don’t really know if you’re. not a hunter sit sure don’t yourself is. this the general to use going on is got. Denny on a bike which is great because. up till now it’s kind of being more high. quality shots portraiture images of. himself we want to show Denny being a. real guy which has done him doing the. the dirt bike riding which is good I. love that being in there next we’ve got. Denny out with a mate he’s got a dog in. the background. it’s kind of him trying to sneak in a. shot of him with an animal you know what. mate now I know that Denny’s got other. shots so Denny has a photo of himself. with a little lamb that he uses as his. Skype photo right and he’s kind of he’s. nursing the little lamb and I reckon use.

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That night but that will absolutely make. women lose their minds it’s super cute. it’s a big Chuckster position against. you know the other hotshots of you and. it will really soften up I think it will. it’ll hit more points and get more women. interested in matching with you so I. reckon throw that one in there even. though it’s a really soft photo I think. we’re gonna gonna dig it but this is a. good photo it’s a nice social shot you. out with a mate. and lastly is your real social shop. which I do like I wish it wasn’t. portrait I wish it was landscape wait up. yeah I wish it wasn’t landscape I wish. it was portrait but nonetheless it is. you with a bunch of friends smiling like. mofos having a really great time which. is exactly the kind of thing that I want. to see in a social shot on your photo on. your tinder so yeah I bring in a.

Different animal shot to supplement that. and that other one that that that fourth. one that you’ve got up there and I. reckon that’s gonna perform heaps better. so overall I’d cut it looking at your. photos I’d say that’s kind of a it’s an. 8 out of 10 it’s a good photo it’s a. good profile definitely if you change. that order a little bit and throw in a. really cute animal photo I think that’ll. give you that bit more of an edge so. let’s have a look at what Denny’s. written in his profile this is really. different to what I would recommend to. guys but I know it works for him. I won’t boss you around unless you’re. naked swipe right if you think you’ve. got a cute ass I absolutely love that I. think it’s dangerous as all hell but. it’s great profile then he says six foot. and he mentions his is a nationality.

Background this is a profile description. that’s gone it’s gonna get matches it’s. gonna get it’s gonna focus only on women. who are open to casual write open to. like you know really quick sex which is. great and I got to say if Danny wanted. to get more matches if we want to. broaden his search range he could he. would remove a lot of the the sexual. innuendo here but he can do it because. he knows his getting matches and he also. knows that the lower number of matches. he does get he’s going to convert Denny. has a really high conversion rate so. he’s got a lot of skill with his texting. when he’s missed. jingles and he gets a lot of them turned. into dates and a lot of those turned. into sex he’s really good at it that’s. why he can get away with having such a. direct profile I wouldn’t recommend that. for guys who have who have questionable.

Or are still learning their skills there. the texting skills are still getting a. lot of flaking or whatnot if you do this. you’re just gonna see your results. plummet and you’re just not going to be. able to recover so wait until you’ve got. the skill set to back it up. which Danny does have now lastly I want. to have a look at Alex’s profile now. Alex’s profile is is it gets results. it’s probably the least high performing. of those that I’ve shown but I wanted to. bring Alex’s in because I want to show. you that you don’t have to have a really. highly well curated and put together. tinder profile yet to get results you. know it’s a more dayto-day tinder. profile there’s definitely room for. improvement but it’s getting the results. and so yeah I want to share with you so. you can see what he’s got going on so.

This is Alex’s first photo now Alex it’s. good in the sense that it’s a nice. portrait shot it’s showing you being. chill it’s showing you in a nice. environment it’s too dark for my liking. I can’t see your eyes and women need to. be able to see your eyes that’s going to. help you a lot here men to to get better. results it’s also I think you can get a. more attractive photo of you it’s not an. unattractive photo I’m not dissing it. but I think you can do better for a. first shot remember that first photo is. the most important photo that you can. have on your tinder going on okay we got. you chilling out by a pool table it’s. situational I don’t think this is bad at. all. do I do I dislike it do I like it I like. it it’s okay for a second shot let’s see. what else you’ve got going on this is. your third photo I love this I think you.

Should really be using this as your. first photo if I’ve got to be honest I. think maybe make this your first and the. other one make it your second sorry make. this your first and make your current. first photo your second from what I’ve. seen so far is where I’d go with this. because this is really great I like it I. think we’re gonna gonna dig it it’s. gonna really rope them in okay you next. one okay this is this is too similar to. your second photo and it’s not adding. anything new or anything different I. would change this out with something. else because it’s too much of the same. same it’s looking too similar here we. need some variation. your profile and this is your fourth. photo and again I gotta say the same. thing it’s like the same clothing again. I can’t see your face what’s the setting. it’s not like locationally great it’s.

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Like a nothing photo it’s not giving. anything to you now given the photos. that you’ve got I know you’re getting. okay results you know you getting. matches things are going aright you can. definitely do heaps better man and I’m. not trying to diss your profile I can. see why you’re getting some results but. I would definitely change the order you. need some social shots you with some. friends great if you can get an animal. shot in there and yeah some varieties. some more kind of photos with women. would like to see themselves next to you. is what I’d like to see so there’s. definite room for space to get improve. your match rate considerably which is. nice to see right you’re doing okay. ready but you can definitely do better. what have you written in your profile oh. I don’t have that I don’t have your. profile description that’s fine mate.

Look from what I’ve seen from your. photos okay you can make improvements so. so that’s Alex again room for. improvement there always is for all the. guys so for those of you watching and I. hope you can see that okay some of these. profiles more heavily curated than. others some of these guys are more or. less goodlooking than each other. but the main deal is that there are a. variety of ways to get results on tinder. and I hope that you’ve seen some some. inspirations some things that I have. like the guys does this I like this guy. does that I’m gonna steal this idea I. hope you can see if your profile isn’t. performing what you need to change to. try to improve the results that you can. said I know all these guys are getting. results I know that they’re doing well. enough and that’s why I’m decided to. review their profiles here if you’re.

Struggling yourself to try to find some. good photos for your profile whether. it’s tinder bumble hinge or any of the. other online dating profiles I’ve got a. free cheat sheet so that’s a a 21point. cheat sheet you can go ahead and. download it or throw the link up here or. down in the links below but basically. it’s a whole bunch of rules of thumb. that you should be using when choosing. the best photos for your online dating. profile so you can get the absolute best. results possible so go ahead and. download that it’s free as I said so you. don’t want to miss out. it’s the feather rest have you found. this video interesting would you like to. see more of these would you like to see. me do more reviews. of people’s profiles let me know is this. is educational this is of interest I’m. gonna do more of them if not I won’t so.

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