Dating Over 50

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Hi I’m Jackie Sabra and I’m going to. talk to you about dating over 50 hi I’m. Jackie Sabra and those of you who don’t. know me I’m the CEO of engaged at any. age a company that teaches women had a. deliberately date and consciously create. the man of their dreams. I married my own soulmate match husband. Michael after being single for eight. years and I’m still on the honeymoon and. excited about helping you get engaged at. any age and today I’m gonna talk to you. about six rules for dating over 50 so. let’s dive right in okay ladies dating. over 50 is really exciting and I I just. I just love dating number 50 because. this is when you come into your wisdom. years and you can bring so much wisdom. and so much genuine often authentic. presence to each each interaction you. have with men so that’s why I think. dating over 50 is really exciting and.

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And beyond because you’re really coming. into a place in your life when you’re. starting to put yourself first and. that’s really attractive to a man you. have healthy boundaries and that’s. really attractive to a man so let’s talk. about the six tips that I’m gonna give. you about dating over 50 okay and so. make sure you stay to the very end. because I have a free view that I want. to share with you. and if you like the content make sure. you share like and subscribe to my. channel so you never miss another. episode. okay let’s dive right in dating over 50. the first tip I want to give you is. don’t bond over your baggage and I think. you know what this means but it’s easy. to do because you’ve both been hurt. you’re divorced you’ve never been. married you’re a widow whatever the. cases there is there’s a story there but.

When you get caught in your story lines. about your past it derails. the opportunity for you to build. something going forward okay and so if. if one of you starts to go into the past. you need to gently guide that. conversation back to what’s happening in. the now and I like to use a word. intervene if a man’s going on and on. about his exwife and you guys find. yourself discussing it and you notice it. you know you can bring the bring. bring it to the tension you can lean. forward and put your hand on his on its. forearm and you can say I need to. intervene I’m sorry I don’t mean to. interrupt you I just want to intervene. for a moment because I’m just noticing. well we’re going off on this tangent. talking about our past and I’m really. really want to get to know you and talk. about you know what’s going on today and.

In the future. so how do you feel about switching the. topic and kind of let the let that go. and let’s move on because what happened. is you’re not gonna have a second date. he’s gonna reveal something you’re gonna. refill something you’re gonna feel very. vulnerable like you over shared and. because you probably did and it’s gonna. also tell him if you’re doing the. oversharing that you’re still stuck on. your on your exhusband or you’re still. tucking that painful experience and. that’s not something that’s gonna get. you to a second date so limit what you. share make sure you have a positive spin. on it and if you need to talk about it. ask him so would you learn about your. what you learn in your first marriage. you know what what did you learn in your. last relationship what is the most. important thing you took away that’s a.

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Really positive way to approach that so. don’t bond over your baggage so the. second rule in dating over 50 years. don’t call him unless he calls you you. need him to chase you and men over 50. they know exactly what they’re doing and. they know exactly what they want and. they know if they want you or not and so. as much as it hurts if a man doesn’t. call you when he says he’s going to you. cannot call him you cannot chase a man. you don’t want to start the relationship. off in the masculine energy so if he. doesn’t call you just know that he’s not. a match it’s not a rejection it’s just a. redirection not a rejection just a. redirection so just let it go and move. on to the next one because if you call. him it’s gonna be very awkward so we. sometimes men don’t call you because. they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

They don’t want to hurt your feelings. they’ll say I’m gonna call you but they. don’t because they don’t want to hurt. your feelings on the date they have. sisters and mothers who have told them. don’t hurt a girl’s feelings so they’re. gonna be very careful not to hurt your. feelings on a date so let that go. there’s so many men out there the law. the sooner you let go the sooner. somebody else can show up okay let’s. move on to the third rule in dating over. 50 okay this is the big one ladies. don’t have sex until you’re ready to. have sex and don’t have sex until you. have established what it the. relationship is because if you’re. watching this I’m always teaching women. how to get into committed relationships. and get married. and/or so I that’s that’s where I’m. where I’m coming from because I know. what it is to be in a committed.

Relationship be married over 50 and it’s. the most incredible experience of my. life it is the most amazing relationship. I’ve ever had with myself and with my. husband and I want that for you and so. if you’re over 50 and you’re watching. this definitely do not sleep with men. until thee they have expressed an. interest in being exclusive with you. you’ve had that STD talk talking about. you know your sexually transmitted. diseases where you stand with your. health and what your plans for the. future are you deserve to know what this. man has in mind for you believe me he. has a vision you need to find out what. it is before you sleep with him because. you’re gonna wake up the next day and. wonder is he gonna even call you are you. just now friends with benefits and that. is the worst feeling ladies that you. could ever have when you’re over 50.

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Because you know you have not been sure. to yourself because you really do want. to be in a committed relationship or be. married since just don’t do it wait at. least a month believe me a good man who. is interested in you and sees a future. with you will be patient we’ll wait till. you’re ready and and also will want to. have those conversations also I mean if. he’s a mature man he wants to know what. your history is he wants to know what. you want and what your vision is so wait. to have sex wait to give him the cookie. ladies that’s like the big bonus that’s. after he’s you know showed with his. actions his consistency his behavior. these really sees you in his life. longterm so save that so the fourth tip. for dating over 50 is I want you to stop. being so picky okay. stop being so picky that’s a fourth tip.

And how you can do this is find out. three things that you can appreciate. about him when you’re on the date find. out three things so here’s the thing not. every man’s gonna be your cup of tea. you’re gonna go out on a date go he’s. shorter than he said or he. he’s got a maybe he’s got a little bit. of a belly there he’s got less hair or. whatever it is it’s turning you off. but here’s the thing you’re type in the. past has not worked out that’s where. you’re so single and watching this this. this video right so I want you to find. three things to appreciate about him and. here’s why for one it’ll keep that smile. on your face keep you uplifted during. your conversation with him two is. because what you focus on expands and. when you think about all the things you. appreciate about him. like maybe that he was on time simplest.

Things like that maybe you like the way. he talked to the waiter maybe you like. the way he pulled your chair up even if. he’s not a fit for you find those three. things to appreciate about him because. here’s the thing. when you focus on things that you don’t. like those expand as well so basically. in essence you’re the law of attraction. you know it’s always working. you may not believe in the law of. attraction but believe me the law of. attraction believes in you because it’s. energy so if you’re looking at the. energy around what you don’t like you’re. gonna be getting more of that but if. you’re finding the three things to. appreciate about him then you’re going. to be getting more of those things on. the next day you’re gonna be making that. expand and that’s really important. because we’re just I think that when we.

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Hit over 50 we can become very picky. very set in our ways but that limits our. possibilities and it shuts us down and. rigid thinking lacks flexibility I’ve. met so many interesting men that are. tall thin sure bald mustaches whatever. there’s incredible men don’t judge a. book by it’s cover. get to know him keep an open mind all. right let’s move on to tip number number. five for dating over 50 now make sure. you stay to the end because I want to. tell you about my freebie okay don’t. listen I want you to flirt like a woman. you’re a woman now and there’s so many. ways that you can flirt when you’re on a. date with the man there’s the nonverbal. communication and there’s physical. communication and there’s verbal. communication there’s so many ways to. let him know that you let your nd hem. and a flirting turns a man on like.

Nothing else does and it shows you. you’re really confident and so you can. use your body language for one you can. lean in and smile. I’m always saying smile smile smile. smile I love to smile it means you’re. happy right men are looking for happy. content woman so you can also tuck your. hair behind your ear not to know you’re. listening. play with your hair a little bit that’s. a very summonin thing to do and this. isn’t being coy. it’s it’s it’s sweet it’s pretty we’re. women this is what we do so go ahead and. do it on a date because you’ll get the. response that you want um another thing. that you can do is you can touch him put. your hand on his forearm when he makes a. comment about something he did you can. be like wow I’m really impressed by that. lean forward smile at him put your hand. on his arms and the best flirt that you.

Can ever have with the man is when you. compliment him men love compliments just. as much as we do compliment him on his. achievement say wow I’m really impressed. with your work ethic. that’s incredible well I can’t believe. that you you know you you you did that. that triathlon I am blown away that’s. really really impressive that must have. been really challenging and you’re like. you’re like a rock star you know. whatever it is your language is I mean. you don’t want to talk like me but. certainly yeah show appreciation. verbally compliment him because he’s. gonna love it you can say you’re you. know you’ve gotta got it going on there. with the with your clothes and really. like the way you dress so pay us some. compliments because it’s going to go a. long way in his book it’s very feminine. and and and be generous be generous do.

You with your compliments because you do. want to get married in being a committed. relationship and a man is going to ask. you out again if he feels good in your. presence that’s the key okay the sixth. and final tip that I’m gonna give you. for dating over 50 is let the. conversation flow but make sure you get. a word in edgewise I mean do not let a. guy just ramble on and on and on that is. just so frustrating right and I know. some of you don’t speak your truth maybe. you’re you’re in invert introverted and. you don’t speak up but don’t let a man. run away with the show sometimes they. just don’t even realize they’re. dominating the conversation so it’s up. to you to again use that word to. intervene. okay if he’s talking too much lean. forward put your hand on his forum and. say I I’m sorry I don’t mean to.

Interrupt you or be rude but would you. mind if I shared with you about this. trip that I took I’m really excited and. I think it’s relevant to what you’re. sharing and and then he’ll get the cute. clue he will he’ll pick it up and. hopefully he will and if he doesn’t you. can do it again and if he doesn’t make. it a little bit about you you’re not. gonna want to go out with him again. anyway so it’s worth you taking the risk. on this date by intervening and and. asking him to talk about something. different and again I love the word. intervening so you can just say oh I. hate to intervene but I want I know. we’re we’re we’re limited on our time. and I’m I’m excited about sharing. something with you that I think you’re. gonna be interested in are you game and. then see what he does see what he does. with that Oh everything he does on that.

Date is giving you information whether. or not you even want to go out with him. again plus you have to show up more. genuine and more authentic and being. honest and and how you’re feeling about. him. talking more than you is really. important okay so so take take control. of that situation so it doesn’t get out. of control no let me tell you about my. freebie ladies goto soulmate and. take my quick quiz it’s my soulmate. assessment it’s going to tell you how. close you are to attracting your. soulmate by what frequency you’re. vibrating at and I’m going to send you. your result and a feminine exercise. which will help you to get further into. alignment so you can fasttrack your. ability to manifest your soulmate and. this really works so make sure you take. that soulmate take the short quiz and and I’ll send.

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