Dating Over 50

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Hey good morning everybody. it is me lisa the love coach here. founder of i’m. hoping you can hear me okay. i’m gonna see who comes on here if. you’re finding this video. on uh instagram or youtube give it a. like give it a share give it comments. below let me know where in the world. you’re seeing me from i love connecting. with people from all over the world. and today i am talking about health and. wellness. a good healthy sex life a lot of people. blabbing right a lot of. blabbity blab. but they don’t have the actions to back. it up and you know me. right when words don’t match the actions. the words are and i don’t care. about calling people. out on it so i was inspired. to do this video because i. am 50 and i am. all about living my best life i feel. like the next. chapter of my life the next 75 um let me.

See. 75 wow man um the next 25. so i’m 50 so to 75 right this is like a. big push this is like the time to make. the most. money to have the most adventures to. really build something special. in life right and uh so i got to be in. shape in order to do that right. and so i wanted to just kind of come on. today. and like throw some facts right i just. want to just. really be clear about. stuff that people say and what people. need to be doing over the age of 45 so. that they can live their best life. right so. here’s the deal there are men out there. right men out there and this is a big. beef that women have with men. over a certain age i’m going to give it. to you really straight. this is a common common complaint that i. hear. from women right so here’s women like my. age 50. pretty young still you know young. spirited 50 right doing their thing.

And the gym is right behind me that’s. why i’m walking around because i want. good light. i’m going to go in the gym with you guys. in a minute but and start on. i don’t know whatever machine elliptical. i don’t know whatever i’ll figure it out. but. here’s the thing men. older men they love to run. their mouth off about. how much sex they want to have how. healthy they want to live. oh i’m young i’m young spirited. oh yeah hang with me and they all want. younger women oh i want a young woman. i want somebody hot on my arm. i want someone who’s in shape i want. someone who’s taking care of herself. right look at me ready to work out got. my workout short sneakers the whole. thing. okay yeah young spirited somebody who. can hang. hmm okay cool love that. love that love where your head’s at bro. love it. i want the same amazing love that you.

Know it’s delicious. oh my god older man who has wisdom. and he’s established and he has goals. and he knows what he’s doing with his. life. and he has the means by which to do it. exciting. can mentor me can teach me things. amazing. and is in tip. top shape and. hey listen maybe plays a little golf. maybe tweaks his back a little on a. swing oh. crap but you know what on speed dial he. has a dream team. he has a dream team he has that dude. that he can be like yo bro listen i was. on the golf course and i took a swing. and it tweaked my back. can i come see you tomorrow for a. cortisone shot can i come see you. tomorrow just to have a look adjust me. or something. a person who takes control of their. health they don’t just sit around. and and complain to the hot. person that they said they wanted. oh my back my back i tweaked my back oh.

My back all my back. do you know that is the number one thing. that i hear in my coaching practice. i’m not alone in this right 50 years old. plenty of women. over 40 that i’ve coached right they’re. like. least i can’t deal with the husband. constantly complaining. it’s literally every or the boyfriend. right client she’s 50 he’s. i think he’s like 63 64.. together couple years she says to me. our entire relationship revolves around. his back. no it’s a disaster she’s like it’s a. problem she’s like i do. so much to keep myself in shape i like. you know i i try my best right i go to. the gym i do elliptical. pilates this i’m stretching i do all. these things right keeping it young. keeping it nice i do facials i keep. myself looking young. because i love this man i want to be. with him forever i love him he’s. wonderful.

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But then he goes. plays golf whatever lifts something out. of his car. tweaks the back and then it’s the. complaining. every day every day. why why we live in a place. where we have doctors and experts and. people and and technologies. and and medicines and things that. why why are you living and suffering why. are you suffering and why are you. complaining to the person who’s. like adores you and doesn’t want you in. pain and it’s like no. she’s not being selfish for wanting a. healthy lifestyle. she’s not being selfish for saying you. know what i want. sex a lot so. handle it get some dude on speed dial. ask your golf buddies yo bro who do you. go to who’s the best bat guy who’s the. best lower back guy. in in this town who do you go to when. you tweak your back. golfing whatever who do you go to. because i’m dating a hottie.

And she’s younger than me and she’s not. having it like she’s compassionate. she’ll be like listen babe i’m sorry. that you hurt your back oh that sucks. but after a week if you’re not telling. me yeah remember i tweaked my back last. week so tomorrow i’m gonna go to dave my. guy. and dave’s gonna shoot me with some. cortisone he’s going to get me some. xrays to see that i don’t have a. slipped disc. because otherwise i’m going to have to. have surgery but i’m handling this . because i’m young. i’m young spirited and i don’t want to. have pain in my life. there’s cbd right i’m not selling cbd. but there are people who do. right plenty of it i tried actually this. past weekend i had a kink in my neck. right i’m always cracking my nakamos. don’t like this with my neck. but i never really complained about it i. just kind of like do this a lot people.

Are like what’s wrong with you i have a. tweak in my neck pink in my neck but. i was at um this magical place called. seed to table. in naples with my friend this weekend. and they had this whole cbd like display. thing and i was like oh i always hear. about. this cream really working like cbd. cream that you put on your body where it. hurts you and then it like feels better. instantly or whatever. so i said why not i’ll try it let me. tell you i put this stuff on my neck. and i was like oh my god this feels. really good and i went and proceeded to. dance my ass off. with my friend for like three hours and. my neck you know like when you’re. dancing you’re like. it’s all neck right you gotta be loose. in the neck you’re dancing and having. fun right. so it handled it point is. stop bitching. about the pain that you’re in and take.

Some action that’s all that’s all. the people in your life don’t want to. hear you they don’t want to see. you in pain. they care about you right and yes they. are a little bit. thinking of themselves of course because. why having a healthy sex life. is an important part of a relationship. and when your back is banged up. can’t have that then it’s a problem pose. is a problem right then you’re. in a relationship where you’re just like. doing you’re just like you know. doing errands and running errands and. your life becomes this thing about like. oh what we’re doing. great love you no problem love you of. course but. healthy sex life big important thing in. a relationship and when people are in. pain. okay ann tompkins says i sell medical. grade cbd and it’s amazing amazing okay. and you and i. hook up let’s get together i want to.

Have a little convo about. whatever um i can do for my neck and. whatever. um you know other people who ask me. clients and whatever they ask me oh lisa. like this and that i have pain and. whatever i want to be able to refer them. to. reputable people who know about cbd. because i don’t really know much about. it. i don’t know much about it but i do know. that the lotion thing that i put on my. neck. this past weekend amazing so i’m gonna. i’m gonna look it up i’m gonna buy it i. know. um dan bongino i follow that guy i love. his stuff his sponsor is cbd. lotion and he says he uses it on his. back and his sis and his wife rather. uses it on her neck so i’m gonna check. out that brand i think it’s like. 29.99 for it like a tube of it or. whatever so. point is actions take action. take action that’s all no complaining.

Complaining for like a minute oh i. tweaked my back oh my god i was lifting. this thing out of my car. oh this that oh that sucks horrible. awful what are you gonna do about it. what’s what’s your move. what’s your move oh i got a guy on my. phone i’m gonna go wednesday get. cortisone shot right in my back and then. he’s going to like. check me out for like make sure i don’t. have a slip disc or anything like that. because you know then if i do i have to. have surgery it’s about taking care of. yourself. it’s about taking care of yourself. because when you’re rolling with. somebody else. it’s not just about you anymore it’s the. most selfish thing you can do. is not be healthy when you’re in a. relationship because that means. i don’t give a about you i don’t. give a about you i’m just gonna. keep doing the same thing i do when i.

Roll solo i mean. whatever whether it’s eating crappy food. whether it’s. you know not exercising whether it’s. like. just kind of like throwing your hands up. in the air and being like whatever i. don’t go to the doctor i don’t give a. i don’t do anything. right you’re with someone else now so. you’re both in agreement with one. another. that you got to keep your you got to. keep one another safe um. healthy you got to look out for each. other. and when somebody else is falling off. and being like a slack ass when it comes. to their health. you gotta mouth your opinion you gotta. be like baby i love you. and i don’t wanna see you in pain it’s. horrible because guess what your pain. becomes my pain your pain becomes my. ann tompkins i’m 52 i go to the gym. daily can’t deal with a guy with a. potbelly. or won’t go themselves honey i hear you.

On that it’s not hot. it’s not a hot look and you know here’s. the thing right i’ll take it a step. further. if you’re if you’re chubby and you’re. cool with the chubby and you’re just. like i’m cool with the chubby and then. the person you’re with is also chubby. and you’re just like loving it and it’s. all good. then fine but when you come at me. and you’re running your mouth off as a. man. with this i’m afraid to get married. because what if she gets. fat you better be coming at me. with shredded ass abs in the gym every. day for an hour. freaking cardio high in intensity. interval training i want to know what. you’re doing. if you’re going to come at me with that. about oh i’m afraid like that’s. one thing i see women. once they get married they let. themselves go really. lift up your shirt let me see what you. got going on.

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Where where do you get off in saying. this what gives you. the right really i have a concern too. right. i have a concern too i have a concern. that i’m gonna get in a relationship. with somebody. and they’re gonna be like yeah i’m so. young and look at me i work out and look. at me and then they get me. and i’m in love with them and then it’s. like all right forget it now i can sit. my ass on my recliner and about my. back. and basically eat chocolate and. do whatever the . that i have a problem with because. that’s not a team that’s not me. that’s like meanwhile i’m like wait i. have to continue to look good i got to. continue to like. you know moisturize the face do look i. have like puffiness here i gotta handle. it i gotta put cucumber i gotta do a. mask i got. the teeth i gotta whiten them i gotta. look like the thing that i.

Sold him on i sold you. on this right i sold you on this. i got you taking me out planning future. things. nice right so now i have to hold. my end of the bargain my end of the. bargain. gotta look good i gotta look i i see. things on me i’m like e. like i’m getting older like things. aren’t like holding up the way they were. okay. do something about it do something about. it so i i have. poofy head little top ear buds in. ready to go in my gym in my community. right here right for like 45 minutes. hardcore boom. get a little 30 minute breathing heavy. elliptical. and then 15 minutes some weights maybe. some high intensity interval little. burpees that kind of jam. that’s it 45 minutes that’s it. right and let’s say. i go in there and i’m like oh crap i. think i just like messed up my knee. on the elliptical my knee oh my god or.

My back or oh my something. i literally handle it. why because i don’t want to make my. issue. my person’s issue they want to get. intimate with me oh he starts kissing my. neck. oh and then i’m like ah no don’t kiss my. neck don’t kiss my neck because of this. that’s a turn off that’s a massive. massive turn off you’re rejecting. somebody because your. own health issue it’s a problem handle. it. handle it that’s it i you sold me on. something. handle it i sold you on something i’m. handling it. that’s the agreement that’s how you stay. young. forever look at jack and elaine laline i. don’t know if you know who these people. are jacqueline. right jack and elaine laline i used to. do public relations. events with these two adorable they were. like. into their late 80s 90s i believe and. let me tell you. in shape doing calisthenics every.

Morning together. both of them in shape incredible. all about what are they eating like you. have to be a team. you have to be a team and you have to. hold each other accountable and you. can’t be afraid you can’t be like. oh i’m not going to say anything i don’t. want them to feel bad you know what. all good if you’re not taking care of. yourself. and you care about that person got to. look out for them got to be like you. know what we really drank a lot this. weekend like what if we just go dry we. were supposed to go all dry all the. month and like we fell off the wagon. like let’s just pick it back up. but you could always start over could. always have a look out for one another. but like. to be unhealthy is just no excuse in. that there’s no excuse in that and if. you’re in pain. especially in pain now with all that we.

Have out there that can manage pain. then you’re just being like a whiny. boy. baby and it’s just not a turnon at all. or a woman a woman could be the same a. woman could be bitching about her neck. and her back and her whatever the . and if she doesn’t do anything about it. then she’s just being a whiny too. either way man or woman if you’re a. whiner it’s not a hot look. cut the look out for your own. health and. show up in your life happy healthy. harmonious ready to kick some ass ready. to. think about what a distraction it is. when you’re in pain when you’re in pain. you can’t make money right when you’re. in pain when you’re in pain you’re like. oh i’m sitting at my desk trying to work. on my back is killing me every five. minutes you’re thinking about your back. is killing you or your neck is tweaked. or your wrist is killing you from the.

Mouse and the. cell phone and whatever handle it handle. it. it’s up to you to handle your body your. mind your soul. so you know complaining about it. not good i could yes of course your. person. cares about you they have compassion. that sucks it’s awful right but. look your d when you’re dealing with. somebody like. me okay and there are plenty of women. like this out there. and men too i mean they’re plenty of. people like that where they’re very. action taking. action taking like i have a problem i’m. gonna find a solution and i’m handling. it. and if that’s not the case then you need. to. speak up for yourself you need to. advocate for yourself right this is all. about selfadvocacy if you’re in a. relationship and something is whacked. out you need to speak up. and albeit you do it with kindness you. do it firm. right you can be compassionate but.

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You’re not going to enable i don’t. enable people i don’t and i will not. and it bothers me when i see people. enabling other people too so. that’s another topic for another video. which i will do but for now. i’m gonna hit the gym i’m gonna take you. with me. i’m gonna get in here i love my gym the. gym in my building my community. is so nice it’s like a little baby. equinox. and i belong to equinox for like many. many. years in miami now i live here so i have. it on my own so i’m gonna see if i can. put you guys here. and secure you while i go. on the elliptical browse workouts. today i am going to do. i’m going to do 45 no. i’m gonna do 30 minutes that’s what. we’re gonna do 30. minutes boom boom boom three. why isn’t this working very annoying. hold on. 30. here we go 30 minutes. perfect and i want to do. my weight put that in there.

And i want my terrain to be rolling. hills. and we start it boom. okay so here we go. oh my god this thing is falling if i. follow you guys here we go all right so. that’s the important thing is get your. ass. active and heart rate up and. muscles and you know working body. and just be in charge. of you so that you bring your best self. to your partner okay i am not going to. bring. a jiggly cellulite out of shape. wad to my man i’m not going to do that. i want to be that hottie that can be. chased around. the center island at 75 years old so. on that note i’m gonna get my workout in. and i encourage you to look at your. health. go to get your doctor’s appointments go. get your heart. looked at go get everything checked out. that you need to. so that you could have a thriving happy. healthy life with the person that you.

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