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You went to prison for years so don’t. bring up my past crackhead for a. decade at least I only went to prison. for a year. Mike sucks ass so it’s amazing to watch. it all right welcome back to the night. shift ladies and gentlemen you’re. working late so are we it’s time to. clock in. I mean not surprised this day cannot. start like this all right so obviously. as you guys know we still talk to Amar. you haven’t seen her lately on the. channel she’s kind of been off the grid. she’s pregnant she doesn’t have a lot of. friends in La so we like to keep an eye. on her so last week I get a phone call. from her hey Mike what’s up I just. bought a new house in Chicago next week. I’m gonna move my pregnant self the. three Ducks and the two dogs on a. fiveday driving Adventure across the. United States and I’m gonna do it all.

Alone so I was like all right well I’ll. drive you if you want me and David to. just take the ride with you we’ll go. across the country and I was like . it we can shoot some contests it’ll be. hilarious and then I thought about it. and I was like I’m gonna be cooped up. with David the German videographer three. docs two dogs and my exgirlfriend for. five days absolutely not all. right so really quickly I don’t know. where Amber is but that dog is coming on. the Chip he looks blind man he. ain’t blind he’s beautiful do you want. to lay the rules out to him really quick. of what he can shoot and what he can’t. shoot make me look scary seriously from. here on well at some point you have to. show them what the lawyer’s belly looks. like I just don’t want any unexpected. shots like me from the side me walking. me looking like a whale why are you in.

Chicago by the way I wanted to get away. from you no can you be honest for a. second why are you going there because. I’m having a baby and my family lives. there am I going to be at Uncle Dave. that’s the creepiest name ever Uncle. Dave Uncle Dave is always. watch out and now a word from our. sponsors all right as you guys probably. know by now you always see me rocking. the same pairs of kicks I wore these in. Iceland a couple weeks ago stepped in a. big muddy puddle and completely trashed. them and as they say in that one show. winter is coming and so you kind of need. a shoe that will keep your feet dry. it ain’t that well luckily today’s. episode is sponsored by vessi they keep. your feet completely dry at the local. ski hill but do just as good as an. everyday sneaker so not only are they. super comfortable and I really mean that.

As a guy with preexisting injuries I. would tell you if they weren’t. comfortable and they are but the most. important part of all is they’re not. water resistant they’re waterproof like. completely waterproof like my foot is in. this freaking pool right now I didn’t. feel my sock is it dry dry but sweaty my. feet are always sweaty vestie makes. their shoes with their own Diamond tax. material which is cool in the summer and. warm in the winter also they’re. sustainably made with less material. waste and less water waste plus they’re. completely vegan in case you want to eat. them but you can keep your feet dry this. winter with vesty shoes go to the link. in the description below and use code. maylak that’s m a j l a k for 25 off. your first purchase and let’s get back. to the night shift baby just so you guys.

Know this is the duck that We rescued. from homelessness a couple of months ago. on the Vlog look at them right there. he’s a little bit clumsy he also has two. friends now so that’s Aflac and those. are just his friends they don’t have. names Aflac and friends. what did you just say you’re getting. what removed the Arabic tattoo that one. yes and the John tattoo yes and the. hearts and the dragon moms don’t have. tattoos you are not getting the . Hearts removed that’s like Michael. Jordan say no I don’t with the. number 23. No One’s Gonna See my butt. anymore so how are they gonna know what. about the baby daddy. you. and Mike chose to use a sperm donor. because his armpit hair is in the wrong. place and he has fat flat feet no I just. wish you weren’t crazy dude you’re way. crazier than me you were on some I’m.

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Gonna sink both of our ships like . who is in no drama ever states to. themselves never gets in trouble me I’m. never in drama you can look at his whole. life and see that he’s the crazy one and. that he’s clearly gaslighting you guys. and me you’ve been watching too much. Tick Tock videos you didn’t even know. what the term gaslighting meant a year. ago and by the way you went to prison. for years so don’t bring up my . past crackhead for a decade at least I. only went to prison for a year. I asked him if this was the weirdest. thing he’s ever seen and what did you. say oh I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I’ve seen some weird stuff but what I. told you was about 10 years ago we had a. guy show up for a plane a Lear 35 which. is like a bit the size of this with a. horse with a horse I can’t. believe we made it I mean we didn’t make.

It but we just took off we got a . petting zoo on a private jet it’s not a. proper trip on a PJ without a. charcuterie board it’s almost like we’re. in Paris yo what do you think about the. size of these grapes I’m not doing it. I’m a mom now. so small. we made it to Chicago just landed at. Midway are you surprised that we made it. yeah with the turbulence on that place. What’s your deal in front of people oh. she’s like oh show them the people. watches. there are there’s like 50 there’s like. 15 people I’m used to it now. do they always stand that close to each. other and what is it again Aflac and. Friends Affleck and associates they. don’t have names there’s a whole Pond. show them the yard really quick too look. at 1.3 dog like a little sun room in. your bedroom big rooms all around this. is like the great room in here the.

Pitch bro 1.3 dude in La would. get you nothing it would get you an. apartment look at this uh wine. wine Locker wine room downstairs there’s. a whole art like Gallery like a theater. space a full gym it’s crazy this is I. just don’t know how much longer I’m. gonna be able to stay in L.A for dude. wait are you gonna be a PTA Mom I don’t. think the other moms would let me do you. think I’ll look way different in 10. years because then it’s a possibility I. think it’s the eyes would you ever would. you ever think it’d get in different. eyes well I’m gonna donate them when I. die. someday someone else will have them like. some poor girl she’s like going to. church with your eyes you. all right so here’s the deal small. Cheval once again I posted on my. Instagram stories and I was coming to. Chicago everybody said the exact same.

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Place three options cheeseburgers. hamburgers french fries that’s it that’s. all they got on the menu and I . love it I’m here with Amber Maple. veteran Burger reviewer remember she was. here from the beginning from the very. first Burger tasting I think on the. night shift she’s back with me you. actually get two judges scores on this. one because you could actually talk to. the baby number two this is actually the. baby’s first Burger that he’s ever. tasted I haven’t eaten a burger yet. while pregnant it looks like a Shake. Shack style burger it comes double. automatically I didn’t order the special. it’s got the onions the pickles and the. dijones the fries very much resemble. McDonald’s fry very cheesy nice char. grill on the burger and I got bacon on. mine as well because why the not. three two one. that’s a good point it’s a little light.

On the pickles it is a little bit salty. does it taste salty to you I like that. the fries. tastes like McDonald’s but better with. this white stuff. indeed that’s the dijonase. oh you see that’s got like the perfect. amount of juice in there are your burger. reviews always just detailed now yeah. really yeah they used to be so much. quicker we didn’t do really Burger eggs. we just went and my eyeball Michael I’m. so sorry about that we’ve been hitting. spots that are just guaranteed bangers. every single time there’s nothing really. about this that like really stands out. to me the meat’s not incredible the. cheese is an incredible it is a very. very very good cheeseburger I’m gonna. say small Cheval Chicago there’s like. three or four locations I’m gonna give. it an 8.2 you want some of that no. wonder the night shift is going down.

He’s recording barbecue sauce on the. ground now the night shift’s always been. a little bit of a weird Channel you may. remember the last time we came down to. Lake what is this Lake Michigan Alaska. is out of Lake Michigan for a night. shift episode it was during the height. of the pandemic so there were no people. here well now it’s completely bustling. Chicago’s come back alive with the sound. of music and beer flowing the giant. Ferris wheel right there is is open and. moving at a feverish pitch I don’t think. it’s actually open or moving it’s been. still the entire time that we’ve been. here that’s not true it was moving. there’s a line for her yeah trust me I. know about lines I was down to go in the. carousel she just kept going with it I. love Chicago I love this City I. love Lake Michigan and more than.

Anything I love that seagulls or. something you ever been on YouTube. before. well what’s up bro dude let me tell you. something real quick I’m a fan of you. I’m a fan of you I heard about you you. have a can I get a hug you’re the most. stylish person I’ve ever met my entire. life is incredible a hug yeah I don’t. know man I love you man well not long. why’d you do it man you’re like. I’m a big fan you give me a hug. if you watch this episode of the night. shift and you see me in person make sure. to give me a big hug. oh. you know I’ve seen this on so many. on so many things but oh no oh. no. so we’re at lyrical lemonade. headquarters in Chicago Cole was gonna. come out and with summer because. Summer’s out here too I guess Cole’s. doing some but I wanted to see Jake. anyways oh actually I brought something.

For you you’ve been trying to get it. yeah I’m gonna hand it to you right now. but then I do have to sign yeah you know. I look up to you a lot and this is it’s. amazing what you do for the people who. just this whole this whole thing is very. special I’m very thankful for it I’m. excited about YouTube I’m excited for. you but yeah bro a jacket that Kanye was. supposed to wear of course we designed a. jacket for the goat designer he looked. at it he was like uh I’ll just do what. I’m wearing but it’s a pizza box from. Mac Miller made in Tokyo me and Cole. like that was our definitely big Bond. when we were young young white dude. doing his thing he’s just all happy all. joy so that means a lot I know Cole. is like big big into Mac and they. actually became close friends so that. was like the one thing they got to do.

Together big dog juice from Nuketown. that was out figgy War yeah I just. landed at Midway too bro I was kind of. like surreal different bro I usually. never fly out of there but honestly. that’s why this book means a lot bro for. real because you know I had to watch. that take my best friend not only. that like the best artist I ever got to. see so you know I know that [ __ ]. a lot of people up but can’t complain. with God’s path you know I’m happy that. people learn from that and that’s. the biggest thing to see Jews change. people and that was that’s all you. can ask for you know music to real never. now bro at all times all chances support. These Guys these are real dudes. and if you don’t know what Lyrica. lemonade is I don’t know if you’re. sleeping or what but go check. them out yo hit a shot please out there.

It is Mommy it’s literally been like 24. hours since we got here we got here last. night at like 7 30 it’s 7 30 the next. day 24 hours that was quick that was. quick we got a lot done though so quick. one yeah we did a lot do you feel good. about everything you feel set up Mike. bought me the biggest fluffiest air. mattress to sleep on tonight I made my. bed hear me until your stuff gets here. sweetest exboyfriend the entire world. we’ll blew it up hi who blew it up David. the best German videographer I’m. probably not going to see you again. until. I think you said you were gonna come. back in February. I believe that so they don’t need to. hear it but yeah I’m not going to see. you again until you have the kid really. probably yeah yesterday you said your. room come back sooner maybe well I do. with Chicago a lot.

But maybe you’ll come through something. else and we’ll see you all right. it’s just such a weird relationship you. know. do I get a case no sure I’ll see you. soon maybe in February. get out of here I mean yeah there’s no. debate that we have one of the weirdest. relationships on YouTube or or in the. world I don’t know what to say to you. guys the one thing I will say is one. we’re standing under a Brachiosaurus. right now Rock Source also has a mask on. can you zoom in on that see that yeah. weird but you got to stay safe. out here during the pandemic he has his. mask on with my mask on but I’ll put it. back on after this clip. um weird ass relationship it’s just such. a sad idea that when a romantic. relationship ends and doesn’t end in. marriage or whatever that you can’t. still have a relationship or have a.

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Friendship with a person a lot of people. would disagree with you what no I’m not. saying that I know you disagree with me. but I’m just saying the idea oh we’re. gonna talk about the guy that she’s now. meeting you know I’m offending this guy. and like look I’m having me no she knows. dude listen she knows the deal with me. she knows I’m gonna go back to LA and go. right back to what I was doing but what. I’m trying to say to you is this if you. can still be friends with someone that. you at one point cared about unless it. dramatically deteriorates or pulls away. from your life the idea of being friends. with someone that you once had a. romantic relationship with might be okay. and um especially in situations where. those people don’t have like a lot of. friends don’t have anyone to rely on it. might be in situations where their lives.

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