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And then there’s like a miniature. version of her uh in this stroller right. now he looks like me yeah it looks like. you but like tolerant with a better jump. shot it’s too old to be doing that. Mike sucks ass so it’s amazing to watch. him all right welcome back to night. shift ladies and gentlemen you’re. working late so are we it’s time to. clock in we’re walking around in Miami. on some fake grass right now and. honestly dude there’s like 12 total. people in this entire compound and we. have 11 of them our security to protect. us from the one other person that’s in. the compound like who is that guy. protecting us around yeah get out of. here in my face bro you going to go. chill what is this just water that water. slabs what is it who makes it well. Smith’s son so you’re saying Will Smith. drinks this water yes.

We’re here for this blockchain. conference so basically what that means. is you’re not going to see a single girl. for the foreseeable future let’s go mint. an nft for you guys oh yeah I don’t. really want to well I’m hungover put. that in your blog Mark what do you think. about the current state of D5 shut up. fool me bears are fault. what’s that mean I’ve. replaced all of my water consumption. with prime even when I put water on my. uh on top of the toothpaste I don’t use. water anymore I use prime I wash my. hands with Rhymes I shower only with. prime I swear you guys think it’s funny. yo put that in your blog Mark Yeah we. actually went to the uh dumpster the. junkyard and got a bunch of stuff you. see Mike’s YouTube channel there. look at that that’s a badass bad. car damn that’s everybody here. this is a muscle carving 80s this is an.

Evo 2 craziest car Mercedes ever. built this is when Mercedes wanted to do. rallying and today they were 400 Grand. what I feel like this is the Fast and. Furious movie and this is the scene. where the guy shows us what car we pick. for the heist. there’s gonna be one under a curtain. right he’s gonna go. this is exactly what he said and now a. word from our sponsors hey guys today’s. video is sponsored by our good friends. over at SeatGeek so we just got back. from Coachella weekend one we had a ton. of fun you guys are going to see that. all in next week’s video we had so much. fun that we asked siki to throw a. weekend two and a country music festival. which they agreed to because they’re. very powerful if for some reason you’re. so disconnected that you don’t know what. seat geek is they’re a mobile ticketing.

App that makes buying tickets online. super simple I have the app right here. on my phone and it is absolutely the. easiest way to buy tickets online they. even color code the tickets to make. buying them even simpler green means. you’re getting a really good deal red. means not so good from nas to Dave. Chappelle standup specials summer. concerts and festivals sea geek is the. only way to go and boy do I have a. hookup for you guys today if you use my. code mic you’ll get 20 off your first. order of tickets at Sea geek so all you. got to do is download the c key cap at. the link in the description below use my. code Mike and you’ll get 20 off your. first order of tickets so go ahead and. click the link and let’s get back to the. night shift baby this is a very special. card anyway so this is how you start it. it has no key and you have to always.

Prime it like an old lady you got to be. some foreplay you know in this Prime. cops run. what the are you doing in South. Beach what am I doing in southeast same. thing you’re doing here no no you’re not. yeah. what’s up man nice to meet you bro I. appreciate the support you paid him to. do that. with you a million times I’ve never seen. some dude come out of door and go don’t. just yeah don’t grab that guy. right now yo come here what’s up bro can. you clarify something real quick from. your opinion on him just do a visual. scan on him is he a cloud chaser he’s. got a cameraman with him out in Miami. Beach yeah travel vlogging yes thank you. can answer one question cares bro we. know this is the new Miami ghetto you. know at one point South Beach was the. place everyone come here with their. buttondown shirts and their nice Fendi.

Sunglasses you can’t go two blocks. without getting shot at. been a lot of talk lately about George. Janko Jeff whittick who’s the better. member of the night shift like Squad. videos. she’s a really cool YouTuber. by any chance George Jacob you’re making. some sounds I don’t know you got another. name okay I mean. yeah I think all that stuff’s lame but. this guy’s real big in the nfcs and. stuff yeah I just minted a whole uh web. 3 metaverse energy and efficient to tell. somebody who cares bro it’s all a scam. let’s get one of my guys. see these are my type of people I’m like. you Jeff who all the rules with sorority. girls oh Jeff we love your content I. learned how to use a tampon like we’re. more educated audience yeah I mean I. know you can’t smell through the camera. like marijuana. oh yeah. you know what I mean let’s go keep shiny.

Dating On Night Shift very special

King go back to post it keep inspiring. keep it motivated that’s what we do as. kings right. watch out all right we came from Miami. we’re just landed in New York City we. got to do a very special Burger review. and I mean we literally kind of came to. New York City just to do this place and. then when I got to New York I was like. who am I going to shoot this with and. all of a sudden I get a text message. like hey are you in New York City what. are you doing I was like yeah he hit me. up Amber Maple you guys may remember. from uh well she kind of made this. channel what do you like visit here you. live here now what no I don’t live. anywhere got it so she’s like a nomad. she doesn’t have a home I’m a gypsy. she’s a gypsy and then there’s like a. miniature version of her uh in this. stroller right now yeah it looks like.

You but like tolerant with a better jump. shot. oh I’m excited to eat this meat no you. can’t make jokes like that what do you. mean I’m on the carnivore diet so yeah. I’m excited to eat this meat oh got it. okay I’m not gonna eat the bun just the. meat why do you have fire crotch as hair. like when did you get red hair why don’t. you have hair but yeah I want to tell. you with the red hair and the overalls. you look like Chucky the little dialogue. I want to kill you I want to you know. with a knife and . I kind of regret wearing overalls it’s. actually true like if you had a knife. right now in your hand one. happy I have seen that before it’s one. of the reasons we’re not dating anymore. definitely look like a mom it’s not a. dish I’m still 20 pounds heavier when’s. the last time we saw each other was it. for the last Vlog that we did when you.

Went to Chicago yeah. yeah saying you were gonna come. snap every day because at the end of. that episode I was given this whole. explanation of how like oh you could be. friends with your ex it’s really easy. there’s no problems did you tell your. friend though that you guys could be. soul mates you love them your mom wants. to see you guys together the idea that. they would ever believe that I ever use. the term soulmate in my I. screenshotted it I screenshotted it I. screenshotted it dog you’re just wrong. it’s not true. you you easily could Photoshop anything. you’re the Bride of Chucky stop. so what’s been going on though you’ve. been seeing anybody else my baby you’re. the last person I had sex with still. oh is that why at my house in L.A yeah. before we knew that I was pregnant so. you were technically pregnant while we.

Were having sex fantastic we all had so. fantastic so I did see this as an. opportunity to not only see amra have. her get a burger with me but also as you. know to clickbaiter for this video also. part of that click bait was a reveal. you’re gonna get a first ever look at. her baby go ahead David panel. foreign. New York City‘s loud bro and I like it I. like it but it’s loud Seventh Street. Burger we’ve done a bunch of other. places in New York but we haven’t done. this place because they don’t start. serving Burgers until what was like four. or five PM they acted like they. didn’t know who I was even though they. followed me on Instagram they sent me. messages blah blah so on and so forth. whatever whatever it’s fine supposedly. the smash Patty spot in New York so this. is supposed to be the player that messes.

With the Lac and is able to compete and. we’re about to find out hold this smells. super look at that look at the butter on. that Bond dude that’s yours the one. after you touch it you don’t even wash. your hands when you use the restroom. okay fine yeah so so anyways potato bun. smash Patty American cheese Special. Sauce pickle grilled onions it looks. like someone threw up on that burger it. is it is juicy. I’m pumped. it’s so big. I can’t even think of that. so small three no all right no that’s. right I’m cool with it no we’re good. we’re good maybe just be baby and . go. the potato bond is sogged in butter. there is only one pickle on it the sauce. is good they don’t season the meat like. crazy my guess on that is probably. because they want the meat to retain. it’s like meaty flavor like it doesn’t. just jump out and like like speak to you.

From a flavor standpoint I think it’s. really good fries just like these like. kind of shoe stringy. really crispy really salty these are. kind of fries I like yeah I’m gonna be. completely honest with you 10 out of 10.. we got another Jeff whittick on. our hands yeah 10 10 out of 10 10 out of. 10. it’s a good burger dude the onions. are caramelized like tell them. early talking to you the bun as you saw. earlier is very buttery and kind of like. soggy a little bit soggy I like that. though honestly I think 9.9 the flavor. of the meat and like what it provides is. like a total package is kind of a little. bit underwhelmed I’m not gonna lie I. mean listen I ate the whole thing so I. can talk but at the end of the day. I ate the whole thing I have no Burger. left after all the social media posts. all the Instagram stories all the tick.

Tocks this is New York City’s top Burger. all the content it left a little. bit to be desired Seventh Street Burger. I’ll give it an eight one we’ll go a one. how I felt about our relationship it. left a lot to me desired hey guys what’s. up welcome back to the trap house we’re. back here in Los Angeles about to make. this beautiful pizza that’s been sitting. in the freezer for quite some time today. is the last day we are ever going to be. in the Hollywood trap house I hope you. guys have enjoyed our time here as much. as we’ve enjoyed your time here that. makes no sense about to leave for. Coachella the next time you actually see. an episode from the night shift it’s. going to be the Coachella recap or going. down there with a lot of hot women who. knows what’s gonna happen what’s up. dudes a lot of hot dudes I promise you.

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