Dating On Night Shift

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Dating On Night Shift run on like three hours

Hey you guys welcome back to another. video if you don’t know who I am my name. is Rachel I’m a registered nurse and I. have been for about 5 years now. today I thought we would talk about. dating while working the night shift. specifically like online dating because. that is the majority of the dating that. I did while I work night shift. so first off don’t think that working. night shift is not going to affect your. dating life because I can tell you right. now it is anyone who is working night. shift for extended period of time can. tell you that it really does make. socializing a little bit more difficult. and dating is a social activity so it is. going to be effective now I personally. got out of nursing school and had been. in a relationship throughout college and. be broke up a few months after I got out.

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Of nursing school and I was single for a. couple months I decided you know what. I’m kind of lonely doing this on my own. I kind of want to get out there again. I was working night shift living in a. new town and didn’t really know any. buddy besides like my coworkers so I. decided let’s do some online dating I. gave that a try when your online dating. it is really easy to just jump to. conclusions because you don’t know the. people that you’re talking to really at. all so the first thing I would do if. your online dating and working night. shift is to be upfront about your. schedule like right away like right when. you first start talking to someone make. sure that they know that you work night. shift and you might not be replying I. like normal times let them know that if. they text you in the morning you might.

Already be asleep and you probably won’t. respond until like that after late. afternoon or early evening and that’s. just like the way it’s gonna be and if. they have a problem with it well there. that’s too bad you’ll find someone else. my second tip for you guys is to use. work a night shift is a way to kind of. like weed out the losers that you really. don’t want to date honestly I think. that’s really did help kind of a lot. because because I remember when I was. like talking to multiple people online. there would be guys that would like. message me and then if I didn’t like. respond back right away because I was. sleeping or because I like didn’t see it. or you know for whatever reason then. they would feel the need to like send. another message and another message and. each message would be something a little.

Bit like kind of snotty about like me. not responding to them I personally have. no patience for this I would not even. respond to those people but maybe if I. had been awake during the day and I’d. been able to respond a little bit. quicker to those people maybe I would. have actually like gone on a date with. them or something but working night. shift I knew right away that. want to go out with them so use it to. your advantage. finding a guy that is respectful of your. schedule and respectful of the fact that. you need to sleep during the day they. are definitely the type of person that. you’re like gonna want to go on a date. with or get to know a little bit better. use your weird sleep schedule as a way. of finding out who is decent and who is. a little bit less decent my third tip. for you guys is to communicate when you.

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Can. I think this became a little bit more. important when I’d gone on a few dates. with people and like we were you know. texting or calling each other more. specifically like when I was first. getting to know my boyfriend and we had. just become like exclusive it was really. hard because he would get off work. around like 5:30 and I was going into. work around 6:00 so there was just like. maybe 20 minutes or so there where we. like were kind of crossing paths I would. often call him as I was walking into. work and we would just talk for like. five or ten minutes and that was really. the only communication that we had with. each other besides like a couple texts. here and there when I was working if I. had time to do that. when I was working it wasn’t a whole lot. of communication but it did make a big. difference I felt like in our.

Relationship feeling like we were. staying in touch and just made me feel. like a little bit more like connected to. him so even if you don’t have time to. like go on a date with them or see them. in person or even like talk on the phone. or text you very much just like a few. minutes does make a big difference. and if you can find the time and then. definitely do it my fourth piece of. advice for you guys is that if you are. going on a date with someone that you’ve. never met before maybe make sure that. you are well rested before you go on. that date this is kind of speaking from. my own experience actually because I. remember deciding to go on a date with. this guy or saying that I was okay to go. on a date with this guy on like my. transition day so like I had gotten off. work that morning had slept just a few.

Hours and I had a few days off after. that so I was just gonna like try and. run on like three hours of sleep all day. and we were going out to dinner I got. lost on the way to dinner ended up kind. of like having a little bit of. a panic attack in the car on the side of. the road because I was lost I was tired. I was stressed out because I was like. meeting this guy and I eventually like. pulled myself together found the. restaurant tried to like look like I. hadn’t been crying when I went in there. and yeah it was a disaster we did go on. a few more dates after that he turned. out to be a very nice guy but but I felt. like a complete idiot and it was pretty. embarrassing I don’t know if he knew how. frazzled I was I was about half an hour. late and I apologized profusely but yeah. so just don’t put yourself in that.

Situation time your dates for when you. are going to be able to appreciate them. be present mentally and when you are. like not going to be having a panic. attack on the side of the road on the. way there my fifth piece of advice for. you guys if you are dating and working. the night shift is to be okay with non. conventional dates and timing for dates. and to find guys that are cool with that. so maybe like see if he is willing to. meet you for breakfast after you get off. work or maybe you can go on like a. coffee date you can get a coffee you can. get like an herbal tea or something like. that if you need to if you are a. registered nurse like me and you work. weekends try and plan some dates for. like weeknights when you are not working. and you’re gonna be a little bit more. well rested so the main things are just.

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To like communicate right away that you. are on like a weird sleep schedule make. sure that whoever you’re dating is. respectful of the fact that you have a. weird sleep schedule and that you’re not. going to be able to like communicate. with them much during the day when. you’re sleeping if they’re respectful of. the fact that you have a weird sleep. schedule you know they’re keeper or at. least a potential keeper try to not go. on any dates when you’re like really. tired because you will regret it be okay. with communicating and going on dates. during times that maybe or like a little. bit nonconventional if you can find a. guy that also works my shift that would. be ideal but there’s not a ton of them. out there trust me you guys. I tried but now that I’m on day shift my. boyfriend’s in my schedule lines up a.

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