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You can even tell the girl hey i. actually got to get going but um blah. blah blah blah i would i would encourage. you to stay in the interaction. another three to five minutes. even if you got to go even if you got to. go stay in the interaction okay. um. it really does go a long way bro when. you start the interaction and you’re. communicating with a person you’re. literally a stranger. okay vibe starts going well you you know. you have good conversations a little bit. of back and forth you’re connecting with. the person whether this is a guy or a. girl at a certain point there’s a number. exchange. okay there’s a number exchange assuming. it went well in this case. we’re going over instances where it did. go well right there’s a number exchange. i would say a big problem that most men. make myself included is at a certain.

Point though shortly after the number or. almost immediately after the number. exchange guys have a tendency of leaving. the interaction and. running away with the number as if it’s. like a trophy okay. um it could either be out of nervousness. or. they genuinely need to leave or they. just don’t know what the to do at. that point or they actually think. they’re. it’s the right thing to do they almost. think it would be weird for them to stay. in the interaction at that point. um ironically enough all of those things. are wrong all of that theory is actually. incorrect the best thing the most. important thing you should do is stay in. the interaction because that’s the most. vital time. for the conversation because up until. the point of the number exchange we’ve. literally just been interacting as. strangers once we’ve exchanged numbers.

And it’s been agreed upon. any conversation after that point we are. now communicating. to woman in an agreed upon circumstance. that we’re gonna see each other again. okay so it’s literally up until that. point. like once that moment has changed where. the number has already been exchanged. that’s why that is such a vital time for. conversation to continue you have a lot. of bonus time right now where i can. communicate with the girl already under. the circumstances of. hey we’re at the very least we’re like. intrigued or open to the idea of meeting. up again so we exchange numbers. and that’s where we’re starting the. conversation at that point so zach you. could see why that could be a very. beneficial time to stay in communication. another thing you could be doing. is. be a little challenging and a little bit.

Skeptical and a little teasing and a. little playful at that point now that i. already have the number okay so let’s. talk about these things how could i be a. little bit challenging well if we’re. already talking about you know a little. bit about the girl um at this point. i could say. so like let’s just say we were on campus. we were talking for a little bit blah. blah blah blah. now i could be like so like tell me. something about you i wouldn’t expect. okay it’s not like super challenging but. it’s. it’s deeper than that surface level. conversation most likely you guys are. staying at very surface level. conversation especially if you’re having. short interactions if you’re getting. flaky numbers you’re getting into the. interaction but it’s staying at that. surface level just being a little. different with the communication at that.

Point right you can at this point i. could be like so like what’s what’s. something interesting about you or so. like what’s something about jessica that. i wouldn’t expect. or. anything on that. on those lines okay. because it’s different. than. hey how’s your day going oh it’s good. how’s the weather blah blah blah oh so. what are you what are you going to. school for oh this is my major oh i do. this blah blah blah blah that’s very. bland that’s communication okay and if. you look like a good dude and you have. decent conversational skills and you. actually open the girl and maybe even. displayed a little bit of intent. yeah you’ll that will carry a. conversation but if you want to make a. memorable lasting impression if you. generally want to connect with the girl. on a level that’s like. outside of that politically correct.

Realm you know like taking the political. correct mask off if you will i like to. ask something like that. or i’ll even talk about a topic. about myself that’s already outside of. the norm i may even do that first and. then talk and then put the microphone. back on her to like present something. with like let’s say we’re just talking. uh we’re talking about our day this and. that blah blah blah and then at some. point i tell something about myself. right i was like yeah i was actually i. don’t know i was in a really social mood. today so like i just came up to to talk. to you because lately i’ve been getting. more into like selfdevelopment and. stuff and she’s like yeah you should. talk to more people on campus. like yeah actually believe it or not i. was like really shy and antisocial like. throughout high school and even until.

Like the beginning of college like i was. like really nervous shy i never even. went to like my high school prom and. like i’ve been really trying to like. push myself out of my comfort zone as of. late so like i’m i don’t know i’m like. into like selfdevelopment mode i can’t. even believe i’m like telling. you there’s kind of weird evil like. talking about it blah blah blah so i say. something like that right and now she’s. she says a little bit of back and forth. and now i can be like yeah so like i. don’t know tell me tell me something. about you like what’s something about. jessica that like i wouldn’t really. expect. and now she’s gonna be really inclined. to actually tell me something like that. because i already. disclosed. it wasn’t like i like spilled my life. story i’m not telling you guys to go on. some epic ramp but it’s okay to say.

Something that’s. below that surface level. and i even threw in that little. that little line right there i was like. i i just snuck it in and i was like i. can’t believe i’m telling you this like. i usually don’t talk about this. of course i talk about this i . made a career off of this but by. saying that little line. it really puts the per it plants the. seed in the other person’s mind of like. wow he’s disclosing something to me. that it doesn’t really sound like he. talks about that much. and by saying that it actually. provokes a little bit more trust. in the listener it actually makes the. person listening feel like. this dude wouldn’t judge me if i told. him something because he’s disclosing. information to me. okay so that little line you can even. write that line down if you want i can’t. believe i’m telling you this i usually.

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Don’t talk i usually don’t talk about. things like this or blah blah blah blah. right that little piece goes a long long. way even though it’s very subtle it can. be very powerful. and you can see why that could be. powerful and now before you know you. have the girl disclosing something about. her right and then she tells me. um i don’t know she could say whatever. right. you say whatever she wants. hopefully she says something cool that i. like or that i’m genuinely intrigued. about i could even press dig deeper onto. that thing before you know it we’re at a. very. deep level of conversation that’s way. beyond just talking about the weather. about class okay and now when we connect. on that thing. it actually makes more sense now for me. to want to hang out with her again you. know what i’m saying so we connect on.

That thing she talks this and that blah. blah blah later on i’m like wow i can’t. believe you were like. like i don’t know i would have never. guessed like that was the reason you. wanted to be a nurse like just due to. all the. those family experiences and like. wanting to help your grandma like yo. that’s so. i don’t know that’s so cool and like. you know what i like about you like that. that’s so genuine i feel like that’s so. rare in like today’s society everybody. like i don’t know i just i don’t i. wouldn’t have guessed that we would be. able to connect on that like that’s. that’s really cool. okay that’s like. there’s a reason now for us to. for me to like if i were to message her. later on and be like yo i’m intrigued to. get to know you more yeah like after. connecting with you i’m intrigued to. meet you more right when you only have.

Service level communication though that. message doesn’t really. resonate with the girl if i actually had. that conversation. back and forth that i just. hypothetically made up with a girl and. then i send her that text message she’ll. actually believe that and it would. resonate with her because she felt that. in the in the in person interaction but. if we’re just talking about surface. level . that’s why the girl’s like i don’t know. i don’t maybe she goes ghost maybe she. doesn’t respond at all there wasn’t a. memorable enough conversation there. for it actually to take it somewhere. hope you guys enjoyed this video and by. the way if you want to work with me. personally to implement any of the. techniques in this video to become more. socially confident get more women in. your life build a bigger social circle.

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