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Hi I’m Susan winter for Susan winter. dotnet and I oftentimes hear women say. so really Susan how many frogs do I have. to kiss and guys will say how many women. do I have to date that are crazy to. simply find one who is just minimally. crazy yeah. dating is indeed a numbers game. especially in a world today that has so. much selection the more we know about. ourselves the more we know about what we. want then the challenge becomes the. partner who is able to be in partnership. with us as we envision this and so we. can oftentimes come to a point in our. dating life where we’re like oh my god. not again I felt so close I thought this. was going to work and it didn’t and. somehow they fell off the conveyor belt. and it didn’t work out they didn’t. follow through and so we can come up. with these stories that we make like you.

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Know this one is inadequate this one. pushes my buttons this one does that. they don’t do this and we can find very. easily in the midst of a number game. that we become focused on them what they. have what they don’t have that we want. and then them them and if you get enough. of these all in one you’re gonna feel. completely paralyzed and frozen by this. daunting task that seems impossible but. there’s another way around this it’s. actually quite brilliant inherent within. the dating and romance and passion is I. think the most revealing form of self. analysis for ourselves and all the time. that we are thinking we’re making. choices of mates and we thinking we’re. thinking that we’re choosing certain. people underneath that yes that’s. happening but underneath that the person. who is being educated is ourselves each.

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Time that we go out into the field and. practice this and try and refine it well. it may look like even if people fall by. the wayside what’s really happening. underneath that’s solid and that. holding root is that we are expanding we. are growing. actually it’s our learning curve it. looks like it’s them but it’s our. learning curve because people get very. upset they think that if they tried this. relationship they were involved for. three to six months and the person. didn’t work out they always feel like. they go back to zero and that’s not. what’s happening all the time that. you’re in the field you’re not in the. stadium bleachers you are in the field. you are in it you are doing it you’re. the one learning now the partner that. you have to play with may not be your. best match you may be far more skilled.

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They may have certain things that don’t. work with the way that you move but. don’t lose heart because really. relationships are about us. refining ourselves and our participation. so there are no meaningless wasted. relationships even the ones that didn’t. work out hopefully you are extracting. things from yourself and I don’t know if. you’re like me relationships are like a. laser reading everything inside me all I. need is a highstakes relationship where. I’m really interested I really want. something every thing I thought I worked. on every little piece of insecurities. doubt it’ll come flooding to the surface. it’s better than hours of therapy I mean. I just see the whole thing but rather. than being daunted that’s my opportunity. to do something with it because if I. don’t like what I’m seeing it’s just. gonna be repeated until I fix it like if.

I have an issue and it keeps showing up. in these relationships the ineffective. way is to keep blaming that other person. the really great takeaway from that that. you get to keep is okay this is going on. hey guess what I’m the consistent factor. my learning curve how am I going to. change this thing about myself how can I. eradicate this thought this belief this. action how can I make my participation. different because when you do that. suddenly partners change the attitudes. change you’ve cleared that gate now. you’re at the next level of doing this. and you know this is our ongoing process. but please don’t be daunted by all of. this it is actually us we you we’re the. ones who are learning in this learning. curve we’re the ones who are being. trained to be our best selves so that. then we can show up in the best way and.

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