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Hello I’m Laurel house I’m a celebrity. dating and relationship coach you might. recognize me from MTV or ease famously. single let’s talk about chemistry your. pulse starts to race your face is. flushed your nerves stand on end and you. feel you swear a magnetic pole to their. lips from the moment you shake their. hand make eye contact or even just from. the second you see them when you kiss it. feels like you’re taking a drug you’re. dizzy almost high your chemistry is off. the charts but on a first date that. might not actually be a good thing. chemistry is that feeling that many. people mistake as in love but it’s. actually a rush of self maybe drugs. chemicals I know is intoxicating and. tempting as it may be the problem with. chemistry is that you can feel. gravitationally pulled to the wrong. person. in fact chemistry triggers the brain in.


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The same location as cocaine it’s a drug. it also triggers a similar similar. physical reaction the feeling of angst. sweaty palms nervousness of racing her. crazy obsessive thoughts and it’s. supposed to be a good thing then the. drugs wear off and these two people. suddenly wake up look at each other and. realize they don’t know you and what I. do know they don’t like there’s a. difference between chemistry and. intimacy intimacy is love and it. develops and grows over time and with. honesty it also in doors it’s formed on. a deeply rooted foundation of trust. understanding and authenticity intimacy. is commitment the commitment to being. committed that’s not to say you can’t. have both you can develop that intimacy. quickly you can create that foundation. by being open honest confidently. vulnerable by having clarity around who.

You are and who you guys are and you get. that through communication and with. communication and clarity you have. confidence in who you are and who you. guys are as a couple and you have that. depth you have that real foundational. relationship that respect admiration. adoration consistency expectation you. are inspired by. there because you truly truly know each. other you trust each other you don’t. just trust them with information you. trust them with you you trust them with. your heart that is intimacy and you can. also have the chemistry you can have. that excitement you can have the. amazingness you can feel that chemistry. towards someone because of who they are. you can feel that brush that heat that I. want you because of who they are as a. person and how they make you feel in. many other ways not just because they’re.

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Hot because of the superficial or. because of that chemical rush that. happens in your brain that is fake the. druglike sensation even have a lasting. chemistry a lasting attraction by being. attracted to honoring appreciating. loving all of the many other amazing. things about who they are and who you. guys are as a couple I know it’s. confusing and it’s a lot and of course. we all want chemistry with the person. we’re with and we should have it and. there’s more to relationships than just. that rush there’s also the calm and the. comb is what comes from the foundational. intimacy please like this video if you. liked it and subscribe to my channel you. can learn more about me on my website. Laurel House comm you can also get. immediate oneon-one coaching if you. download the app instant forward. slash dating Laurel you can follow me on.

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