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Dating Nigerian American they do not

Hi farm how are you guys doing welcome. back to another video with your host. linda frank in the building if you’re. seeing me for the first time this is. your traditional kenyan girl okay. this is your traditional baby mama. anyway guys if you’re seeing me for the. first time my name is linda frank you. can call me linda. that’s okay so. if you haven’t subscribed please. consider doing so and turning on your. notification. not to miss out on any of our future. uploads. so well guys in today’s video it’s just. gonna be me helping you guys understand. why. foreign men do not like to marry. nigerian women. we did a video about why foreign men. know why foreign women like married. nigerian men and you guys really loved. the video and you requested for this. particular one so this is actually. highly requested. video why foreign men do not like.

Marrying nigerian women. so i’m going to be breaking it down to. you guys so at number one. i wrote some points down so if you see. me looking down don’t be like why. shouldn’t looking at us i’m just trying. to refer to what i wrote so that i don’t. forget. so at number one. they are loud. uh this one it is like. 95 percent of nigerian women allowed why. because most nigerians are loud. um. they are born loud because they grew up. with loud people around them so it just. happens so if you happen to meet a. foreign man who probably in their family. they whisper. and you are that kind of loud man. it’s not gonna work like it’s not gonna. work you get me so that’s one of the. reasons they allowed people and not. everybody likes a loud personality. not everybody can can stand the loudness. of them okay so that’s just it.

And number two. foreign men do not like to marry. nigerian women because 98 percent are. materialistic. i said 98. so there we go if are there looking at. me and you are thinking to yourself. i’m nigerian and i am not materialistic. why is she saying that we’re. materialists i am not generalizing. darling you are falling under the. category of the two percent that are not. materialistic. if you want to win a nigerian woman over. my darling. we must have something in your pocket. like 98 percent of them do not believe. in let us work out together let us work. it out together and make it happen they. don’t believe in that they like to. to be eating what is ready made guys and. even until now like okay for example. right now in nigeria it’s very hard to. find a household and the reason being. helps believe that if they come and stay.

With you for 30 days and they work for. you then you give them every 15 000 20. 000 25 000 naira depending on the type. of family she’s working for. and if you can go and meet a guy that is. already made that will just be giving. her money spraying money all over her. taking her to spas taking her to buy a. bone straight hair and all that stuff. should she preferably like she’d rather. go for that guy than work her ass out. okay. so 98 of them are very very. materialistic and it doesn’t go well it. doesn’t go down well with most foreign. men. so being another reason as to why most. foreign men do not like to marry. nigerian women and number three. they are traditionally attached like yo. nigerian women are so traditionally. attached if you’re a nigerian girl you. can feel free to comment down below let. me know if you can feel me.

Okay let me know if you can relate to. what i am saying. they’re traditionally a church in the. sense that. nigeria is big and the population is. high and they have lots of states and. lots of tribes and every state and every. tribe have their traditions and they. tend to hold their traditions so tight. and so close to their heart. and even if personally i’m nigerian and. i do not hold my traditional so tight. my family members. my neighbors everybody around me the. people that come with me from the same. tribe the same state they’re just gonna. make me hold it tight are you getting my. point so if you are a foreign man and. you are not up to all this like you’re. not that kind of guy who. likes so much traditions coming into. your life and you feel like too much. tradition in your private life is just. making the whole thing messy then.

Definitely you ain’t gonna settle for a. nigerian woman because they do not like. to. let go of their tradition they do not. joke with it. in simple terms they do not joke with it. and even if you found one that jokes. with it her family members definitely do. not joke with it and they are not going. to let her do it okay. another thing is their bride price is. very high. like yo guys. like for now an example that i can give. is. emo ebo emo state evil guys from imo. state so. there’s a state called imo okay in. nigeria and yeah if you’re nigerian. comment down below if you’re able. nigerian emo comment down below watching. me let me know if i’m right or wrong but. from the research i’ve heard. that emo stage girls most times they’re. very very um. they’re beautiful yes but their bright. price is very high and another thing.

They consider during brad price is the. level of education and you guys know. that nigerians are. they are. they are obsessed with university. education okay they are obsessed with. university education just to mention. that you have graduated even if you did. not pass. you have stepped and seen the walls the. four walls of university block. is a plus so you find that somebody that. maybe finished let me give example with. my. my. country because this educational system. that i understand very well. lower education higher education okay. institution blah blah blah so like in. kenya for instance we have. primary one to primary eight right. and then we have from one to four four. then we have college you can either be. doing certificate or you can be doing. diploma then we have university whether. you can be doing either master’s or.

Degree or whatever phd and what not so. in this particular tribe evo emo. if a lady is from classics her bread. price is not going to be the same as the. lady that is from four. before four one her bypass is not going. to be the same with the lady of diploma. okay. high diploma higher diploma certificates. diploma certificate whatever. that their breakdown is not going to be. the same as. the lady that has done master’s degrees. or phd of which in other countries. like for instance in kenya my country. where i come from. is. it depends with. your background. the way you people behave your tradition. if your family members um. have a way of pricing bright price. okay. and another thing it depends with how. much your family understands your man. and how much your family likes that man. for you okay that will determine.

How they will chat demand for the bad. price and also. it also depends on how much demand loves. you okay. because. there’s some marriages that are not out. of love you did not meet a man by. yourself it’s arranged marriage maybe. the man doesn’t know you but because he. cannot he cannot face a woman. he talked to one or two people and the. people decided to face a woman for him. talk on his behalf. you know then hook you guys up then they. quickly arranged a marriage so you. cannot tell me that that man loves you. that man is just trying to find. a life partner but he’s not actually in. love but it’s different from a man that. is in love and he has financial. capabilities and capacities you know. so in my side all those ones are factors. to consider but in this side it seems. is the education level has to determine.

How they are going to marry you whether. the guy loves you or not whether it’s an. arranged marriage or not that’s not. their business. another thing is their marriage process. is very difficult like guys yo i’ve done. some research and. i hear that in nigeria there’s no. marriage that you do that the. and um. did not consent to it because they have. to give them marriage lists and this. marriage list this marriage list has a. lot of things that you have to buy. tubers of your. bags of rice palm wines crates or malts. guinness. and whatever and whatnot the list is so. big and it’s so long that sometimes. the men just go broke trying to satisfy. or fulfill this desire of being a. married man they go broke and some of. them even go ahead to. they plan introduction ceremony uh. traditional wedding ceremony and white. wedding ceremony within the same week or.

Even the same day. they have that traditional ceremony this. morning then they go and have their. white wedding the same day oh they have. the white wedding this morning they have. the tradition already that same day in. the afternoon it’s very very hectic. it’s very demanding. it’s very exhausting so these are some. of the reasons why foreign men do not. like to marry nigeria women honestly it. only takes your fellow nigerians to. understand what all that is all about. and why i have to meet my own nurse and. um to inform them of my marriage for. them to consent to it you know. so that’s why i would even say that’s. why most nigerian women hardly get. married to foreigners they prefer to get. married to their fellow men nigerian men. because. it takes courage and it takes too much. love and it takes divine intervention.

For a man who is not a nigerian or a. nonnigerian brother to understand all. this. to some of them it will sound like a lot. of. to some of them you just sound like a. lot of. using someone. just because you feel that the person. has the capability and the capacity to. do all that you want to use and training. and i’ve also done my research and this. is something that is the same nigerians. that told me. that some women they take advantage of. this marriage list. and they will use it against demand just. to withdraw money from the man. they will be writing expensive lessons. they call them a shoeby you know when. you’re doing a traditional marriage you. have these maids or maidens that they. did they are the bride maidens but even. in the traditional wedding they are. there you know when you’re doing white. wedding you have mates when you’re doing.

A nigerian traditional wedding you also. have mates the same maze that you have. in church they’ll be dancing for you. know what’s your name they are the ones. that be dancing for them if they are. traditional wedding too so even if it’s. the same set of people but there are two. different events it’s traditional. marriage and white marriage. so in this traditional marriage you have. to sue or should be thought as show a b. is for all those girls you have to sew. their clothes from top to bottom to. including the shoes to including the. beads that they are going to wear. then when you’re doing white wedding you. see so made clothes for them. buy shoes for them do their hair you. know they like to dress the same way buy. the materials do everything for them. it’s very very expensive so their. marriage processes is very difficult.

And that is why. most of the foreign men they shy away. from marrying nigerian women or they do. not like to marry them not because they. are not beautiful. most of them are very fine but. when you think of how your pocket is. going around dry my. you when you when you when you’re. focused in building your life you better. help yourself and marry somewhere that. it’s easier to marry. it’s easier and you guys don’t even try. bashing in the comment section because i. have a friend from imo state and. she too she won’t accrual legit she said. man yo even me when my husband wanted to. marry me. my people almost met that man to give up. if not that a man really really loved me. and she even said that some men they. will spend their early years of marriage. still paying for the wedding list. because they could not be able to pay.

For it. completely when they are married who who. wants that that i’ve already married you. and started living and i’m still paying. for your wedding list. really it’s so. it’s annoying sorry to say boys. then last but not least their weddings. are extra and. flamboyant. just the same thing i was explaining. this one now is the aspect of it being. extra and flamboyant guys nigerians they. like to parry okay. they know they don’t believe in dawn. when it’s dulled out with it they don’t. believe in it. they believe that when they’re having a. wedding or a marriage ceremony it’s. happening. they are going to cook. people are going to eat they are going. to bring buffet they are going to hire. cars. they are going to borrow even cars if. they don’t have money to hire the. kampuru. and fuel it for you and all these things.

They entail money. guys food items are very expensive in. nigeria right now. chocolate of the the fuel price is very. very high right now. like a litter is uh from 165 to 180. something. naira right now a liter of well. so. yeah basically if you want to buy meat. now they can’t tell you that there’s no. meat for 509 you have to buy 1000 and if. you’re doing this kind of party i don’t. know and like people that are buying. chicken like even this festive period. that most weddings are happening. people that i will buy chicken they’ll. tell you that one chicken is even eight. thousand naira. or ten thousand nana so imagine. you you want to marry nigerian woman. right. this nigeria woman. she’s coming with the hashi people. she’s coming with her marriage people. from her village. you so you’re coming with your people. you have your friends she has her.

Friends maybe your business colleagues. she has a business colleagues you’re. inviting all these people if it’s a. traditional thing. area boys and area girls area mamas and. area fathers are also present. the omuna and the umuada are also. present. okay the chiefs that you respect in your. area are also present and you know chief. doesn’t work alone they work with the. escorts. okay. so. it’s gonna be big and flamboyant they. want everybody to see that it’s. happening they want them to see that. this is our day and they always treat. you like like a day like no other you. understand they treat marriage like an. achievement in life. in other words. so it’s very very it has to be. flamboyant like it’s most it has to okay. so i’m not doing this video to bash. nigerians i am just trying to explain. something. based on life experience i have a lot of.

Nigerian friends before you come to my. comment section to bash me i have a lot. of nigerian friends and they are. subscribed to my youtube channel and. whatever i say they see it. and it’s their conversations that we. normally do have okay personally i. really like to learn about other. people’s culture other people’s language. and other things you know so we do have. these conversations and they are telling. me these things so before you bash me. think twice before you bash me okay i’m. not doing this video to bash you guys. and that’s why i said. nigerian women are beautiful it’s not. it’s not a point. that foreign men don’t like to marry. them because they are ugly no no no. but. all those things that i’ve mentioned to. you. are the reasons behind it. so we are going to finish and end this. video right here. my country people.

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