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Dating Nigerian American you you think

These last eight months of my life have. been happiest about a year ago i met. peter on social media i am peta. he is. everything that i had been missing in my. other relationships when you recall. message me i love you so much. i’ve never met anybody like him peter is. the real deal. i have never met peter face to face. he currently lives in asaba nigeria. which is over 6 000 miles away we. usually text or we talk on the phone for. five or six hours a day peter sent me. this text i love you my sweetie you’re. my world this is a app and it’s the way. peter and i communicate. peter and i do have a lot in common. we’re both romantic we both have a lot. of passion about five months ago he. asked me to marry him and i said yes i. have an engagement ring. this is the ring that peter gave me i. purchased the rings myself this ring is.

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Not a real diamond peter tell me when he. starts working he’s going to replace it. with a real one you have to step back. and think could i possibly. be getting scammed my daughters and my. family are afraid that peter could be. scamming me my family really needs to. bed out because i know exactly what i’m. doing peter doesn’t ask me for money if. somebody asks me for money that’s a big. red flag i won’t do it without peter. asking i. bought his passport his national. identity card and a new phone in total. uh including the apartment that we just. rented i’ve probably spent about 4 500. regardless of what my family thinks i’ve. purchased a plane ticket to nigeria so. we can be married in just a few weeks i. have three different dresses that i’m. going to take to get married in i’m. pretty indecisive i’m just very excited.

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Dating Nigerian American had been missing in

I feel like if dr avail could go ahead. and get ordained he could marry us on. stage it would save me a lot of time a. lot of money and a lot of trouble. you. are smitten yes i am you’re a smitten. kitten i sure am. all right why somebody anybody. so far away i mean halfway around the. world why not somebody. at your church or. in the neighborhood or. through friends or why not somebody. that’s. close by. it just didn’t happen that way it didn’t. i was on social media. and uh we had responded to the same post. and he dm me we started talking. we talked for a couple of months and. then we didn’t talk again and then. december 20th i decided to tell him. merry christmas and we’ve been talking. ever since okay. and. you you think he’s as in love with you. as you are with him yeah i know he is. yeah you you know he is because of the.

Things he says i know he is because of. his actions. yeah that’s what i mean. actions yeah you haven’t had any. interactions with him personally. but it’s you. we do a lot of catfish stories here. to try to alert people where somebody. steals. somebody’s identity. uses their pictures and it’s all fake. and it’s all phony it’s not really who. they are. but here you’ve seen him you’ve talked. to him the voice and the picture go. together that’s correct you know he is a. young nigerian man yes. right so there’s no identity theft here. no so he’s the real deal yeah. sandy says her fiance peter is kind and. gentle. uh and every day she receives romantic. messages from him and let’s look at some. of those. good morning my sunshine yeah i just. woke up. hope i’m so grateful to god for. everything. i love you so much baby. deserve more than any other person show.

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