Dating Nice France

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Dating Nice France and we just got our

This video will cover what we did in. east france including the beaches we. went to lookout points and amazing food. my first glass of champagne in france. we are in nt friends and we just got our. car rental we are walking to the car. park to pick it up and we’re gonna head. towards nice. all right we have our first success of. the day we found our car and we’re on. the road heading towards the beach. the drive from antique to nice was. beautiful we passed by lots of marinas. and we’re able to stare at the water on. the coastline once you get to nice find. a parking garage for your car or a car. park and get out and stroll along the. promenade. the promenade is the perfect place to. start your trip while in nice you’re. able to see all the restaurants on one. side of the street there’s even some. restaurants down on the sand.

And this is how you’re going to get to. the beach when you’re ready to hop in. the water. the lookout point is located at the very. far south side of the promenade you are. going to zigzag your way up these stairs. to the tower on top. heading up the stairs to lookout point. this is the beautiful view you get to. see when you get to the top. after a family photo we went back down. to the beach. the beach is full of rocks so i was told. this i didn’t really think they were. telling the truth but it took us a long. time just to even get to the water. because the rocks hurt our feet so badly. but. once you get in it’s all good from there. the water was amazing it’s this very. interesting powder blue color that i. wasn’t expecting it’s almost cloudy but. in a nice way not dirty it was very. clean enjoyable. and we along with everyone else had no.

Problem laying on the rocks to sunbathe. all right we just took a dip in the sea. now we’re walking along the promenade. luke is in his very fancy towel thing it. was beautiful there’s lots of rocks so. that was hard to get in out every time. really hurts your feet but once you’re. in i mean it wasn’t even super cold it’s. late may i’m sure it’s going to get. warmer but. we really enjoyed it our next stop was. to go find some food right across the. street from the beach we were laying at. is the outdoor food and flower market. if you walk through this corridor you’re. going to end up in this beautiful space. there are restaurants along the side of. it. produce and flowers and food carts. we’re trying some traditional food from. nice and i started with the saka i think. it’s called and it’s a chickpea dough. bread kind of thing and we’re getting.

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