Dating Multiple People At Once

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Okay guys we all have to help me with. this one dating multiple people at one. time I know nothing about I know nothing. about this I have never been able to. pull that off I feel like I’m cheating. even if there’s two guys on first dates. I just feel like I’m cheating so how. does it work how does it feel tell me. great it feels good Wow I you know I’m. not saying that I’m doing it now but you. know back in the day it gives you a. because if one is not it’s crazy then. you can go with the other one so you. know and don’t model thing is don’t. commit to those relationships don’t. commit to a relationship until you are. so you’re saying set the expectation ah. then you saying like set the expectation. level with whomever you’re dating yeah. are you honest upfront it is that. expectation set I’m dating multiple. people no I’m not gonna tell nobody I’m.

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Dating somebody else gets the problem. I’m i will tell nobody I’m doing. somebody else you keep it allowed them. to believe that you’re only dating it is. you treat them like a queen wait give. them flowers you gave them everything. you want now they took a phase you can. go to the next goes from bad to worse. how is it worse so is life it’s reality. show me do you see you get I mean you. see. successful. impasse twenties I mean it was just yeah. I buying your ponies numbers you know I. don’t know the women at once I think it. was more the thrill of the chase you. know being a guy I want to take this. like a woman I want yeah it’s definitely. more ego you know I want to date this. like woman I want to date this type of. woman and at the end of the day you into. spending more money more time cat to be. on aim you know like trying to stay.

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Ahead of your lives we did it then you. are lying i mean you know that’s why you. get those women that aren’t like just. love you for who you look like and so. you can take them to mcdonalds. whataburger you’re not spending less. money or get a woman that is drinking. like we said you know a woman you know. would you like to date a woman that. makes more money than he did you know I. said I don’t have a problem with it. because hey right because it wasn’t your. lifestyle so you’re my past life stuff. oh really do I feel like I’m moving in. too many directions of that I’m guy who. agrees with me I’m gonna get us to I’m. just too confusing for me you know I i. am able to get in touch with my emotion. if I’m getting involved with somebody. emotionally and you know first of all we. have to define what are we doing here.

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What’s the what is this so you’re the. person we begin to say okay what is this. right are we that deck 1821 material I. guess but it at some point and are. usually ask you this Adam so the people. like us put more pressure on people like. no no no you would be yeah is me and I. used to be too okay yeah right like us. put more pressure unspoken pressure on. people who can date multiple people. simultaneously in what way will you just. if they know that we’re not and then. we’re only dating one person at a time. with that I mean would there be an. inherent pressure with that you Jake. well I think that says a lot about who. who we are yeah in the direction we’re. headed so you know if I would if I Know. Who I am and and I’m not right Greg me. and I anime Connor a woman who’s who’s. into that multitask dating nothing yet.

You know then I’m gonna move on okay. absolutely yeah yeah yeah this one of my. life like the thrill of the chase is. gone I mean 12 men go through that Byron. let me go through that three absolutely. every guy goes to a playoff stage okay. if you don’t I believe you should just. some men that get married maybe it’s a. little too early in life they missed. that play on stage in for some reason. they may not say maybe they may not say. it’s because they didn’t go through a. play on stage but at some point in the. mayor’s if you like they missed out on. something so they start hanging out wow. you. yeah yeah they start hanging now boy or. there you know kicking it with the boys. next thing you know it slip up so is it. like some rite of passage that once you. do it it’s done and then you don’t need. it for myself and say yes I absolutely.

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