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Dating Minneapolis in minneapolis

Hey guys what is up today i am filming a. day in my life in minneapolis so i’m. just going to be taking you guys. throughout my day we’re actually about. to head out and go to a farmer’s market. and really wanted to go to one for a. while now so we are making it happen i. saw what was happening near me so i. thought this was the perfect opportunity. to go and i heard that fresh fruit from. a farmer’s market is 10 times better. than what they sell at the store so. that’s actually what intrigued me to. going to a farmer’s market in the first. place so i’m pretty excited i guess this. is what being an adult is like you get. excited about going to the farmers. market before i go i thought i would. give you guys a little ootd so here is. what i am wearing it’s like a little bit. cold out but not super cold it’s just.

Cause it’s like earlier in the morning. so i’m just wearing this little cropped. hoodie from pretty little thing and the. tank top underneath is actually also. from pretty little thing and then my. jeans are fashion nova i wear them all. the time i’m sure you guys have seen. them a bunch but they’re super. flattering and completed the look with. my air force ones i’m also bringing this. cute little farmer’s market bag that i. got from my apartment building as like a. little moving gift and i just realized. that this is the exact event that i’m. going to so i guess we are ready to go. all right guys i just got back home it. was a very successful trip i’m honestly. so happy it was a really great. experience everything smelled so good. and i just love seeing tons of fresh. produce the fresh flowers it was just so.

Like beautiful any of you guys a quick. haul of everything that i got i actually. found some really good stuff so first of. all i did find my fresh strawberries. they’re in a bag right here because they. were in a big bucket so she just dumped. them into this bag but they are so red. and they look so juicy like you do not. see strawberries like this at the. grocery store so i’m really excited to. try them i definitely need to rinse them. off first before i do but i’m probably. just gonna dump them into a bowl and i. bet they’re gonna be so flavorful next. up we’ve got some garlic already picked. out these fresh garlic cloves and they. look so cool like what these look very. interesting kind of looks like it’s from. harry potter or something but i’m sure. they’ll be really good we also got some. fresh sweet corn we got four of them for.

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Three dollars so i feel like that’s a. really good deal i don’t know like these. are going to be really delicious and. flavorful so i’m really excited to make. them i’m not the best at making corn. well i don’t really know how i should. make this because they’re humongous i’m. probably gonna have to cut them in half. but maybe i should cook them on the. grill in my building downstairs i don’t. know i feel like that might be a good. idea also while we were there we got to. try a bunch of samples because obviously. people are trying to get you to buy. their stuff so they just let you try. their food and we ended up trying a. bunch of samples of cheeses. there was like a jalapeno one a garlic. one i can’t remember what the first one. was oh it’s like a cheese curd that was. the first one and they’re all super good.

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And then there’s also this sauce stand. with like sauces that have like really. fresh ingredients no preservatives like. very low sugar and we got to try a bunch. of samples of them on some tortilla. chips and it ended up really liking one. and it turns out it was actually their. most popular sauce so pretty funny but. it is this mean green hot sauce and you. just put it on some tacos or i don’t. really know what else probably just. tacos. but it’s so good literally the. ingredients are just jalapeno green. peppers vinegar garlic and salt so super. clean and minimal so overall it was a. very successful trip everything looks so. good i’m so happy with what we got and. these strawberries look freaking amazing. i’m gonna try one right now. all right going in. so juicy. what’s on here garlic toast. with. all natural butter.

Fresh. garlic from the farmer’s market and. parmesan. this looks delish all right i’m about to. head to the gym i really want to get in. a good cardio sesh so i think i’m just. going to do 12 3 30 on the treadmill so. gosh is a 12 incline three speed for 30. minutes i just love that it helps you. burn tons of calories but you’re still. working the glutes too so it’s just a. really great workout i have still been. working on getting back to my normal. routine it has been a bit of a struggle. i will say since i did move like a week. and a half ago so this is kind of just. like an adjustment period which is. totally okay i have been snacking a. little more than i usually do and not. like healthy snacks so that’s obviously. why i’m beating myself up a little but. it’s all right but i don’t want to do. that so yeah we’re just gonna keep it up.

Try to improve that’s all you can do so. i’m gonna go to the gym sweat it all out. get in a nice workout and i know i will. feel a lot better after that. how to start in the liquefied i need you. here to tell me that’ll be okay. everyone loving too and now it’s three. three a.m thinking what if. i guess it was just a quick little storm. i literally just came out of the shower. and the sun already came out so that is. super nice hopefully it will get nicer. out because i’m going to go out to. dinner later and i don’t want it to be. super rainy. my hair is soaking wet. today’s random lunch is some scrambled. eggs on rice cakes with tomatoes and. parmesan cheese and then i have some. fresh strawberries on the side it. actually looks really good so. i’m gonna eat it now i am super hungry. while i have my lunch i’m gonna watch.

Sarah from outer banks that’s not her. real name her real name is madeline. klein but i’m gonna watch her at. nighttime skincare routine she’s. actually a really cool person i saw her. in another interview and she’s actually. dope. it’s a bit later now ari and i are about. to head out for a little date night. unfortunately the rain came back so it. is very rainy out which is unfortunate. but that is not stopping our plans. tonight we’re just gonna roll with the. punches i don’t know where we’re going. yet so we’ll have to see here’s my date. night outfit it’s very edgy and cute. totally my vibe so i’m just wearing this. jacket from pretty little thing it is. one of my favorites it’s like a color. blocking denim jacket and it’s just so. freaking cool and then underneath i have. a mesh shirt on with a little tank top.

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Underneath then i have some ripped. skinny jeans they have like a little. flare on the bottom which makes them a. little cooler. and they are from fashion nova that’s. where i basically get all of my jeans. they just fit so well and then i paired. them with my converse and i feel like. you just completed this edgy vibe and. this rainy mood so. it is perfect for tonight i also. straightened my hair today and i love. how it turned out i feel like i haven’t. sprayed my hair in a little bit probably. just with like moving and everything but. i really like it and i’m gonna pair this. look with my classic little shoulder bag. i honestly always get so many. compliments on this purse and it was. like 10 or 20 dollars i can’t remember. from h m so i highly recommend it. because i still think they sell it so. yeah it’s just super cute it has like a.

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