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Dating Mauritius here mauritius

I guess a lot of you ladies watching. right now are jealous of this now the. nipples. wow. one sexy mermaid on the beach. some countries in africa they have a. different approach and it can be very. dirty and messy definitely not mauritius. this is really vacation mode and. mauritius. damn this is. ah. that’s the national bird yeah just the. daughter in the world. how much is that this one 50 rupees one. you know do you take yours yeah. only one yeah i put it in a bag. yeah i can take it on now. wow great man. mauricio style yeah. thank you so much. over here we have another viewpoint. there are so many gorgeous viewpoints in. mauritius. right yes. right yeah right. right. this one is black river gorge viewpoint. so remember that on your next mauritius. trip. oh mind blowing look at this guys. little waterfall over here just pure.

Serenity green lush mauritius what a. country i feel like tarzan is reborn. how do you like this view. it’s gorgeous. gorgeous. now here at the seven colored earth inn. mauritius very interesting place it has. like seven different colors the earth i. just want to show you guys how it looks. like. the ground just changes colors brown. orange. gray. so many different ones. absolutely amazing. we have purple brown. you have mini this way i. just many different ones yes a variety. so this area in the southwest of. mauritius covers around 7500 square. meters and it’s created by volcanic. activity between three and a half. million years ago and 1.9 million years. ago so it’s very old and just very. fascinating turtles what’s special about. this place okay so it was a volcano. before. this beautiful thing was created how do.

You say the name. so there you see the differences creole. is like slaying french. what is that the sample of the soil we. have over there so you can buy it yeah. that’s the total. the jungle girls. it’s time to continue the road trip in. mauritius where are we going next veggie. cup big lake over there oh my god it’s. so hot sorry everyone is ready yeah. road trip. there’s also a little waterfall here. that we need to check out do you like. waterfalls yes. wow. oh my god this chamorrel waterfalls. which is the highest waterfall here. mauritius with a 100 meters drop it’s. fed by two rivers the tallest there. this is very scenic if there was more. water true beauty. beautiful beautiful and peaceful really. cool. okay. i think everyone has their own way to. pronounce it but here at alexandra falls. alexandra falls. what i can already see here is they do a.

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Lot to make it a clean country the. people don’t want to throw trash. anywhere they just make sure that it. gets in the trash bin and they have all. this cleaning guys or ladies who take. good care of the cleanliness in the. country you can even see here there’s no. trash around. some countries in africa they have a. different approach and it can be very. dirty and messy definitely not my. reaches also i would like to highlight. rwanda. welcome to the cleanest country in. africa welcome to rwanda which is maybe. the cleanest country in africa but my. reaches is definitely up there and top. three for sure. wow guys look at this nature truly. spectacular you can just come here and. meditate and hang out there’s no portion. over here. you clean yourself like this. little pit stop here on the way to the. restaurant to get some lunch.

Mauritius. now it’s time to eat. some local food. with. the ladies. it’s a hot day today everyone is. sweating. just walking around here about to find a. place where i can eat some octopus. searching for the octopus main i think. we found the octopus place. octopus. all right. so this is octopus from mauritius i. really love trying the local food very. nice very fresh. how is it like let me very fresh sweet. a little bit sweet. good texture delicious good texture. that’s a nice one. the viking we’ll try some octopus huh. very yummy. i really like this octopus lady it’s so. good. so you stayed a bit in london do you. find england more expensive than. mauritius is more expensive because we. import most of the things so guys there. is a certain rule that many of you are. maybe not aware of but it happens all. the time when you have a white tshirt.

On. this is what happens. let’s go to the beach. yeah wow dirty dirty like. that’s like a friendship mark that you. spill a little bit on your tshirt to. show sympathy for the other person. from our little lunch place. you go right over here and then you have. this beach here mauritius it’s actually. not allowed to eat on the beach right. now they’re very strict with the kobet. restrictions. how is it. nice. are you cooling down yes. it’s really nice. it feels good. now i’ll go to my real friend. this is my new friend this is really the. little paradise pizza we had lunch right. over here and now we are just enjoying. the water walking a bit i’m way too down. you going to run yeah. i’ll not. oh she’s coming back to me. just getting. some tan. so my skin is not like the tshirt no no. no. she hates all of us. why are you so mad at us.

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I’m getting attacked. it wasn’t even me and you punished me so. people are out here kite surfing is. quite windy at this beach there are a. lot of waves out there the girls are. just playing around. that’s a big drama playing out here at. the beach. get a lot of sin in the islam. what did you say. i don’t know what to say this is the. same spreader. i found a pillow here at the beach. okay so the girls are really tired of me. so now. they’re covering me in sand and leaving. me alone at the beach they will drive on. so no more mauritius videos coming. i will be buried here for the rest of my. life it was nice to meet you guys. why are you doing this to me. they had enough yeah yeah to be honest. the one guy three girls can be. complicated. when you do a road trip big sister and. me we get along very well but it’s. difficult to manage.

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