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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so. in today’s video when she has loved my. last video where I signed up for blk the. black dating website I thought why not. sign up for more with dating websites we. have signed up for Chispa cheese spa is. what I’ve been calling it um I will say. I did also sign up for hilly and I would. do a video on it but it wouldn’t let me. screen record as I was on the app and so. the whole video just ended up being. stupid plus hilly was really weird I got. bombarded with a bunch of and. you have to pay after a week and it’s. like a monthly or a weekly subscription. it’s stupid so cheese was also. one of those apps that keeps popping up. on my snapchat so every time one of. these random apps pops up I’m gonna. download it I’m gonna put myself on. there and I’m gonna go ahead and see.

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What it’s about see who’s on there you. know what I mean cuz the models I have. advertising for this it’s not who I. attract honestly um I’m pretty sure I. attract weirdos like serial killers. murderers scammers which is also another. story for you guys yeah so there’s that. I’ll probably find something on this app. who’s probably trying to like still one. of my organs but yeah so we have a. signed up for chispa my we I mean me I’m. putting myself out there um I signed a. purchase but about a week and a half ago. so that means my profile has been out. there people have been able to see it. been able to swipe on it all that good. stuff I want to say that a good amount. of people have seen it because in the. bio I set up I put you add me on. snapchat and a bunch of people had added. me on snapchat did I respond now.

Honestly I’m a when it comes to. stuff like that I don’t respond I you. I’m gonna show you guys my profile and. then we’re gonna start swiping okay. first aren’t just but I’m going to go to. my profile this is me they get me both. Alice and TS hunty so the first thing. about just butt is I’m you create a. profile so it asks you about your roots. since I’m just black as far as I know I. put United States but I noticed I wasn’t. really getting any interaction. so I put that eyelash from the Dominican. Republic or I had Dominican enemy so. which I oh I have been told if I spoke. Spanish I could pass for Dominican so. there’s that so I went ahead and put. that on there and I here are my pictures. super cute simple all that good stuff my. profile I’m a makeup artist a mini kind. of public key and it tastes it says I’m.

23 living in Las Vegas I’m super chill. but like to go out with friends add me. on snapchat my 95 he’s all going to do. that too so I think I’m dogs so we are. gonna go ahead and start swiping. okay so Israel I really like that name. let’s see some pictures just aren’t good. he’s super liked me we’re gonna go sing. now Jeremy I think he’s also Dominican I. said also as if I am actually Dominican. I hate myself. oh that sign is for Puerto Rico I’m done. this is how you know I’m nowhere near. Hispanic okay there’s two Jimmy’s backed. by oh nice yeah he’s older okay he’s. American super liked me woah oh and then. guys so you know after I do these videos. I pretty much delete these apps just. because I have no intentions of actually. finding someone on dating apps I just. don’t really believe in it after tender. and POF those two situations I was on.

Where that pretty much up my life. I’m like you takes Danny app seriously. you know what I mean not me. so let’s see Delano I love the ethnicity. I want to say that’s the word I love. that we’ll just make up or I love the. ethnic. miss of some of these needs like do they. know what do you do Delano mm do I not. sure that mustache I mean no wait a. minute. no no this man is white I swear he’s. white El Salvador and Puerto Rican no. here we go. black guy but he o see he likes. himself a little latina woman okay he. makes himself a little antenna to male. I’m gonna say this and try not to be so. blatantly disrespectful while saying it. okay. every Hispanic man that has approached. me is definitely not my type. I honestly I’ll say it like this you. guys I have hooked up with mini men okay. but only black and white which is really.

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Interesting and so it leads me to. believe like I mean it makes me think. like what’s up with this bear even like. why do I not like them and it’s not that. I don’t like them it’s just the ones. that approach me I’m not attracted to. but I can admit I have seen some pretty. sexy Hispanic guys okay but then. hope you wanted me you know like they do. not want me so yeah and plus like a lot. of them aren’t really tall and you know. I feel like I’m wrapped alone who said. this I have a coworker she’s up selva. Dorian she said why his Fanny got a. short so I’m like oh my god it’s not. just me who thinks this No. not really I’m just saying yeah though. okay bro I feel like this is a really. interesting way to see like we’re all. the black men going you know what all. the black dudes gone hmm okay Aaron. works at a beach club he’s also in the.

Army mmmhmm he’s in the army. maybe I was the Navy she was a cute oh. this man is Asian. but roots UNLV burrow okay yeah this man. is wait oh dammit. nice nice wait August okay. he feels really he put it down okay stop. how come no one arts a bio on this app. and we didn’t match like I really think. us manic men just don’t never like me. like that under business Timon Dania. look like if I could preview something. will win I would almost like a patient. eating at his little Asian black babies. are really cute so if I’d have been. fighting a little Asian thing bro all. these black dudes on here like. you’re not even supposed to be on here. oh oh what’s this ooh. urban is cute you started oh please have. a bio and he does not he’s Mexican he. looks kind of short but we’re gonna say. yes and you didn’t like me my egos a.

Little bruised I like to see I’m diverse. okay this isn’t for all the hoes out. there this is what I like to this is how. I like to think of it you fought you. meet a man you ask him where he’s from. what’s his origin his background like. mixed with stuff like that. I like to think of it as collecting a. claim you know safely collecting a coin. okay. so like if you need a man who’s from the. UK have sex with it if you’re a man. who’s from Africa have sex with it if. you had a man who’s from like. Ireland please be safe please use. protection. please but get your coins anyway I don’t. know how this guy he’s very wellgroomed. he leaves reminding you of someone and. I’m gonna say yes but I’m like. no oh so cute. some of these guys look so cute he. doesn’t even look like he’s is this an. Italian flag I think I’ve seen this guy.

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Somewhere I’ve definitely seen him. somewhere I feel like it no that was a. different guy yes I’m mad actually I. might just he’s tall this is the type. that I am attracted to but never they. never come after me so we’ll see how. that goes okay huh Oh God okay okay. Austin first to it all you’re scary. you’re like big and scary but also kind. of attractive let’s see Orlando five. seven mmm that’s enough for me dog you. guys just but didn’t really do it for me. and I really always tell people like I. don’t discriminate but I really do feel. like I find multiple like cultures and. ethnicities attractive but that I was. not really into and I think I’m really. starting to see now that maybe I do have. a type. maybe I do have a type damn damn damn. damn. but yes Soho but that one dude there’s. only one dude on here where I’m like hey.

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