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Hello guys welcome and welcome back to. the channel it’s a girl sarah here again. so in today’s video guys i’m going to be. sharing with you how is it to date a. south african man as a foreigner so. every time when people find out that i’m. not a south african the first thing that. they ask me why foreigners they don’t. like to date south african men so. everything that i’ll be sharing with you. guys today it’s my personal experience. it’s happening to me and it’s happened. also to people very very close to me so. i’m not going to be telling you things. that i think it can happen or something. like that no i’m going to be telling you. real stuff things that happened and. things that are really happening right. now so if it’s the first time watching. my video and you didn’t subscribe yet i. don’t know what you’re waiting for.

Please do me a favor and do yourself a. favor by subscribing to my channel. because in this channel we talk about. relationship lifestyle fashion and all. those juicy juicy topics that you want. to hear we talk about it in this channel. so i’m going to give you five seconds. for you to join the family and then we. can continue with the video okay let’s. go. did you subscribe to my channel thank. you so much for that and please don’t. forget to follow me on instagram i’ll be. very very honored to welcome you in my. family without wasting your time let’s. go. so when it comes to dating a south. african man each and every foreigner. they have their different reasons why. they don’t want to date a foreigner or. they don’t want to date a south african. man but personally i believe that love. is love it doesn’t matter your reasons.

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It doesn’t matter the culture if you. love the person you will try your best. to make the relationship work because if. you can date someone from your culture. but if you guys are not meant to be. together that relationship is not going. to go anywhere and if you’re men or if. men of your life is not from your. culture you’re just going to destroy. yourself you ended up being with someone. who’s not the man for you because you’re. just afraid to be with someone who’s not. from your culture with someone who’s not. from your country so personally guys i. don’t have a problem dating south. african men because i’m dating one right. now dad doesn’t have all those type of. things they’re just chill they don’t. have a problem as long as you love me i. love you we cool and as long as you. respect me and you honor me you go to.

Them and do everything right my parents. they don’t have a problem with that but. like it or not guys no matter how much. we can say love is love culture doesn’t. matter. but one thing for sure is that when you. guys are dating people from different. cultures different countries there’s. always gonna be small little things that. will be off here and there but you can. only survive all those things if you. guys love each other but those things. would definitely going to be there. so the first thing that’s it’s a little. bit of a problem when dating someone. who’s not from your culture is language. guys the language is the first thing. that can put a little bit of for example. myself i speak french and i speak my. language and my partner speaks his. language and english as well so the only. language we can communicate me and him.

Is english guys i speak english every. single day every day but i’m happy with. it i’m comfortable with it because even. my my language i don’t speak french. every day i don’t speak my language. every day i only speak french in my. language when i’m calling my family i’m. still learning english guys i’m still. learning english my english is not. perfect my accent is still like french. type of thing but i’m not bad guys i’m. not bad. but when it comes to communicating with. my partner guys. he’s born with it like english and his. language he’s been speaking english ever. since once he was young so his english. and mine is totally like. different you know so every time one is. telling me something guys now i have to. think first in french before answering. in english so when is telling me. something for example you want to make a.

Joke and a joke is in english guys i can. only laugh out loud if the joke is in. french or it’s in my language because. now i understand it’s on the spot but if. you want to make you want to make a joke. and the joke is in english guys now i. have first to understand it. then laugh. so. it’s a little bit crazy but yeah. sometimes he will tell me something now. i’m i’m start i want to process it first. then after few minutes i’ll be like oh. really then he’s just gonna look at me. like you so slow my baby you’re so slow. i’m not slow i’m trying to understand it. first like i have to put it in french. first me to understand it then laugh. later so. language it’s the very very big one. problem is also with the family as well. his family and his family to mind so. that’s a very big one because. his mother doesn’t speak.

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My language obviously and he also. doesn’t speak english so he speaks his. own language so for me to communicate. with her guys it’s a very very big. problem. and for him to communicate with my. parents it’s very easy because they. speak french they speak english as well. even though they’re still learning but. yeah they can communicate they can. understand each other every time i. always ask myself when it’s time for. ebola. doing the lobola discussion in english. that’s a very funny one like i’ll try my. best guys to take some videos for you. when that thing will happen. just for us to understand guys i know it. will be very very funny but just imagine. just picture the lobola negotiation in. english guys in english it’s very crazy. guys so if you want to see that video. please leave it on the comments down. below and tell me don’t i would.

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Definitely do it for you i’ll make sure. that when that thing will happen i will. take a video. and post it for you guys to see the. lobola negotiation in. english okay. so yeah it’s a bit of that so my. motherin-law and myself we don’t have. that crazy relationship we talk i can. call and stuff we talk yes but it’s only. like greetings that’s it we don’t go. over above and something like that so. the language in the relationship when. dating in south african it’s very very. huge they sometimes way like you’re so. angry and you want the person to. understand to feel that you are angry. and you have to do it in english like. you even when you you think that i’m not. happy like i’m not happy at all. like it doesn’t really you don’t feel it. he can oh i have to say it in french on. my language guys i will go go. all the way because i will say all the.

Words start to make them feel that i am. angry. the second thing is the culture guys the. culture is very serious like it or not. no matter how much you guys try to be. civilized developed or whatever the. culture will always be there and you. can’t ignore it because love is me and. you but it’s not always me and you. families are they and if me and you we. want to get married it’s not only gonna. be me and you. we have to include parents we have to. include elders and stuff like that and. when it comes to. cultures guys this thing can also put a. relationship off because i have my own. way of understanding my culture and. you have your own way of understanding. your culture so if you start explaining. your culture to me. to me i can maybe think this is a. witchcraft as we don’t do that and stuff. like that and my culture to you may be.

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Like this is witchcraft we don’t do that. and when two people don’t understand. each other’s culture that can be elf as. well and the other thing this is a very. very big one like this is almost all. foreigners. reasons not dating south african guys. don’t take me wrong like it’s you guys. don’t get me wrong i’m just sharing with. you guys the reasons why people don’t. really like to date. south africans or foreigners because in. my country for example. when you have a baby boy. it you don’t have to wait for the baby. to be one year or two years or 18 years. old for them to be cut you know what i’m. trying to say you know to be cut down. there. we cut the ba the boys when they are. like a month or two months when they are. still a baby so if you check. people from my country guys. all of them all of them they are all.

Cats so in my country or in my culture. when a man is not cut it’s like he’s not. the man like he’s not. worthy i can say. but yeah that’s why it’s also one of the. things especially people from my country. that don’t like to date because of that. if they date you it means that they are. born here parents are from back home and. they are born here so they don’t know. much about it but trust me even if they. are born here it’s it’s automatic thing. it’s something that they would tell you. or if that person is surrounded by. people from a country they will know. that so. a lot of foreigners don’t do it because. of that so if you are like that you are. not cards that are very turn up like it. doesn’t you know when they’ll come to. you you don’t know if they are cut or. not so they already have that in their. mind most of them are not cut so that’s.

Why even if you are cut and you go to a. foreigner you want to date them they. don’t really listen they don’t even give. a chance because they’re already. thinking that they don’t cut them they. don’t you know so every time even one of. my friends from back home when they. found out that i’m dating someone who’s. not from my country the first thing like. so how are you dealing with the. something that is not cut you know the. way they make it sound so like guys it’s. not everybody there are some who are and. some who are not and those who are not. it’s because they believe in that they. are comfortable with it you know. something like that but they make you. feel already bad that’s why a lot of. foreigners especially those are from our. country they don’t want to put. themselves in that situation because. they don’t want people to you know judge.

Them especially people from their. country to judge them because when they. ask you and you tell them that you are. dating someone is not from my country. they already look at you like. you know they give you already that look. you’re not dating someone from our. country. you dating in south africa like they. already give you that look because like. you are dealing with someone who’s not. cut top of the thing so it’s a bit of. that so. yeah guys that was a little thing that i. wanted to share with you guys today i. hope you enjoyed my video i hope this. video was helpful to you so if there’s. something that i’ve talked today and you. are related to it please leave it on the. comment down below and tell me what’s. happening and. yeah share with me and if there’s. anything that you want me to talk about. when it comes to me south african dating.

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