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Hi I’m dating expert Hali Quinn and I’m. joined by only Pierce and what we’ve. been worked out is that loads of you. guys out there are struggling to put. together an amazing online dating. profile so if you’re currently not. getting the views the matches your. messages are going nowhere in this new. threepart video series we’re going to. be breaking it down and explaining to. you how to get great how to get great. pictures how to write an awesome profile. and what messages to send to the women. in this first video we’re gonna be. looking at the guys pictures yes so. first things first we are gonna help you. with some top tips on how to get the. allimportant images you need for your. fivesix-seven image portfolio through. online because I think with Instagram. and stuff there is the profile. expectation of the picture expectation.

That people have has gone skyhigh. so Ollie is I am a stylist and then. image consultant but I’m also a model so. that is one of the big areas which I. help guys with when they’re doing online. pictures is to get the right pose. throughout ambience mix that in with the. style their wardrobe and get pictures. which really sort of have a bit of a. punch to them amazing so we look forward. to seeing the photos of you and put them. together cool cool ok gentlemen so yes. this is part 1 in our video series on. how to master online dating and for part. 1 we are obviously going to be dealing. with how to get the best pictures the. best photos for your online profile all. right obviously online dating is. incredibly superficial right nobody. knows each other it’s all on the. strength of the images note how I didn’t. say it’s all about how good you look in.

The images because often the most. handsome guys are the bestlooking guys. don’t actually get the best results so. we’re going to show you what we mean by. that and how to combine all the. important factors online which are your. style your appearance your facial. expressions the location and the general. overall vibe of your online profile you. know give you some tips on each area to. make sure that you’re making the most. out of what you’re putting out there. okay so before we expand on these tips. it’s going to help you to master your. online photos I’m going to recommend. that you take a. of new pictures most guys are putting a. mishmash of pictures from different eras. in their lives different resolutions you. know one of them back at uni one of them. skiing on holiday different styles. different haircuts different ages.

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Different eras in their lives this gives. it no continuity no one gets a real vibe. what you’re like or your character I. mean this is a really serious point. right if you see a profile and the first. picture is low resolution it’s a crappy. picture most people who are looking. online if they see a crappy picture a. bad resolution or looks really old they. think crappy picture crappy guy you know. and they don’t want a match of you. they’re not going to respond to you. because you’ve got no effort and if you. don’t put any effort into yourself and. your online image your public profile. then why would somebody who’s put a. massive amount of effort into their time. and appearance ie an attractive woman. decide to give you any time when you. don’t really reciprocate that by putting. any effort into yourself so your.

Pictures have to have the same amount of. effort as you would invest into your. life as a highstatus male if you’re not. high status male and you don’t put any. effort into your life then you have no. real value if you don’t value yourself. then a woman of high self value is not. going to value you either if you get my. drift. so what’s just you do first things first. is seek somebody who can help you. professionally obviously I help a lot of. Hailey’s clients and my own private. clients of their online profiles I. actually shoot the pictures any. inquiries on that one then hit up Hayley. however if you can’t afford to hire a. professional who can help you then get a. friend of yours. with the quality iPhone take a few. hundred pictures of you you heard me. right a few hundred that is absolutely. nothing for one good image in a.

Professional model shoot a magazine. which we’re opening every day they’re. going to take about 300 pictures just to. get that one good image so you’ve got to. think in that way as well when you’re. doing your pic so get a mate if you. can’t afford professional advice to take. a shitload of pictures for you first and. choose the best one so once you’ve done. a shitload of pictures let’s think a. hundred pictures for every one image you. use from that from that 100 you’re going. to do that in a few locations. all right so you’re gonna get a few. different styles of clothes a few. different facial expressions different. vibes to go into your overall portfolio. so that mate of yours is going to be. very patient by a point later or. something because you’re going to want. him to take minimum of 500 pictures for. you just to get five which are going to.

Use for the final product your online. portfolio okay so once you’ve got your. mate who’s going to do that for you then. make sure you use these tips to make. sure your images are really going to. attract the maximum amount of positive. attention. okay so we’ve all that done and we’ve. got our great images okay having. followed the tips I’m about to go into. what you want to do is pick the best. social images you have already or maybe. one of you paragliding or skiing or. doing a cool activity or you know in. front of a pyramid the best images only. alright I’m going to give you tips on. how to choose them and then you mix them. in of the pictures you’ve taken purely. for your online profile so you’ve got a. mixture of you looking cool posing of. different outfits different locations. different expressions mix them with your.

Social pictures however if your social. pictures or your all your pictures at a. cool location and with a celebrity or. whatever if you don’t look good in them. then forget about it alright don’t use. them what we do not want. it’s pictures taken in a place like this. this is a gray wall or a white wall it’s. a professional studio there are lights. all around me right now and it looks. like a professional studio so you want. them to be on locations you don’t want. it to look professionally done so let’s. think more a fashion magazine vibe. rather than a portrait studio vibe like. I mean now if it looks like you’ve had. professional pictures done you’re. sitting in a studio in your best jacket. looking a bit manic it makes you look a. little bit creepy and there’s too much. effort has been invested remember you’re.

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Trying to be effortlessly cool in the. world of dating this is how I look every. day this could be me walking to the. supermarket for a pint of milk I’m. always this cool not that I paying. somebody to make me look this good in a. professional studio so we’re going to. tread the line have really good images. hopefully done on at least professional. equipment and if possible with. professional guidance by someone like. myself and if not then we go down the. route. of getting your maid to do them okay. gents so here is the start of our first. list of points you need to follow when. we’re thinking about your a aesthetic. appearance ie the way you’re looking in. the pictures first things first. remember it does not matter where you. are or who you’re with you could be in. front of Buckingham Palace having a. laugh at Barack Obama.

Okay that’s a great location and a great. celeb to be seen with but if you don’t. look good you don’t post it right it’s. better to have you in front of a plain. wall looking hot with a great smile. than in a really good location with a. really cool person looking terrible. remember it’s all superficial. it’s all a aesthetic and it’s all about. how sexy you are so let’s make sure that. the so let’s make sure that your photos. are reflecting you looking cool looking. handsome looking sexy rather than the. activities you do they’re a secondary. bonus online basing and the strength of. the images you use are not purely about. having high cheekbones or killer abs. great muscle obviously these kind of. physical traits are a massive bonus the. sexier you are you’re going to get more. sexual attention from the opposite sex.

That’s an obvious it’s a given however. women are not like men when they don’t. really base the way they date and the. men they covered purely on sexuality. like men tend to with a man it doesn’t. really matter so much the woman’s style. or image it’s much more important just. her straightup beauty a aesthetic value. with women it’s much more about the. overall package which were presenting so. the kind of guy you are does he dress. cool that makes him a cool guy what does. he do what kind of music is he into what. kind of tribes has he followed what is. he into what kind of guy is this guy. what kind of man is the guy on the. profile we’re looking at so you need to. make sure you’re a cool person to do so. obviously your image is going to be. dictated by your clothes you are what. you wear clothes make the man so your.

Image is absolutely integral that’s the. most important thing in making sure. these pictures work dressed like a cool. guy in society that is how you are. viewed so basically your image says what. your social status is or your level of. cool anyway but also they can. very a sense of high personal income a. sense of a traveled man a man who has. good activities going on you know it’s a. really good one to have pictures of you. skiing or something it shows that one. you can afford to ski you have the money. to be able to go skiing you can do that. it’s an extra element to your life but. be careful man what I said before I. aesthetic values are always the most. important the a aesthetic value of the. image so if you are there skiing. you’ve got an awful bloody great big. helmet on some badly fitting sunglasses. and a sunburnt nose and you’re looking.

All chubby in your skiing gear that’s a. bad image take the helmet off find an. angle where they can’t see your. sunburned nose take your big jacket off. and wait seen you at lunch before you. get the picture rather than have it on. the slopes or togged up the same if. you’re canoeing nobody wants to see you. in a life jacket up to here with a red. crappy plastic helmet on however if you. take an off the live jacket and the helm. it I’m gonna stood next to some wavy. ridges or something with the canoe. looking awesome and muscular and. suntanned that’d be much better so let’s. think about the style combined with the. pose and the location all three of these. things are gonna be equally important in. making the image you really want okay so. that point actually leads into our next. one on location right the location you.

Choose should be congruent with the. clothes you wear so let’s think if. you’re in a country manner you know. there’s a fine country manor house. behind you you don’t want to be wearing. a baseball cap and trainers are looking. very super urban again if you happen to. find a really open look a really cool. wall with graffiti on it or something. you don’t want to flash up yourself in a. threepiece suit looking like you’re out. going to the Oscars it doesn’t work so. make sure that the style you’re wearing. is congruent with the picture you’re. going for very important point. choose your locations we’ll try to go. for colors which match in the background. but the clothes you’re wearing so say. you go into a park or tumble Park look. always a nice picture you want to go for. lots of sort of Crimson’s dark Browns. lighter red colors mixed in with green.

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In the outfit the guys wearing to go. with the backdrop. if you want to go for an urban look. maybe a black leather jacket a black. graffiti filled up shabby looking urban. backdrop or mall or something like that. or a disused house as your backdrop. because that’s going to be congruent. with the clothes the guy is wearing and. that’s the whole vibe mixes in and it. really really sort of transmits an. essence and aura about the person who. we’re looking at when people are looking. at your pictures online they’re. instantly imagining what they want to. take from your profile so let’s really. set a scene which makes you look so cool. that they have no choice but to imagine. you as a very cool guy a cool guy in. each of his different cool sides of his. personality the highend cool guy. outside the the summer house the country.

House the urban tough hot cool guy. sitting on some stairs outside a disused. Factory the cool clubbing character in a. nice velvet blazer with a polo neck and. a big bottle of champagne looking. dashing with a great nightclub backdrop. the cool guy on holiday wearing some. really nice summery clothes on a beach. with a beautiful sunset behind you you. see what I mean we’re gonna match the. location to the style and also to the. expression okay so that brings us on to. our final area which is of huge. importance when you’re mastering your. online dating profile pictures and that. is how to get the right expressions. basically you need to learn how to brood. how to smile how to pose in general and. how to look mean okay so that was me. giving you some little on the sport. posing tips however if I was to go into.

Depth on these areas that video is going. to be about an hour long this video is. going to be about two hours long so. we’re going to flash up a link and we’re. also going to put that in the. description box to a video we made. recently on the tips of how to pose so. your Instagram of how to get the best. poses so your social media or online. dating sexy in that video I’m going to. show you a load of old. model tricks because I’m actually. professional model those of you don’t. know I’m a fashion model so I’ve been in. the game for a long time and I’m going. to give you some insider tips on how. guys and girls like myself use certain. facial expressions or ways of creating. those expressions to get the very best. images possible so now having our final. completed images the last thing is to of. course choose the best ones don’t always.

Choose the ones where you think you look. toughest and most macho guys tend to. always choose images when they look hard. posing too much right women don’t really. respect that that’s men thinking they. look sexy to bluesteel than if you’ve. seen Zoolander or Magnum steer ever it’s. called far too much of that women want. something where you look sexy and cool. but they like a bit a smile but of. natural expression all right. so choose the best images maybe ask a. female friend to help you and then use. filters we don’t suggest loads of After. Effects don’t use Photoshop don’t go too. into it but use some filters Instagram. for example has a really good filters. don’t over filter your pictures just. make sure you’ve got a bit of natural. tan maybe take away a bit of shadowing. mess around it a little bit to make sure.

The colors are as pleasing as can be and. then you’re ready to do damage and the. next step is to make sure you’ve got an. amazing written profile and that’s we’ll. be covering in installment number two of. our online dating profile mastery video. series so stay tuned for that one gents. amazing I love the photos and I think. what was cool is that you created a. consolidated like brand identity I think. so many guys they prioritize I know. having a picture of a pyramid in the. background but their styling is not. great the lighting is bad they can’t. really clearly see them in the picture. yes I think that what the tips you gave. a really valuable so guys if you have. been listening to this have a good harsh. look at that online dating pictures. don’t take a picture with an ironing. board in the background in the kitchen.

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