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Cam thinks that we’re here uh just. talking about yes theory and just. talking about the channel right that’s. not why we’re here do you know why we’re. here well okay we started a bit too far. in let me catch you up to speed this is. me world’s greatest wingman and this is. cam cam has been my friend for four. years he’s also been my roommate my. personal bartender cooking show cohost. coworker naked in the desert partner. you get it we’re close so close in fact. that one year ago he put my face and. dating profile up on a billboard over. la’s busiest street to try to get me a. date which actually worked. needless to say ever since then i’ve. wanted to return the favor and that day. has finally come cam is recently single. and let’s just say his recent dates. aren’t going great i said maybe she fell. into a well it happens that would.

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Explain why she hasn’t replied to. my romantic gesture yeah it sounds like. it really went super well you’ll find. love okay. so when we first announced we’re coming. to ireland mark got a call from. ireland’s most popular morning news show. ireland am for an interview and for me. the stars began to align what if we. hijacked an interview and used a segment. to pitch cam’s dating profile on live. news for the whole country to see and so. bryce and i arrived to ireland a few. days before cam to go with the march’s. interview and pitch them on the idea. yeah. i just need to pitch it to my boss. and a few days later we received an. email that they were down for the dating. pitch on live tv with the interview. locked in we now have to create the. greatest dating profile the world has. ever seen. so cam just landed and we are about to.

Film his thing we have about 10 minutes. oh god oh man oh god oh man yeah the. problem was that we needed to create. cam’s entire website and application. while living in the same house together. so the next night we got tristan to. distract him to get him out of the house. i got you out. someone was missed their hungover pants. this morning. don’t tell anyone. and with cam gone we got to work so. tristan is out distracting cam by. getting a beer there’s one downhill yeah. superman’s kryptonite if you will but. that gives me time to start working on. the website. all right i think we’ve got it this is. the final website. you might notice the icon is his face. which took us way too long to figure out. meet campbell. the man of your dreams wow oh my god. funniest thing right now is that he’s at. the bar with tristan getting a beer just.

And he’s like why isn’t tommy out like. what’s tommy doing i’m here i’m doing. the work. look who joined us. oh no it looks like where have you been. on it just hanging out just hanging out. yeah. i’m drunk. all we needed now was a decoy story to. get cam on the mirror so i don’t know. if you knew this i came to dublin the. day before you arrived and i did the the. ireland am interview our team the yes. theory team is gonna be based out of. dublin for the next two or three weeks. they asked if uh if you guys would like. to be on ireland and tomorrow. the decoy was now set and cam somehow. believed every single bit of the. population of ireland tomorrow is going. to be blessed with some pretty high. quality content on the news network and. the next morning the day i’ve been. waiting one full year for finally. arrived it’s a bit of a morning tea.

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Before my morning news segment. it was like ireland a.m was it cool yeah. yeah yeah apparently we’re going on that. in about half an hour. half an hour yeah you’re getting around. too fast. ireland i am here. wow. bachelor in ireland and just like that. it was finally time to prank cam live on. national television here we go. with over 7 million subscribers our next. guest created one of the largest youtube. doing insane challenges all over the. world tom and cami from yes theory thank. you so much for joining us thank you. very much we made some classic tv chit. chat for a few minutes what’s that say. it says joe why did it say joe. joe mama. i can’t believe i did that on tv and. then it was time for the big reveal so. what’s going on cam thinks that we’re. here uh just talking about yes theory. and just talking about the channel right.

That’s not why we’re here do you know. why we’re here apparently i don’t so. about a year ago this guy put my dating. profile up on a billboard i’ve been. thinking about ways to get back at him. and i thought what if i put his dating. profile to all the people of ireland. on national television okay so. we created a website called. there we go. for me drinking scotch it is that is. potentially the man of your dreams so. yeah yes girl would that be kind of. something that i said in my parents that. i wouldn’t get married while i was here. i told him i was coming back single but. i didn’t realize there’s gonna be a. website made so the tables have turned. away you have to deploy all the stuff. you genuinely look a bit red in the face. no that’s the foundation that is that is. that all that it is i think it was a bit.

Red tinted yes theory thank you so much. thank you for having us best of luck and. we look forward to hearing how you’re. getting on thank you for the platform. that was fun. very soon. did you all know about it i’ve been. partnering with this with them for a. week. you know why i was so adamant that you. go out with me on friday kidding we were. making the website oh my god. yeah oh my god if you’re looking for a. fun adventurous caring loving. compassionate talented supported. emotionally available creative. incredibly good looking and not to. forget filthy rich. in friendship. and look no further. next phase. applications. when does this become part of the idea. oh yeah me and tristan are wearing these. stupid hats because we lost the. hitchhike challenge a few days ago so. just ignore that anya’s here you may. remember her from the japan episode four.

Years ago. we were just saying how crazy it is that. we literally talked to you for the first. time about 48 hours ago why not your. third date expert. so you’re looking forward to your day. um i was explaining to a guy at the bar. last night he’s like that sounds pretty. desperate dude i was like no no i can. get a day but this is the fun thing that. we’re doing yeah as long as that’s just. made you can get it. bye cam as our local dating expert anya. helped us map out the perfect irish date. hell yeah that would be great and after. reading through many applications there. was one who stood out so we decided to. give her a call we’re on the best. behavior we can do this. that’s fine gunslow. amy how are you good how are you i love. the irish hat thank you we’re the dating. committee what made you decide to apply.

I saw straight away that he was from. melbourne. and i’m actually moving to melbourne in. a few months. is there anything that you always wanted. to do in dublin like i said on my. application i always say the worst that. can happen is a good story so. um. seems like you’re a good match for cam. yeah honestly we asked if she’d be down. to do the date the following morning and. she said yes. yeah i think she’s the one for you. i don’t want the storyline to do that. we may have found your wife wow a wife. what’s up. conclusions and she’s moving to. melbourne. actually yeah. well i guess i gotta ask what’s the next. step. it’s friday. it’s gotta be the best night the best. night of your life. and with his new outfit all set it was. finally time for the big day so it’s the. morning of the day and i’m just getting. some breakfast and then i’ll be all good.

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To go i don’t quite know what i’ve. gotten myself in for. um very nervous but i’m sure it’ll be a. great day looking forward to meeting cam. so the date’s today. how you feeling big guy big man. completely fine. you look fine while cam thought we were. just grabbing a coffee to start the. morning we actually planted a special. someone at the. great to meet you thank you so much for. doing this thank you okay so amy is. sitting here ideally tommy and cam sit. here yeah we’re filming with a sneaky. camera over there and i think this is. gonna work. yes. amy good luck thank you. have fun. a great matchmaking boy he’s gonna find. love today oh i hate to barge in the. video like this but you’re probably. wondering why i look so tired in the. shot i can make up some fake story about. how i was up all night partying with the.

Boys the night before but truth is i was. at home cozy on my couch trying to watch. my favorite round come only to find out. that it was blocked by the foreign. country i was in what the hell and turns. out that could have all been avoided. with internet secure nordvpn who happens. to be the sponsor of today’s video. working for a company like yesterday. we’re always traveling and with nordvpn. you can get the most out of your. streaming platforms and have different. licensing agreements in different. regions of the world wait a minute also. it’s extremely useful for us editors. because we’re often sharing large secure. files but with nordvpn’s new threat. protection feature it’s no hassle thanks. to their hundreds of protected servers. and trust me they’re pretty fast. so go to seekdiscomfort and get a huge discount.

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On a twoyear plan plus one additional. month for free and if you’re skeptical. if all of this is true or not just like. rice is a skeptic of shorts. doesn’t make any sense they’re small. pants. nordvpn is riskfree with a 30-day. moneyback guarantee so what the heck. are you waiting for that’s seek discomfort and make sure to use. code seek discomfort at checkout all. right now back to the best date of cam’s. do life actually want a green tea why. did you keep asking me that because i’m. about to order. yeah this is great. oh my god. relax you relax. the guy behind. just you mean a camera. okay yeah the lady behind you just. looked at me everyone’s not looking at. you i’m also like i didn’t want to cut. out the coffee because i was like i’m. gonna spill it on my noodle jacket or. something immediately mmhmm.

That’s okay i wouldn’t mind if you. smelled coffee. what a setup yeah. you’re the one person anything was. staring at me i do know anything that. was happening no i don’t know. yeah yeah okay. for your first activity of the day. welcome to the best date ever your first. activity is. learn traditional dance and perform. together on the streets of dublin. yeah i know how active is irish dancing. as active as you want to be. i get excited. so we’re going to a lesson right now oh. really yeah. oh god um cool. i thought it was gonna be like um oh you. guys going to a dinner and a show. dancing. when you said there was a class i didn’t. know the age you’ll have an. audience basically what we’re just going. to do is do you know like the whole. river dance thing you know the couple. like that kind of thing. okay. so yeah you come on my side hold hands.

We’re going to do it really soon it’s. going to be repetitive. and you’re gonna walk around. and perform they will on one of the. busiest streets in all of dublin. oh they’re doing a great job. the people next to you say they like it. they said wow i told them you did it in. an hour and they’re like okay not bad. great oh cool. for your next. challenge oh thank you. since you both claim to be able to make. great drinks during activity is getting. behind the bar and seeing who can pour. the best friend. all right can i just drink it afterwards. we’ll see how you do how do you think. the date’s going it’s going pretty well. what do you think should be laughing and. getting along they are they’re not. boring a lot communication is good what. are you guys talking about up there what. you guys talking about something we’re.

Talking about the football football. season the game today the match right. yeah cool we still will wait he’s got a. big confidence issue. i’ve never been here a day in my life. someone country. tommy get out of the freaking shot. so we got a bit of a picnic planned for. him yeah. guys. for you great thank you we’ll have our. own picnic somewhere else. hey get out of here. all right hit the road. how do you think it’s going i think the. body language says it all. beautiful it’s a beautiful thing to see. like two little two little school kids. falling in love. i brought myself i wouldn’t cry. uh the discomfort for the day isn’t over. just yet jump in the ocean together for. a proper cold plunge. it’s cold out what’s the degrees show. the temperature on the screen right now. i’ve got three layers on i never wear. three layers beautiful this is beautiful.

There you go all right. hold on. you did it. that was like a punch in the face all. over my body. your last activity of the day it’s time. to warm up it’s a lovely romantic hot. tub and have a look something so you can. watch the sunset together. wow. all right we’re here. wow that’s gorgeous that’s crazy. you ready. so i think the last question to ask is. is there gonna be a second date. uh oh vote yes but it’s two vote system. yeah i vote. i’m gonna crash. well. we’re sending our bird off fly we’re. gonna let them have some alone time for. the first time all day off camera they. like each other a lot i think they do. like each other yeah ireland am thank. you for finding our. our little boy date cam when you’re. watching this. you’re welcome welcome. we’re off to buddy the last gun. whisperer in all of ireland oh my god.

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