Dating In Zulu

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I gotta choose I gotta use another juice. pop or some chills you know what to do. don’t be confused. give me a juice subscribe so think you. think you think you very very much. before I came before guys home crafted. studio these jobs in the cuts mr. paid. himself the best thing child of the. country chemistry chemical need you. pyramid cake obviously which I. personally think is probably so far the. best channels in the country not even. has to be take just YouTube channels now. it’s the same if but guys before we. carry upon to start this conversation. then today I’m gonna be talking about or. discussing the reasons why reasons why. Zulu main I agreed we are the ruins of. the bunch the cream of the crop so guys. to summarize this item Zulu and. originally from Kayseri I came into a. few years now and I won’t even let you.

Men make is in told our dear friend Nick. is it true weird by that that’s that’s. no haze no that’s Lou to screenings it. just makes me you less than being a. little a bit more special so to get. straight into it. I’ll tell you guys this is why I think. and women think why Zulu men are elites. the first one out of all the tribes we. are the most prideful. that’s the industry if you cannot tell. this little man nothing you can tell me. I’m not amazing cons I would say I can’t. do something. the pride may come across as England’s. stubbornness to a certain extent. however we are very very much prideful I. am Zulu and I think I’m amazing I think. I walk on water I think I piss . champagne one ever knows mrs. P I just. think I’m absolutely amazing and that’s. just really how we think we pride. ourselves in everything that we do.

Unfortunately good or bad that’s one of. the main reasons and you guys can’t. fight them if you’re keeping it up well. we’ll come find it we are the most. practical another reason why Zulu one of. the most elite is because Zulu men are. the most faithful all the tribes there. you go we are the most faithful and. listen if it will revoke you. we tell you you know you know what. you’re getting yourself into. and if a Sulaiman loves are you will. feel it we in the outside don’t show the. love we tough we gonna be the leader of. the pack. but in DOS you know mama she is the. leader of the hustle so I stand to be. creative all the girls that go but world. by illumination where I wanna wear aware. you guys have an experience oil and. there’s never a disclaimer if he’s soon. and he was born in Johannesburg. he doesn’t know offends his origin is it.

You know you didn’t get that perfume the. kids are so he’s uh you know you know. Quinn amigas you know Akhil amigas. that’s that’s my movies so if that . if that if he choose for me that. doesn’t count but as little men will. love you unconditionally you may not be. the only one that loves unconditionally. but the love will not be absence that I. don’t can’t see another reason why I. personally think that Suleiman I need is. because we know how to fitness I think. we have the most beautiful language you. know what it is is why we need you know. you know you know like I Karen see you. no matter how much of a pseudo header. you are I took a few solutions and. minutes you know that Sulu posture I. know I’m humble humble beginnings gonna. please talk to you I can I please walk. you home you know I love you I will tell.

You I love you the first set up see you. maybe in an hour you will fall for it. even you’ve got it you’ve got the most. beautiful language and we’ve got the. cleanest the cleanest Fitness come on. guys if you go another is the one I. think Suleiman I deeds this is for so. some people in general we know where we. come from and that is very important if. you if you if you have a direction. ravenica having and knowledge of where. you come from and your background is. very very important and this also sports. done through cultural and just customs. as well. you can never you can never leave home. or you can never run away from who you. really are. if you know how long is and you come to. trouble and your lifestyle completely. changes and you forget where you came. from I can’t no offense I see a lot of. us with this suit supports 20 points.


Demo whole thing is we were throwing. shade I’m just saying I’m just saying. but a pseudo man who always always know. he comes from always owners owners my. grandfather until the state tells me. that a man that doesn’t know his food so. a a transform is a madness just so we. really follow those traditions those. words and those beliefs and I really. think that she needs question you. essentially want to build and have a. feminist art family with a leader with. the head that knows where they came from. and where they’re going after segment we. just say and you find able to say okay. guys so this may be a nice and quick. video the last reason why I think that. Zulu many body needs is that we will. make you guys be submissive but we don’t. even forcing you know something is. trying something is force and force. authority we are prideful men we have.

Another presence we have a lot of. respect for ourselves not respectful. woman and you will give you the best. love the best sex the best attention and. the next thing you know we will turn the. constitutional high in 20 over behind. you know you’re gonna be stuck going. everywhere you know if you like. something to ease which we would take it. cuz we will take. we’re not forcing it on to you guys but. because the love is there that the. presence of a real man is there you you. will go down on your knees and you will. serve me food without me even asking you. will also be kidding. you know you watch me if I need. something you know after after this. final round the stuff that Charlie you. will you will you will you will and. another thing that I want to quickly. clear off this is like who talked to sue. in court see they don’t say corta and.

That’s one of the reasons why we chopped. up as the elite of the tribes the cream. of the crop the the leader of the pack. just stay cool everyone would probably. really like to be. I can guarantee you they will probably. but I will not even come in my dear that. she was like I would just I would love. to our lives here you guys speak I would. love to be a part of it. doesn’t mean one of you meant two. different things so you know man if the. other tribes occasion are suspicious. favor. again it’s not suspect you know no it’s. not respect any other tribes easily exam. I just personally think and as a bunch. of us a whole nation actually they think. that Zulu people we the beginning we the. end the universal language of black. people is soon know by people it’s. English becomes Africa everyone know. everyone knows you my life a my life.

True true. everyone knows soon facts everyone knows. who knows so yes guys um hope you guys. in joyed if you have a Sulu boyfriend. please of this Twitter or message. or corner turn that you love them if. your parents are Zulu make them a cup of. coffee. kneel down look down some that you love. them we respect them you know if you. throw your shots with politeness for. example pleasantly over but yeah guys. I’m gonna end this off here something. light something fun make you guys think. about and you guys let me know what. speech about your guys stripes. I’m obviously smooth and my kid I think. we are missing so guys please again. please make sure to subscribe to eat. dogs cats the birth everybody on the. streets about the Jews please keep. sharing. please keep subscribing please keep. supporting we love you guys accruing as.

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