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I wanted to talk with you about the. expectations you should have when dating. western women and eastern women and the. purpose of this video is not to. determine who is better but rather to. determine who is more suitable for you. because that’s what it’s all about so. let’s get started talking about western. women now things have changed over the. past you know decades over the past. century if you will you know since we. had this massive feminism movement you. know we had it in the united states we. had it in europe and it was all about. giving women equal rights at this moment. in time i think it’s fair to say that we. have achieved exactly that women have. equal rights and in some instances even. more rights than men for instance when. it comes to custody rights when it comes. to certain you know rights that women.

Get in the event that they should. divorce you know their husband there’s. just a magnitude of benefits that women. enjoy these days and you could even. argue that women have more rights than. men which would be a very fair. assumption to make when dating western. women these days i think something you. really have to understand is that a good. chunk of these women they don’t want to. have children anymore you know because. they are independent because they have. their own career because they have. enough money to supply for themselves. and of course they also have the. security from the government in case. something should go wrong you know. they’re going to receive unemployment. payment they’re going to receive social. benefits food stamps i mean they get so. many benefits right that they don’t. really need a man anymore to take care.

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Of them or at least that’s what a lot of. women think well it is not true for all. women you couldn’t really say that all. of them are feminists but i would say a. good chunk of them are feminists and. that usually hurts the man who wants to. be in a you know conservative. traditional relationship where the man. puts the meat on the table the woman. takes care of the household and the kids. and we have so many women out there just. pop out of nowhere who claim that women. were a lot happier in the good old days. when women you know had to take care of. the basic stuff this stuff a woman is. supposed to take care of or that a woman. likes to take care of this really. happened now that so many women came out. and they were like well i have my own. career have my own income but i’m not as. happy as i could be and they put the.

Blame on feminism even though they. wanted it their ancestors wanted it and. now all of a sudden it’s no longer okay. just so you know what you’re dealing. with when it comes to like equal rights. in the united states 85 of divorces are. initiated by women and i think that says. a lot i really think so and that’s just. one point right the independent stuff is. one point women don’t want to have kids. anymore because you know the whole point. of having kids is of course to have a. family is of course to have offspring to. have successors that’s of course the. whole purpose of a family but what’s. also true is that the purpose of having. a family is to have security because. what we can see in like asian countries. middle eastern countries latin countries. is that people have more kids why they. want economic security they think the.

More kids they put on this planet the. more security they will achieve yeah. that’s not true it is true that 10 kids. you know whenever they start to work are. probably going to have a higher output. than just one kid right i mean that’s. probably true but it doesn’t mean that. you’re going to be financially. independent because you have 10 kids. that’s not what it means and now we’re. even seeing that this is changing in. certain countries like egypt you know in. certain middle eastern countries the. birth rate’s going down too but in. western culture you know women don’t. want to have kids anymore if they have. one kid or two children they’re going to. be more than fine and there’s a lot of. women that don’t want to have kids at. all and that doesn’t really suit well. with some men but also some men you know.

Man western man we’re all the same not. all of us but some of us we don’t want. to have kids anymore because we have. enough economic solvency to not worry. about you know raising children and. hoping that they’re gonna take care of. us when we’re old like it was hundreds. of years ago and what about cooking i. mean western women they don’t like to. cook anymore they just like to buy. frozen food you know which they’re gonna. you know slam into the microwave and. give it a good you know quick two to. three minutes to have some food ready. but women don’t want to cook anymore why. is that well because first of all. they’re busy with their own careers and. people only care about themselves and. that’s true for both genders just to be. fair but it also has to do with the fact. that convenience is available like it.

Never west and convenience is affordable. people can just go to the supermarket. buy frozen food which of course in no. way is comparable to freshly prepared. food if you want to put in the work to. do that i mean it’s just so much better. you appreciate food a lot more because. you have the physical output right in. front of you and women don’t want to do. it anymore of course not 100 of women. but a good chunk if you ask them hey do. you want to bake a cake or do you want. to make lasagna or do you want to make. beef relate they’re going to say no. because it’s too much work too much. process they just want to sit on the. sofa eat as much as they want it’s. quantity over quality and that’s a. problem but doesn’t mean you can’t find. a good conservative western woman who. still enjoys cooking they do exist now.

What are some of the pros when dating a. western woman obviously the pro is. communication because most likely you. know you’re going to be able to. communicate better with someone who. speaks your language to a t you know you. understand each other very well maybe. you were born in same city you come you. know from the same town whatever i mean. maybe you even went elementary school. together who knows right like you have. just more history right you have more. communalities and communication is a big. key for a relationship to work if you. don’t have communication you don’t. really have anything and that’s. unfortunately a problem with women from. developing countries where communication. is not as present as it is if you were. in a relationship with a western woman. another big pro is obviously cultural. communalities you know the same religion.

The same daily habits um the same things. you appreciate communalities the same. things you like to do and i think that’s. important too to keep a relationship. together and i think people just are. more likely to find that in the western. hemisphere if of course they are from. the western hemisphere they’re more. likely to find that than if they would. go to a developing country i’m not. saying it’s not possible in a developing. country it certainly is but generally. dating a woman from your own culture is. just a lot more inherent. it’s a lot more sensible in certain ways. not in all ways but in some ways it is. and of course earning ability is another. reason why western men prefer western. women life in the west is more expensive. you know you can’t afford a lot of. things like if you live together and. both people are earning an income you’re.

Much more likely to afford a nice place. than if you were to do it all on your. own i’m not saying that you can do it. all on your own you certainly can. especially if you are you know like. working in a high position if you’re. like a manager if you’re like you know a. ceo if you run your own company then of. course you’re able to do it but for an. average worker who has a regular. nineto-five job it’s probably going to. be difficult to afford a quality life. especially in the united states in. european countries you know where the. government you know just takes care a. lot better of people i want to say in. terms of health care in terms of you. know like pension there’s just more. security there for the long term i guess. whereas in the united states that is. just not the case all right let’s talk. about women from developing countries.

What makes them better what makes them. stand out you know why would a western. man want to get into a relationship with. a woman from a developing country you. know from an eastern country and there’s. many reasons for that one of the biggest. reasons is obviously that it is a more. conservative and more traditional. relationship in a sense that the. relationship that we had hundreds of. years ago which a lot of men aspire to. have there’s nothing wrong with that. there’s nothing wrong with a man wanting. a traditional relationship where the man. is the provider the woman is taking care. of the household taking care of the. children raising the children nothing. wrong with that if somebody tells you. there’s something wrong with that. there’s nothing wrong with that there’s. a thousand ways to live life and there’s.

Nothing wrong with that there’s only. something wrong with it if you’re being. taken advantage of a lot and you’re. being mentally manipulated. psychologically manipulated then it’s a. problem then it’s not okay but if you’re. in a healthy relationship with a. conservative woman who wants to play the. conservative woman that you want her to. be and you want to play the traditional. role of the man then that’s great then. that’s what you want to do if that makes. you happy if that’s your goal go out. there and do it so western men like to. be in a relationship with eastern women. because they’re more passive submissive. in many cases not in all cases but in. many cases they are because they’re. looking for a provider they’re looking. for the man who can be the man and. that’s totally fine if the woman wants. that and she can find it in a western.

Man and that’s just great you know both. parties win it’s a fair deal and they. should do it if that’s what they want. women from developing countries can be. harder working than women from developed. countries because women from developing. countries they come from a poor. background they’re going to appreciate. things a lot more they understand that. you know it takes work to get there. they’re probably used to working a lot i. mean if you just take a look at the. vietnamese culture the thai culture you. know chinese culture i mean they are. hard of working people they’re hard. working people because that’s the only. way you can get out of poverty in their. country it’s not working a regular job. it’s usually running your own business. maybe it’s doing multiple jobs you know. it’s just hustling it’s hustling day in.

And day out you know day and night just. doing it repeatedly you know that’s what. they want to do and so you’re more. likely to find a woman who’s going to. appreciate the little things because you. never had the little things and she’s. going to be more appreciative if you can. give it to her and you know you’ve. worked hard on it it’s just a lot more. fulfilling to have that product in front. of you if you put all your heart your. sweat your love into it it’s just so. much better in my personal experience. they are willing to listen and learn and. that’s crucial because oftentimes women. from western countries are not as. receptive to advice they think they know. it all because you know they’re. established themselves so oftentimes. they even look down on their boyfriend. on their husband and that’s not good now.

Women from developing countries they. have this eagerness to learn and that’s. fantastic you know show me a person with. a goal and i’m going to show you a. person who’s going to write history show. me a person without a goal and i’m going. to show you an average person and that’s. exactly what’s going to happen if you’re. in a relationship with a woman from a. developing country from an eastern. country you know they have goals they. have aspirations they want to do things. and you know with anything that you give. them you know they’re going to put in. their heart they’re hard working they’re. going to appreciate it they know that. that’s required to get to the next level. and it was exactly like this in the west. hundreds of years ago early past century. 19th century 18th century 17th century. it was like that in the west but now.

People everything that they have is. being handed to them on a silver platter. and of course that makes people lazy. entitled ignorant arrogant you name it. it’s just not a healthy recipe in my. personal opinion women from developing. countries eastern countries they want. children they want a family because. first of all like we already talked. about children mean security if you can. give them children if you can give them. what they want you give them a future. and you also give them security because. you know they know okay he wants to have. kids with me he’s probably not going to. run away if they know he doesn’t want to. have kids with me okay i’m feeling. scared right now because why does he not. want to have kids with me is he looking. at another woman is he trying you know. to build multiple relationships this is.

Just trying to spend a little bit of. time here before he leaves these are. questions that pop up in eastern women’s. head and that’s perfectly fine but if. you’re together with an eastern woman. then you’re probably into something good. if you want to have a family because. they’re very family oriented because for. them the family is the strongest bond. ever it is the strongest bond ever for a. woman from a developing country her. family is everything her family means. security it means trust it means future. because as we know governments in. developing countries are not very likely. to take care of their own citizens. because they don’t value their own. citizens enough that’s usually the. problem in developing countries so. family is important because you know if. you’re a woman then what are you going. to do who’s going to take care of you.

Well it can only be your family if the. government is not going to do it so they. don’t want to lose the asset that they. have and that’s really important now on. the negative there’s negatives too right. when dating a woman from a developing. country you’re going to run into some. negatives and we’re talking about you’re. not going to be with someone who has. assets somebody who has a house somebody. who has money because they typically. come from poor backgrounds while that is. not necessarily a bad thing you’re. probably not going to find a woman that. has equal income you know has equal. assets if that’s what you’re looking for. maybe a woman from a developing country. is not for you if you are looking for. equality if you’re looking for that. you’re probably looking in the wrong. place you can’t find it but it’s very.

Rare and women from developing countries. who have secured their finances they. usually don’t date western men or not as. likely as women who haven’t that’s. something you need to consider obviously. language barrier kills a lot of. relationships you know if you meet a. woman from a developing country and her. english proficiency is super low chances. are you’re going to give up before we. get to the promised land there are men. that are very patient that can wait. listen because you gotta wait until her. english improved for you to have a good. conversation with her for her to really. understand you because if her english is. not that good how can you have a. meaningful conversation how can you. avoid conversational problems the answer. is you can you’re gonna have to find a. way you know to solve things because you.

Know. that you are in a relationship that is. based on poor communication and if. you’re in a relationship that’s based on. poor communication you’re going to run. into a lot of problems misunderstandings. unnecessary arguments um somebody. shutting down because they don’t get. what you are trying to tell them and the. same also goes for her you know she has. limited ability to express herself and. so she’s less likely to be understood by. you many problems the biggest problem is. of course cultural differences her. expectations of you can you ever make up. for that the answer is no to change a. person’s culture is practically. impossible it may only happen in a very. limited number of cases for instance. when you move her to a western country. she probably will eventually adjust to. the new culture not a hundred percent.

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Maybe not even 50 but you will adjust a. little bit there are cases of women that. are just it for a good part or even 100. but it’s not that likely to happen. especially not in a short period of time. because at the end of the day we are who. we are we spend years and decades. becoming the person we are today so it’s. kind of foolish to believe that a person. will change just for you what do you. think about dating western and eastern. women who is more suitable for you leave. a comment below and let us know consider. subscribing if you haven’t already i’m. uploading new videos on digital nomad. locations travel updates and investment. advice several times a week right now i. highly recommend that you grab a free. copy of my latest ebook the nomad elite. income booster your go to guide for. creating passive income streams using.

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