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Lets at that for a moment. this is summer break 1993 I was six. standing on the bathroom counter. counting bruises on my thighs in the. mirror and the days until summer would. end I wore a baseball cap like my. fathers down over my eyes and I. wouldnt cry because boys dont in the. creek. I ran stir and gravel from scab knees. watched minnows like blades glinting. under the current and late sunlight. at the end of the summer we buried a dog. in the pasture washed her blood and. vomit from the porch with a bucket of. dishwater I think theyre all a little. depressing in some in some way Im. Jessicas spruill Im a poet and. assistant professor of English at. Alderson Broadus University in Philippi. West Virginia and I am the founder of. word stock Wednesday a literary reading. series in Philippi Ive always wanted to.

Be able to attend readings in my. hometown I love to travel to them. but its also nice to have something. close by I also hoped that I would be. able to bring students from campus and. people from the community together even. though were physically close theres. not a lot of opportunity for us to. interact the community has been really. responsive we have a lot of local. writers and people who just really enjoy. coming to the to the reading series that. show up and hang out and consistently. come back and students to the the. community has been very very supportive. and very responsive. my little sister Kayla took me to this. very small graveyard up on the top of. Chestnut Ridge in Philippi or just. outside of Philippi and we watched the. Sun go down and the lights come on down. in this little tiny section of the.

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Valley and she pointed to this cluster. of Lights and said thats Philippi and I. was just sort of amazed even though I. consciously was aware yes of course. thats Philippi thats what it would. look like from this distance there was. something very very unique because the. hills they sloped upward so far and so. steeply from this tiny little town right. along the river and the way that it was. nestled so perfectly in that little. section reminded me of the way that I. felt growing up in my house which was. you know at the bottom of you know. sloping hills on three sides and that. always felt very very safe and very. comfortable theres something reassuring. about that theres something comforting. and theres something maternal about. that being down in a valley and to be. protected from all sides and to just be.

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