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Hey guys welcome to Wenatchee my name is. Travis Hornby I’m with evergreen. mountain bike Alliance and today I want. to show you some of the great. recreational opportunities you have and. Wenatchee Valley today we’re going to. start off in Sage Hills we’re gonna do. some open rolling mountain bike riding. and then we’re gonna go over to saddle. rock mountain and we’re gonna do some. hiking then we’re going to cool off and. go do some paddleboarding on the. Columbia River and cruise up to school. Chuck State Park and get some more. Alpine mountain biking so today we’re. doing some mountain biking on a horse. Lake trail horse Lake Trail system also. combines with stage Hills area stage. hills combining with horse Lake brings. us close to 20 miles of trail these. trail systems are pretty much beginner. trails they’re everything from mountain.

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Biking trails to hiking trails pretty. much adventures for a whole entire. family. all right in the background we have a. hiker only trail. this is saddlerock trail it’s right on. the edge of Wenatchee what’s great about. this trail we have convenient parking we. have about just under a thousand. vertical feet a mile up and a mile back. amazing views from the top of saddle. Rock so come check it out bring a sack. lunch bring your fourlegged friend have. a great time. when a qvalue got this great resource. on the Columbia River Walla Walla point. ballpoint is a ball park but also has. plenty of features for public access. onto the river one of the great things. you like to do is go paddleboarding. there’s some great flat water there. several a little small beach access that. you can go out there soak up the Sun get.

Some exercise paddle up into the. Wenatchee River and paddle your stuff. back down to wall wall point. school truck State Park is a great. adventure for the whole family the whole. family has opportunities to do stuff. there we have a skills Park for the kids. jump lines from 2 foot to 7 foot. tabletops the classroom area where. instructors can come up and teach basic. skills so you can advance your skills. out on the trail currently we have about. 3 miles of trail a single track trail. that are as input and it’s kind of. beginner to intermediate trail next year. we hopefully open you to more trails. that are a little bit more advanced. thanks for joining us on our Wenatchee. adventure day it was excited for me to. highlight some of the opportunities we. have for outdoor recreation hope to see. you on the trail soon.

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