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Okay where are we at right now let him. know where we at. we’re at tucson at the club congress i’m. out here for their soul food wednesday. event. um i’m here with my friend lucy labosa. who was running for. ward 3 city council how are you doing. how are you. there all right so i’m gonna walk around. and. i just happened to come on the right. time it’s crazy i was in mexico. i just came back from juarez and i. traveled all over as a youtuber. and i just came back from warriors and. then my friend was like oh let’s stop. doing. kusa for the night and then i broke the. i. bumped into this scene right here right. here. you can’t spell community without unity. and you can’t spell unity without you or. not. so remember that that was slick right. there. what’s up guys how you doing today. you’re hanging out with the one and only.

Philly dom i’m out here man i’m in. tucson tucson arizona you heard me. correctly you heard me right. i’m in tucson arizona i’m on fourth. street i’m gonna do a little walk and. talk videos show you some of the bars. some of the restaurants cool places to. hang on fourth street. and make my way to another street called. congress that’s where like all that. night life at. somebody requested me to do the video so. as i promise i’m gonna go through the. video. so let’s walk with me talk with me enjoy. um. enjoy tucson arizona this is something. new to me too we’ll see what they have. to offer man i’m gonna just you know. walk around. walk past little spots i might talk to. some people that’s why i’m feeling the. fans on the vibe. and we’re just gonna check it out and. make sure you subscribe. make sure you share my videos tell your.

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Enemies tell your friends. tell your neighbors tell everybody about. phillydom. in my travel adventures talk to you guys. in a little bit. all right guys we’re starting to walk. down fourth. street. in tucson arizona you heard me correctly. i see they have a a bar. here what is it called i’ll let you see. what it’s called. called um. this is the name of the ball right here. the horse um cider. cider bar we’ll keep going down if you. see what it looks like. that’s what it looks like. and we’re on 4th street 4th and 7th. street and we’re walking down. okay we’re going. going down on the street. so. do. this seemed like a cool spot right there. let me see the name if i can find that. okay the name is right here. let me see if i can get it for you. there you go that’s the name. looks like a happening spot it’s kind of. crowded in there.

All right let’s keep making our way down. the street. across the street nothing on this side. so i’m crossing. got the charlie tracks here mommy of. philly with the. trolley tracks we’re still on fourth. moving forward for a little bit. seemed like a hippie type town man for. what i could see you could see. all this a lot of hippie type people. live here. so. so. a lot of spots i really can’t go in. right now because of the noise. because they play music in these spots. i’m just letting you see. how the night knife looks out here in um. tucson arizona. i’m right here with you guys right here. uh we’re gonna keep moving down. another spot right here. so i can’t go in there man they playing. snoop doggy dog. old school john. it’s another spot across the street let. me check that. box yard. i’m like zigzagging for you guys.

This was on the fly man i wasn’t even. planning to do this it’s just more on. the fly they’re like let me do it. because a friend. asked me to because they wanted to know. the nightlife scene they live in phoenix. and they said they wanted to title this. scene they wanted to see something. different so. this is it right here. but maria are just naming the spot right. here. there you go. all right i’m just youtube i’m just. looking around. all right. there we go somebody got a box. dance right there. all right so now i got to go to this. let me let them cross real quick. there’s another spot right here hold on. let you guys see that spot. right here. we got a couple bars and different. restaurants you know it’s all. tricky out here but you guys see me real. quick. all right now i gotta walk for a little. bit. under this underpass i’ll show you what.

I’m talking about. and it’s a bunch of the beast bars a. little bit more upscale. yeah i walked it a little bit and i. talked to like one person they want to. be on camera so i knew to start that and. stuff like that so. i’ll let you see what’s going on. this is too song. a little park over here this is tucson. hotel right there. so fourth street chairs into congress so. i’m going to congress now which. which is the better of the two areas. that was more like. hippie type vibe back there from what i. could see from the barns. but um when i get to congress. the other street over here fourth church. in the congress it’s. it’s late the bar seemed like more. upscale and everything so let’s. take the journey with me let’s check. them out you know this is a quick look. man nothing special. not gonna go on there and party with.

Them tonight or nothing like that just. promised somebody i would do this like i. said so i’m doing it. see right here. it’s uh. congress hotel. all right let’s go let’s see if they let. me inside. hotel right there let me see if i can. get inside. walk around for a little bit hey but. this is uh. it’s all new to me guys i’m doing this. for you guys. and this is like a wednesday night so. obviously tucson ain’t gonna be the most. happening place in america on wednesday. night. oh. we’re at tucson at the club congress i’m. out here for their soul food wednesday. event. um i’m here with my friend lucy lavocia. who was running for ward 3. city council how are you doing how are. you doing got you on there. all right so i’m gonna walk around and. i just happened to come on the right. time it’s crazy i was in mexico. i just came back from juarez and so i.

Traveled all over as a youtuber. and i just came back from warriors and. then my friend was like oh let’s stop. doing. kusa for the night and then i broke the. i. bumped into this scene right here this. is the right place all right. so i’m gonna walk around a little bit. thank you. you got a website or instagram or let me. know check that out. right here get one right here okay the. big ones right here. oh yeah this is better. okay philly what’s your name billy dom. my real name is dominique. yeah very nice this happened to be. passing through. yes got it got it got you. i yeah did you i’m registered and i’m an. independent. i am working hard and it will continue. to work. for for my constituents. for my community that’s tucson high. school math teacher. i’ve been in tucson for about 15 years i. volunteer in my community.

I am 100 for not about. uh uh party lines and and and. and i’m not aligned to any party i’m. here for for tucson. okay thank you very much philly thank. you i didn’t. even know they had a black population. there’s like four point six or seven. four very very low. okay it says a little bit more yeah i. know and those are you know those are. issues we gotta bring black this one. there’s black talent here yeah as you. can see so it’s wednesday. there’s black talent here so okay thank. you for being here brother. no problem i’m gonna go around and check. it out now okay sounds good thank you. thank you right here. community without unity and you can’t. spell unity without you and i. so remember that. so. you know guys that was epic man i’m just. walking around you know trying to show. you guys the night life and i found out.

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A function that was going on that i. might attend tonight. you see i was just in there recording. and everything like that talking with. the people. but they have some kind of function. that’s going on there tonight and tucson. they’re gonna have a. ban or some different group perform. tonight in tucson. it’s a african africanamerican country. so i’m definitely. maybe gonna check it out but right now. let’s keep going on with the tour so i. can show you what’s going on. or the nightlife scene out here but that. was that was epic right there i wasn’t. expecting to see nothing like that in. tucson. i’m going to be 100 honest with you. so. so. we have a pizza place over here empire. pizza. and pub. right there. that’s the empire place i’m talking. about right there. there you go. and this is another spot they have right. here.

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