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And three guys all looking for love I. firmly believe that most soulmates out. there I’ve got loads of love to give and. I’ve just not found the right person but. with a unique twist. they will date each other in complete. darkness to find out if true love really. is blind this is what they see and this. is what we see after a series of dates. they will choose one data to see in the. light as looks are revealed for the very. first time for the first time I think in. my life I was out of my comfort zone and. really nervous well 10 seconds of light. destroyed days of chemistry and bonding. it didn’t look like what I thought it. would look like they must then. ultimately decide whether it’s a meet. face to face all walk away as we find. out just how much looks really matter. I’m prepared to take that chance because.

I think the prize were thinking it would. be worth it. it’s day one of the dating experiment. and time to meet our six daters all. looking for love first to arrive are the. boys I’m Jason from 35 years old I’m. from sunny Blackpool I firmly believe. that my soul mates out there my perfect. partner if you like I have always in the. past gone on knocks first personality. second it’d be nice to do it the other. way around my name is James I’m 31 I. live in Berlin my ideal girl it’s always. gonna be pretty what I like to meet mrs.. right in here yeah because that would. make a great story to tell where did you. meet you like well Noah Murdoch my name. is Jack I’m 30 us from pollen originally. I live in London I don’t really like. model girls like really slim I like more. curvy some extra pounds here and there. but not too much bad yeah quite curvy.

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And it’s amazing it may be skating in. the dark and meeting a nice lady here. next to enter are the girls. I’m Caroline I’m from Leeds I’m 33. I’ve got loads of love to give and I’ve. just not found the right person and I’m. definitely looking for someone to love. me my name is Nadia I’m 30 years old and. I’m from Harrow I do get approached. quite a bit by blokes but never get. approached by the ones that I want to be. approached by if I were to find the one. in here that would be just brilliant my. name is Zoe and from Mansfield in. Nottinghamshire and I’m 35 years old I. like something that can make me laugh. and I like tattoos rock God’s kind of. look I’m ready. it’s now time for all the datas to meet. the group dates will help them decide. who they would like to invite for the. first round of dates they are about to.

Enter the darkroom for the very first. time this room is completely pitch black. follow me I’ll be right behind you. it’s pitch black and it’s a bit surreal. if anything I end up closing my eyes on. trying to feel my way. how you doing we were all really really. nervous but when I was in there it. wasn’t weird at all it was quite. refreshing. my name is Jack I’m a personal trainer. and from time to time I do some fitness. mother Inc that’s quite nice and keep. myself in shape so it’s good my name is. James. I work in media work for the advertising. agency in Soho hi I’m Jason and actually. a DJ in a nightclub promoter cool what. kind of music do you play house music. okay Jason and James are my favorites I. heard on the side of James slightly more. but only just I love the sound of his. voice my name is Nadia I know they oh.

Yeah now I’m doing interior design my. primary school teacher I’ve been. teaching sorry I’m so hungry. hey my name is Amy I run a successful. rock venue in not him. Zoe she sounds a bit like a rock chick. the impression I’ve yet there is that. she’s got long black hair black patron. eight times a week. I liked Jack a lot but then he said he. went to the gym eight times a week and I. thought my gosh is he a bit of a control. freak. by this is something that’s really. unique and the experience you get from. it is you’re taken out of your comfort. zone and it’s you you’re basically naked. it’s great having met as a group date. has now embarked on their first round of. dates there will be three rounds of. dating in total before they choose which. data they want to see revealed in the. light dates email their invites to the.

Opposite apartment. first up Jack is chosen Caroline for his. first date I would like to go on the. date with Caroline because she’s a. teacher and I used to teach us work so. where are you oh my god. yeah oh my god you got really strong I. was just a little bit in awe of you know. feeling his pecs and his arms and ass is. like oh my god. so you got any answers have found you at. all I’m trying not to we had a good fun. good laugh we danced a little bit so we. did a chacha with some nice pants in. New York trying to do a spin Caroline. she’s a type of guy actually used to. date before coming to this program I was. looking more for taller and more curvy I. don’t know but you never know next James. and Caroline have invited each other I. wanted to have a date with James because. I engaged with James better from the.

Initial group days do you want a kids. yourself Sunday to think definitely. absolutely love to have kids have you. got any now no no kids I think is maybe. a little bit nervous and I took the lead. in a lot of the conversations what’s. your favorite chicken karaoke film I. can’t see something right I don’t think. we really probably had proper kind of. spark chemistry but she’s a really sweet. soft girl take care for their first date. in the dark Jason and Zoe have both. chosen to meet actual Zoe first because. she seems to be the one that is more. compatible with my lifestyle I’m a. successful DJ yeah play all over the. world you know America Asia I like the. fact that Jason gets up in front of. 5,000 people every weekend and they like. think you’ve like you know DJ heaven. whatever you like fine watch it yeah.

Yeah rockin and never been out with guns. over weight before but I don’t see beat. that being a problem. I’m bit of an old rock man thinking away. I wide to meet somebody fall in love get. married have kids but yeah you know just. very encouraging signs for both of us. it’s looking good further for me and so. yeah and I got the feeling that it was. mutual. next up Nadia and Jack have also decided. they would like to go on a date. pleased to meet you so I can’t that. you’ll see perf it so I’m gonna fill you. up. Jack’s got really good body I mean you. can’t you can’t say otherwise he really. is really fit maybe you should have an. arm wrestlers I’m gonna know you’re. gonna win I feel really good I feel um. she might be dead the right one actually. after meeting both Jack and James. Caroline has decided she would also like.

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To invite Jason on a date I want to date. Jason because he’s a DJ which sounds. really cool. actually sure we do ever feel seconds. right you do me first. I’ll do yourself what’s in her baby. she’s very bubbly very chatty you know I. like it I like a good conversation I. felt very comfortable Jason that was. that was the main thing and I thought. he’d be a lot of fun so yeah I’d say it. was a definite for himself but it makes. it really difficult because now I like. all three would I date oh yeah I think. I’m all she’s up already without even. seeing her she’s she seems right nice. tree. coming up the data’s discover who their. love matches the second round of dating. gets a bit cheeky and how will they. react when they finally see each other. in the light for the first time I think. in my life I was out of my comfort zone.

And really nervous. so far the data have been on a group. date and experienced their first round. of individual dates and whites me. somebody fall in love get married have. kids it’s now time for the daters to. discover which person in the opposite. apartment is their most compatible love. match the compatibility test identifies. shared sociological and psychological. traits in couples data from all the. show’s applicants has been analyzed by a. psychologist to determine a. compatibility percentage now I’m. actually quite nervous now a result of. around 50% indicates a couple has a. considerable amount in common. Nadia I need welfare yeah we all know it. maybe Zoe now dear doesn’t fill me with. great hope though with that percentage. but love to save up and day. the second round of dating involves the. matched couples meeting up for their.

Compatibility dates first up are Zoe and. Jason I kind of knew I was gonna get. matched with Zoe but it was only 53%. which kind of threw me a little bit so. we’ve kind of gotta hit the right notes. straightaway five battalions to me okay. I’ve got a few jokes. she brought a fez into the room and told. me the Tommy Cooper was one of her. favorite comedians which is really quite. funny because I love Tommy Cooper the. other day I said make something up for. me he was in and he was actually dude. Tommy Cooper that I was it’s so. important to have a man that makes me. laugh it’s probably the most attractive. quality I can have you ever told. somebody you love them oh yeah. absolutely yeah but unfortunately it. didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. that’s why we’re definitely more. comfortable now we’ve bonded a little.

Bit better and it went really well. fancies personality so obviously how it. goes. hopefully you might want to see me I. don’t know. after a lukewarm first date Caroline and. James are next to go on their. compatibility date. I might try and just be more flirtatious. see if there’s any kind of spark that’d. be a bit more touchyfeely hello. Sweet Caroline how you doing good thank. you. I was really excited about taking in the. ice cream and Astro is more than. anything. okay I’m lifting miss bean all right see. your mouth it’s coming in so he hit my. shoulder and then he hit here and then. he hit my team I think I’ve got a little. bit my cheek hair do you fancy just him. me yeah maybe. okay yeah that’s better. I like your physique okay no pettiness. mr. carne to get quite flirty I was kind. of really came to know about what she.

Wanted a guy what she sort of liked and. didn’t like and how he felt together. yeah that’s quite a nice lovely mmhmm. and I put my head on its chest and even. though it’s not a massive broad chest it. was just really comfortable it’s just. really nice but you got a hairy chest. sorry gotta fail yeah all right I feel. that probably James has just edged it. above Jason now so so that’s good but I. still probably like to see Jason because. you know there’s there was definitely. something there yesterday. finally it’s our most compatible couple. Nadia and Jack when I found out it’s. Nadia and it’s actually their highest. score 75% I was really pleased I was. super nervous and I think I think he. might have been nervous too. he’s not lovely didn’t eat breakfast. today. no I didn’t would you mind tractor some. Polish sausage today we connected with.

Him feeding me Polish sausages and I. really really enjoyed it how’s the. Polish organic sausage taste very good. so it’s kind of quiet romantic and. darkness doesn’t have to be necessarily. so bad we had a little bit more touch of. each other along anything yours I’m. sorry I won t cycle notes I actually. teach cycling class it was most. definitely a successful date and yes I. do like him odd yes I would like to see. him again. coming up it’s the final round of dating. temperatures are beginning to saw who. would decide to meet who in the light. and what will happen when looks are. revealed for the very first time it’d be. nice to know that I was kissing a. goodlooking girl for often a bit of a. minger so far there’s been two rounds of. dating in the dark Jack and Nadia have. flirted. would you mind try for some Polish.

Sausage today Jason and Zoe have. collected if you ever told somebody love. oh yeah absolutely James and Caroline. have got intimate we’ve got a hairy. chest yeah. there’s just one more round of dating. until the lights are turned on and data. see each other for the very first time. the daters get to decide who they would. like to invite on this final round of. dates and are allowed to choose more. than one date Caroline and Jason have. both decided to meet each other again. when I met Jason I felt really. comfortable with him so I really wanted. to meet him again to make sure that I. didn’t end up making just two solid. decision on James about trying out Jason. a bit more bring it on. I’ve chosen Caroline to have a final. date with just to sort of differentiate. between her and Zoe because I think it’s. quite close between them two I thought.

You were in here first I am I’ve never. had that feeling before of that kind of. for feeling the sort of smell the feel. of him the sense of him that little. heart be going faster with someone who. actually made me feel this reciprocated. date yesterday I just felt most relaxed. yeah just so I just wanted to give you a. big hug and a big squeeze and a big you. know I just wanted to I just wanted to. get closer to you there wasn’t anything. we didn’t really get on with or disagree. with you know it was just we were pretty. much on the money the whole time. guess what I brought in for you my yoga. mat when she says I’ve got a yoga mat I. like what we gonna lie down on something. she knows like you want to do what can. keep your heels on the floor hands and. try and keep your Tommy when I was in. there with him I just didn’t want that.

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Date and he is definitely my preferred. choice now oh I really like Caroline. she’s definitely out there and got got. the best potential at the moment I have. one more day however could could change. everything. the feeling’s mutual between Jason and. Zoe as they choose each other for their. third and final date I like the fact. that he’s funny he can make me laugh I. think me and Jason both a little bit. scared of making the first move I know. yeah my head at the minute is all over. the place you know it’s like a bunch of. frogs between Carolina Zoe he’s very. difficult decision I know that I. couldn’t have come in the room with that. hat on and done the same stuff as I did. the other guy no no the signs are. definitely there I know she feels an. affinity with me I feel really. comfortable with you yeah yeah and do.

You like fruits yeah I’ve got a little. game for game I’m going to give you the. first one which might be a bit obvious. right I think you should take the by the. way I wash my new hats going that and. really go for it to really really go for. it and hope they works out in the end. actually didn’t expect her to to want to. kiss me and she was very to be fair she. made the move day sim with the very nice. kisser got very nice lips yeah I was. good kisser. well it was pretty nice me yeah I’m. gonna thanks for the chaplains for me. yeah thank you for the kiss that’s right. yeah so be that intimate with somebody. in a dark room and for them to really. lay on you like that and that’s pretty. special I think after forming a bond. during their compatibility date James. and Caroline have also decided to go on. another date I wouldn’t want to see.

Caroline again because we really hit it. off on the last day and by surprise a. little bit maybe seeing you again it was. awesome yeah today I wasn’t coming in. today expecting it as it did right from. the offset I just sensed his slightly. awkward Ness around me I’d love to give. you a little kiss just to see if it. feels you reckon yeah. we ended up having a bit kiss which he. stopped instigated at the end and I I. was thinking all the while I didn’t want. to kiss him because I didn’t want to. feel like I was leading him on anymore. I just think that my head wasn’t in it. so you think you made your decision. maybe I make my decision up until this. afternoon how did you yeah I mean I was. holding back the whole while I really. was holding back the whole while I’ve. come very sort of up and down way to. arriving at Carolinas and as a choice as.

Someone to go for so yeah I can’t wait. for tomorrow I can’t wait to see what. she looks like. okay goodbye I just don’t think he’s got. the form factor for me the bit that just. made my heart go BOOM sorry after two. successful dates Jack and Nadia invited. each other for their final date in the. dark app it’s Jack because I felt that. the connection that I was looking for. previously we I found it basically in. him am I here alone no I can hear you I. heard your lips move how embarrassing if. I didn’t I can smell you from my date. I’m planning to do some personal. training session so there will be some. books involved that’s right good and. again he said I gave him an injury which. was was quite hilarious cuz I could. immediately see where that was going. it’s very why you’re taking. Yool Yool tshirt you want to take over.

My coat actually that’s quite cheeky one. I I wasn’t expecting that she would take. my top off so I said wow wow that’s a. big step so what’s gonna happen next. so more sideways to you 34 are you we. did get a little bit closer closer than. I would have wanted to most definitely. not wanted to but in that setting mmm so. do you reckon you’re gonna pick me I. think so as you can see I’m not dating. anyone else the whole date was kind of. here leading up to the final kiss and no. one from us didn’t want to make the. first step so let’s say goodbye. it’s very very strange to a kiss. somebody that you don’t know what they. look like very strange indeed and I did. not think that that I would have done. that at all I think I know we kiss then. all of the sudden another okay I gotta. go. Bank and she disappeared and shoes yeah.

I can’t wait to see her and hopefully my. expectation my expectations will be. reached it’s the moment of truth after. two days and three rounds of dating our. daters finally get to choose the one. person they would like to see in the. light will looks really matter cut 10. seconds of light destroyed days of. chemistry and bonding herbal personality. shine through. first up Nadia and Jack request to see. each other I really do like him and I’m. really really keen to find out whether. it is the perfect match I am very. excited to see Nadia it is a big moment. for me because I’ve look for one match. with a great personality probably I. won’t date her. the data’s are not permitted to talk. during the light reveal and cannot see. each other‘s reactions I know that. things aren’t all about looks physically. it would be such a shame after all the.

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Ticks in the box is that that final one. was across. it almost feels like he’s too good to be. true really I did not expect I saw that. that I would like him as much at all and. it fills me with a lot of hope for the. future a lot of hope next up James chose. to see Caroline in the light they asked. their Caroline to be revealed him alight. because we did I felt we had a really. good date yesterday but I just learned. that caroline has chosen jason’s are. going to be seen in the light which is a. bit of a disappointment obviously. because i had asked her james is. inviting me to the light reveal i’m not. surprised because i think from what he. said and i last day yesterday he was. favoring me. I do feel a bit awkward that I kiss. James and I pick Jason because I think. even when I was in with James I knew. then that I was more keen on Jason I’m.

Just really looking forward to seeing. Caroline in life just to see if our. fatsia had been nice to know that I was. kissing a goodlooking girl for I’ve. been a bit of a minger. it wasn’t a warehouse yeah you’re. gorgeous moment I can’t pretend it was. so yeah so before tomorrow is definitely. a lot for me to think about and sleep on. how’d it go yeah it’s good yeah I was. pleasantly surprised I wasn’t expecting. to go for but I wasn’t repulsed or you. know in dislike either caroline is. requested to see Jason in the light as. of all the guys I felt that I had more. chemistry going on with Jason than I did. with the others this worked out very. well for me being a little bit selfish. that I get to see Caroline and Zoe. because curiosity would have definitely. killed the cat with Caroline if I hadn’t. got to see it.

I was really nervous there was. definitely for me a heightened sense of. excitement it was sort of butterflies in. my tummy and my heart was being a bit. faster because I really wanted him to. like me and I really want to like him. I was really pleasantly surprised and he. was just as I imagined him just as I. imagined him it was just big stocky. broad you know made me can I go for and. I definitely fancy him more than James I. was very impressed she’s a she’s a very. very pretty girl so yeah I think she. definitely lived up to my expectations. the final couple to choose each other. for the light reveal are Jason and Zoe I. said yes in an email asking if he would. meet me in the darkroom this really sort. of boosted by confident that he asked me. because I know there’s been a few. choices so I’m glad he asked me yeah I.

Think it is important now to see if the. image matches the description it is. important to me I really do like Jason. especially as personality I know that we. would have such a laugh together for the. first time thinking my life I was out my. comfort zone and really nervous. very very happy with myself. very happy indeed very very pleased. she’s a gorgeous girl absolutely. beautiful to look at. oh it’s very very surprised so it wasn’t. it didn’t look like what I thought it. would look like really yeah good way or. a bad way good way. great yeah she done to him yeah I think. I do definitely think we’re Heat’s on. with me Caroline and Jason you like him. he’s bad what you thought and I like him. because he’s exactly what I thought. so it’s down to him what he likes I. would like to see Jason again and. Caroline would like to see Jason again.

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We just got to see what happens tomorrow. coming up it’s decision time for the. daters we all just want to be loved and. find somebody who loves us you know and. to give that love in return and how will. Zoe and Caroline react when one of them. is left in the dark after three rounds. of dating in the dark the couples have. finally seen each other in the light. have looks given them a change of heart. or is true love really blind it’s the. moment of truth if they’re still. interested in their partner they will go. to the drawing room. however the daters will not know if. their partner is already waiting for. them or if they will turn up at all if. they are no longer interested they will. walk out at the front door leaving their. partner behind after seeing Jason in the. light Caroline and Zoe have both decided. they would like to meet up with him it’s.

A tough decision today today’s the day. that I have to choose between Zoe. Caroline they both have amazing. qualities we all just want to be loved. and found somebody loves us you know and. to give that love in return I really. want to see Jace in the tournament you. know he’s he’s the one that’s kind of. made me feel mmm all the way through and. I’m gonna saw him in the light reveal he. was just everything I thought he would. be I really like Jason and I’ve liked. him through the whole process so it’s. Jason that Howard definitely wanted me. in the drawing room. as two daters have chosen to meet the. same person they will wait. simultaneously in separate rooms very. difficult because I got on fantastic. they were with both of them in two very. different ways but anxious about what’s. gonna happen absolutely ecstatic if he.

Picked me but slightly good if you pick. her and I and of course of course I. would be because Jason’s been my choice. through the whole process if Jason. doesn’t come through the door I’ll be I. will be gutted we’ve had this unique. very intense experience and now we’re. just at the pinnacle just about to see. what the prize is at the end and I could. just come away with nothing but I’m. prepared to take that chance because. I’ve been the prize but did get it be. worth it. I was really really nervous I was more. nervous than I’ve been for anything and. it seemed like the longest wait I was. absolutely petrified that I wasn’t gonna. see him I have to pick one and it will. be quite a tough thing knowing that one. of the ladies is gonna be pretty letdown. but I’m quite happy in the knowledge. that I’ll made the right decision.

Okay when you open the door and then it. came in I was just I just can’t believe. it I can’t believe it came in its. Braille when I saw you in the reveal I. was like ah she’s lovely. did you really when I walked into the. room and saw was now I was really happy. and I knew I made the right decision. it hadn’t dawned on me that I would. actually see the two of them walking. away and it was just awful it was like. really rubbing salt in the wound I. really feel for Caroline but we both we. both friend for the same guy and it’s. you know it’s just what he chose in the. end so very very lucky very lucky indeed. I’m definitely looking forward to. spending some time with Zoey you don’t. spend that time in a room like that and. really bond and connect and kiss without. there being something there and we both. felt it I know I found a connection with.

Him definitely now I found a connection. I’ve really wanted to grow stronger and. I did because we’ve got so much in. common and we’re both very very much. attracted to each other. after much thought and deliberation and. I had decided to go for it and see. Caroline and see whether or not she. wants to see me as well I am opening. myself up I am putting myself out there. but you know that’s what I like to do in. life you. they bite Sookie don’t when I rattled in. I never thought I wanted to meet James. in the drawing room because we only had. one choice and out of the three I was. most keen on Jason but I don’t want to. make him feel let down I don’t want to. leave him standing there watching me. walk away. waiting room for a long time not knowing. she’s going to come up all not calm was. tense and quite quite hard.

When I saw Caroline walk away and not. look back you know it was disappointing. you can’t lie too much as I hope that. you know he didn’t feel too sad or too. bad when I was walking away at least I. wasn’t walking over Jason which I think. would have been really awful for him to. see do I still think that there’s a Miss. right of the one if you like out there. for me absolutely you’ve got to believe. that. I decided that I wholeheartedly. definitely would like to meet Jackie in. the joining women I really hope that she. will show up and from our previous date. she did enjoy the spending time with me. so I think she feels pretty much the. same I like everything that I know about. Jackie. I haven’t had butterflies in my belly. for a very very long time and I hope he. does turn up I’ve got a good feeling but. you just don’t know till that moment so.

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