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How’s it going everybody welcome back to. another video I’ve actually already. filmed a little bit of this last week. but I was in a little bit of a rear. ender someone hit me from behind and not. to worry I’m fine didn’t fall over. anything the other persons fairly fine. I’ll make a video about that next week. sort of explaining what happened to. analyze the crash and talk about the. procedures and how different it is. because time was kind of a weird place. when it comes to that kind of thing of. traffic laws but I’m still waiting for. the police report and figure all that. stuff out so it’ll be next week’s video. stay tuned for that but this week I. wanted to talk about weird interesting. things about Taiwanese people what sort. of sets them apart the sort of. quirkiness to them and it was like I got. quite a few of them and they’re kind of.

Funny and the first one I wanted to talk. about is walking and how much people. people in Taiwan seem to just hate. walking and I shouldn’t say hate walking. they just they’re acceptable idea of. what’s you know what distance they can. walk to get to something is. significantly shorter than other people. so you know unless the goal is to go for. a walk like if it’s just to get to a. restaurant and walk a couple of blocks. if it’s more than it’s like I don’t know. four or five hundred meters they won’t. do it they’ll like take a scooter or a. car or public transportation or. something and it’s kind of funny because. when I tell my time with these friends. you know I’ll just walk with me or go to. the pub or something and it’s like a 20. minute walk no it’s no big deal for me I. don’t mind walking 20 minutes the DS act.

As if it’s like I’m running a . marathon it’s really kind of funny but. you’ll notice it a lot living here that. just they find a couple of blocks a. ridiculously long way to drive it’s kind. of interesting and I’m not really sure. why that is I mean considering. everything in Taiwan is so close. together and convenient and confined. they just they prefer not to walk it’s. really kind of funny it also good. because it’s so bloody hot you know. definitely in the summer I’ll be singing. a different tune when the temperature. hikes and I’ll definitely not be wanting. to walk anywhere see that would be my. first kind of weird thing about. Taiwanese people the second kind of. interesting weird thing about Taiwanese. people is they are incredibly. superstitious like a lot of Asian. countries are but I wanna is like that.

As well and some of the interesting. superstitions is that they won’t walk. this one’s so weird they won’t walk into. a hotel. room without knocking on the door first. the reason being that is that a lot of. time we need people believe in ghosts. and so what they’ll do is they’ll knock. on the door they’ll say okay I’m coming. in now like in Chinese and I go in I. think they flush the toilet too and as. all of these this sort of ritual this. purpose this thing that they do to allow. time for the ghosts to be able to leave. so that you don’t disturb whoever might. be staying in that room it’s incredibly. creepy but I’ve had it happened to me. where I was I was staying in a airplane. landing there I was staying in a hotel. and the room I had initially was you. know the shower was leaking and I wanted. to take a shower and I didn’t wanna get.

Water all over their hotel room floor so. I asked management if I could swap rooms. and they agreed and when they took me to. the new room the guy knocked on the door. and he’s like you know I can hear him in. Chinese he’s like okay I’m kind of in. and I was like in my head cuz I didn’t. know back then right because back in. China there’s some superstitious people. but not on not on the level of Taiwanese. people are not even close and I was kind. of thinking like am i sharing a hotel. room or something ridiculous like that. like who’s in there of course you know. no one was in there and but I had to. message almost how many’s friends like. why the hell did that have really. explained it to me I don’t know that’s. kind of stupid and that’s stupid but. interesting and the other thing that’s. interesting and kind of funny is they.

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Believe and again this isn’t everybody. this is just the extra superstition. superstitious people they believe that. if you point at the moon then the. goddess or is it a god I don’t know. we’ll cut your ear off or or cut your. ear and like a small way like they won’t. I don’t know and I’ve had a lot of. Taiwanese friends that have older. siblings like an older sister or. something and they you know they‘ll. point the moon and the sisters like epic. goddess is gonna come cut your ear kind. of thing and you know they believe it. which is really funny because they’re. young and naive and it’s like an older. siblings will often sees their younger. siblings and make it a real thing but. that’s definitely something is like. don’t point at the moon your ear will. get cut off don’t do that. really kind of interesting the other at.

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My lot in here. where the hell am I the other. interesting superstition is they have. this in China as well where you don’t. you shouldn’t write people’s names in. the color red because that means you. kind of want to you want them dead or I. may not mean they want them dead but it. means that they’ll soon suffer a. gruesome death or some kind of injury. and so you shouldn’t you shouldn’t write. people’s names in red there are so many. superstitions out there there’s like. ghost month where you shouldn’t go. swimming because the ghosts in the water. will come and take you and you’ll drown. you know there’s just lots of. superstitions but those are some of the. interesting ones I can think of off the. top of my head it was really interesting. that rice some kind of farming field. very pretty and the next one is they.

Have kind of funny English names I’m not. sure why this is but it seems like you. know they don’t really put a whole lot. of thought into naming look here maybe. they do and they just don’t really know. that the names that they’re giving their. kids are kind of weird not normal so you. know I’ve had kids you know previous. students whose names are like Apple. which is just not a name in English I. have a student right now named Oreo as. in the cookie there’s other ones like. King I guess I ain’t queen and king. black I’ve had red you know a lot of. other ones you know they‘ll often name. their kids after celebrities like Eason. it was a singer who sings in Chinese. named Eason Chan and this happens to me. so yeah the name of things they’re kids. really interesting and one of the more. stressful might CPC depending on who you.

Are I might feel stressful the things. that you might have to do when you’re. when you’re teaching English abroad is. that oftentimes the parents are. completely comfortable allowing their. English teacher to name their kids. because of course they’re gonna have a. Chinese name name given them to them by. their family but they’re typically. speaking when kids are born here of. course and I could have an English name. because why would they but as soon as. they’re old enough to learn English so I. can have an English name I so if there’s. their first time in school so if you’re. their first foreign teacher chances are. it’s gonna be your responsibility to. name their kid and there’s actually. interesting story of a girl. fourteenyear-old girl who went to visit. China with her family for the first time. was a American girl I think she was I.

Don’t remember where she’s from but a. Western girl and you know Chinese people. are not shy about walking up to. foreigners and asking them questions and. chitchatting and whatever and. you know this family rushed over to them. with her baby and I they pleaded with. her to give him a name and she felt like. this enormous amount of responsibility. over her shoulders and she decided to to. design an app where parents could. randomly generate English names and give. it to their kids and they can fake it. even like plug in meanings right because. Chinese names have meanings behind them. English names usually don’t so it’s kind. of hard to translate a name like that. and she ended up making a shitload of. money she’s only like 14 or something. like that I don’t know the exact age. which is quite young yeah they’re kind.

Of weird thing so weird but a little. weird is that they see me terrified of. rain they do not like being wet and so. you’ll constantly see umbrellas being. broken I mean ever uses umbrellas in the. brain right but even if it’s just a. slight drizzle they will be decked head. to toe in these almost like a plastic. bag like a garbage bag they throw over. themselves it’s not a garbage bag it’s. like designed for that see this woman. right here at this room set at red. lights let me have a look she’s kind of. wearing that it’s not raining right now. it’s quite nice outside but she’s. wearing something that would people. would typically wear in the rain that. pink poncho I guess you would call it a. reason I’ve heard I don’t know if this. is true maybe if you’re Taiwanese you. can tell me in the comments section. below I’ve heard it’s because they’re.

They’re scared of acid rain the air like. I’ve mentioned all the time is a bit. polluted and you know so it rains flood. and that makes sense right if your see. if you don’t you know I don’t want acid. rain on me so it’s interesting they. cover up for that they’re scared of the. rain and I’m scared of the Sun too. the reason she’s wearing that poncho. even though it’s not raining is because. she doesn’t want her skin to get dark so. see she’s wearing gloves it’s like 30. degrees she’s wearing gloves full pants. you know she’s just headto-toe covered. so that she doesn’t she doesn’t get. covered in Sun see that woman was doing. it as well so I feel like it’s typically. speaking a female thing I don’t. typically see men covering up see here’s. a guy he doesn’t give a he doesn’t. care and the last thing I want to.

Mention isn’t necessarily about the. people per se it’s just something that. happens here one thing you’ll notice as. soon as you get to Taiwan is it the. garbage trucks play music it plays. Beethoven something something something. really loud on like an eighth like a. I don’t know there’s some super loud. speaker and it plays it plays music. they do that so that people know that. it’s time to come bring your trash down. to throw it out I just made an illegal. turn there don’t tell anybody because. you know here it works a little bit. different sometimes I’d like at my. apartment I can just go downstairs I. have to separate my trash into like a. million different we could people take. recycling here incredibly seriously so I. have to separate everything into like a. thousand different categories and then I. go throw it in the trash man that I can.

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Go back upstairs however not every not. every apartment has this sometimes you. have to throw your trash out at a. certain time of day and that’s only when. the trash the garbage trucks come around. so everyone in the neighborhood will. come downstairs and wait you know. they’ll talk to each other and stuff and. they wait for the garbage can. yeah the garbage talk to come around in. the garbage truck this dump yes right. yeah the garbage truck plays music to. let them know that it’s time to come. throw the trash come downstairs which is. kind of funny so you know just all the. time you’re hearing those . garbage trucks go around I have no idea. where I am right now I’m trying to make. my way back to work I got a bit lost I. think it’s just you know if you’re not. there’s no dumpsters probably cuz. there’s no room for the dumpsters and it.

Also combats rat infestations I’m only. saying that because my apartments trash. area is just completely infested with. rats it’s terrifying and I’m really. scared of animals as you guys know if. you’ve been following me for a while so. you know I’ve got like eight bags of. trash not that I have a lot of trash. it’s like I said I have to separate it. so much and I like just whip it in the. garbage can I hope I hit it and run away. as fast as I can to lose rats on. call over my feet they’re super creepy. uhhuh. so yeah that’s good that’s just my quick. little list of interesting weird quirky. things about the local people here it’s. not hating on those things or bad things. they’re just different they’re kind of. weird and I you know it’s taken time for. me to adjust to some of them I think. they’re kind of funny and so in the.

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